The News
Part Twelve

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Series; Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco
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Word Count: 1685

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Many of the people commonly referred to as 'slaves' are, in fact, no such thing. The Ministry of Magic, along with the Association of Wizarding Commonfolk (commonly known as AWC), the Magical-Muggle Connection Foundation (MMCF), and the Association for Magic Protection (AMP) have worked to make the distinction clearer in the past, but, as many who are not slaves find themselves slaves in the end, the distinction has never truly held with the common public.

The above associations have worked to make those who have made significant – and yet not severe – crimes against the wizarding public face punishments that are designed to reform the criminal, instead of simply punishing. The goal is to teach the criminal how to properly behave in wizarding society, or – if necessary – how to survive without magic, either in the wizarding world or the muggle world. The differences between these Ministry-sanctioned punishments and true slavery are shown in graph 3-A.

It is clear by the reports shown in the last chapter that the rate of slavery instances are decreasing, due to the fact that most wizarding families find slaves either unethical, impractical, or are financially unable to support one. The cases of the Ministry-sanctioned "house-arrest" criminals and "indentured servants" becoming slaves increase the longer the slave spends with the family, or master. In cases where the slave has been allowed to be interviewed, most have claimed some sort of love for their master as their explanation as to why the magical binding changed. In more than 50 of these cases, the slave was a caretaker to the children of the family for the final month before the bond changed. In 25, the slave was in a family setting, and interacted with the master daily. 10 indicated that they had romantic feelings for the one they were serving. Surprisingly – for these are criminals, who have broken the law – a strong 2 of those interviewed indicated that they preferred the punishing environment their master gave them, and that they found themselves thriving under their master's strict hand, both sexually and mentally.

For more on the association of punishment as reward and sadomasochism, please see chapter thirteen.

As was stated before, not all indentured servants and house-arrested criminals become slaves. The difference lies in the way the magic interacts between both the master and the slave. As indicated by the chart (3-A), indentured servants are working to pay off a debt; the magic between the master and the servant changes once the servant believes he or she can never repay the debt to the master, or, in some cases, wishes that the debt can never be repaid. House-arrested criminals are different. The magical bond relies on the fact that the "master" is correcting a behavior that is detrimental to wizarding society – and, in fact, society as a whole. There are fourteen ways that this bond can transform, either to freedom or to slavery, each based on the "seven deadly sins" and the "seven heavenly virtues."

The seven deadly sins will transform the bond into a slave bond, while the seven heavenly virtues will do the opposite. Once a bond has been made into a slave bond in this manner, there is no known way of breaking it. The MMCF thought this to be the most harsh of punishments, since these sins would lead to further criminal acts, and decreed in 1232 that any slave bond formed in this manner, though rightful punishment, was unfair to the "master". It was ruled that the master of such a slave could, at any time, send his or her slave to Azkaban, and relinquish his or her hold over the slave.

Most often the bond will form due to a mix of the seven sins, which are lust, pride, sloth, anger, gluttony, greed, and envy. The bond will only form when one or more of these is present to the extreme. Below are some examples of how the bond as, in the past, formed.

1. lust. The slave craves the master's body, and asks for sexual pleasure as either a reward, or tries to force sexual pleasure from the master. The bond has also been said to change when the slave lusts after and finds pleasure in his master's image while the master is unaware, although this has not yet been proven.
2. pride, or self-pride. The slave thinks himself better than the master, and does not accept the behavioral corrections the master imposes. The slave tries to impose his own behaviors on the master.
3. sloth. The slave does not accept the corrections the master gives, and is often found not doing anything. The slave, instead of attempting escape, working towards freedom, or following his master's command, simply does not work.
4. anger. The slave attacks the master. No matter the reason behind the attack (beating, attack on the slave, coercion, etc.), this action will be met with slavery, and most often is also met with death.
5. gluttony. The slave takes more than what is allotted to him, often found stealing from the master such things as food, small pieces of jewelry, and fine clothing.
6. greed. The magic here works within the slave's mind. The slave believes that everything that belongs to his master also belongs to him, and, in some extreme cases, believes that the master is his possession as well.
7. envy. The slave tries to become his master – or another member of the family – in order to overtake the bond the master has with others. The slave will often try to recreate the master's image, and may be found trying to make others believe that he or she is the master.

-excerpt from On Slavery and Slave Bonds: Workings of Magic and Mind by Stella Marks

Draco rubbed his eyes with one hand, groaning slightly. It had taken him nearly all of the three days he had spent so far in freedom to find this book, and it was, by far, the most comprehensible he had found. Most simply described what a slave was and how to care for one, as well as some of the dangers of holding one – this was the only to really go into depth about how a person became a slave.

It was odd, too. He could have sworn he knew every book on that shelf, but this one he had not noticed before late in the afternoon.

Warm breath blew across his ear, and Draco froze.

"I see you found the book I left you." It was Harry's voice whispering against his cheek, he knew it was, but he still didn't dare open his eyes. The evidence of his attempt to squirm out of the bond was on the table, next to where he'd displayed the article telling of his father's death. He'd pulled that article out every day when he researched, a firm reminder of what had happened.

"You can see right when it first changed, now, can't you?" Harry asked, but it wasn't really a question. "Those first few days held a hint of pride, but it wasn't enough to really change it. I thought it would be, with you being so stubborn – but it was both gluttony and lust that truly changed your status."

It was quiet for a moment, until Draco realized that Harry expected him to say something. "The nightmare?" he asked – although, once again, it wasn't really a question.

"When you first used my body to soothe your needs…I told you it was a reward you chose. It wasn't what I wanted, but it was what you chose."

Draco swallowed. "And what was it that you wanted?" he asked, voice shaking.

Harry turned the page and pointed to a paragraph about halfway down the page.

Draco breathed heavily once before opening his eyes to read where Harry had taken a highlighter – awful Muggle device, really; who'd treat a book like that? – and covered the top two virtues with bright yellow ink.

1. faith. The criminal will show complete faith in his master's orders, no matter how difficult or strange, and believes that the master will do what is best for the family. The criminal often finds restored his or her belief in the goodness of the family, and finds him or herself accepted as a member of the family, resulting in freedom.
2. hope. The criminal demonstrates hope for the future – a healthy future, often containing in it the members of either the former family or the new family. The criminal also never loses his desire for freedom, and his hope for a better life. Because this is found often, even in those who have become slaves, it is believed that this virtue brings freedom when found
in the absence of any of the sins.

Draco pulled his legs up to his chest, not quite willing to believe in what he read. There was no way that Harry could have wanted him to free himself – he had called him 'pet' and 'slave' from the start, joked about it with the twins and other students, even.

"I don't believe you," he finally said, fighting the urge to cry at what might have been.

He felt Harry's lips ghost against his cheek again – a kiss. "But I believe in you. I believe you can survive this, and I believe you will be a wonderful lover, no matter how I obtained you. All you've done is cement your position."

"I am not your lover. I'm your slave."

"I said will be, not are." He stood, and snapped the book shut. "Besides that, your training is not complete. I think I've had enough of your freedoms – you've found too many ways in which it could be abused, and while I had hoped you wouldn't, I see that you still have that desire for freedom. Now that you can see that you are, in fact, my slave, and that nothing can change that, I believe it is time I see to it that such desires end."

Draco shivered at the cold smirk that lit up Harry's face, the moonlight making it all the more demonic.


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