The Most Beautiful of Love Stories...

A rose.

A Beauty.

A curse.

A man.

One hope, one dream.

A love to last forever.

Le Fantôme et la Belle

Stories…fairy tales, legends, fables, and their like…they all start out so easily, with such simple words, such effortless phrasing. A child of a mere three years of age could utter them without much difficulty: "Once upon a time."

Babes have been reared on such tales; the hearts of young and old alike thrill to hear them. It seems all so easy.

And yet the fairy tales that we love hardly ever begin happily.

Without this, however, there would be no need for a story. There would be nothing to tell about, if everything in the world was perfect and good—or we, with our lowly mortal imaginations, can simply not grasp an idea such as that.

It is beyond us.

The downfall of a soul, the placement of a curse or enchantment, the need for restoration and the greed for power…these are the things that begin stories, that make them necessary. And of these things, you will be told, in this tale.

Now, imagine, if you will… What if, one day, Mme. Le Prince de Beaumont, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Ms. Susan Kay got together for tea?

We can only begin to explain the result by stating the immortal words…

Once upon a time…