There she was, heavily drunk with sleep between his crimson sheets, in his bed, in his room, in his home. She probably knew that he dreaded coming home to an empty house. Consequently, finding her there after a mission was like finding a diamond in the sand..over…and …over again. It made his home seem more like a home and it gave him a sense of achievement. The type of achievement that assured him that he had a life, that he was very much alive apart from his job as ANBU. Most importantly, it made him a somebody and she was the one who repeatedly saved him from becoming just another merciless, contract killer…. And she did all this just by being in his bed instead of her own when it was time for him to return from missions. And HE was the one who was supposed to be the skilled Jounin ANBU who was supposed to save HER life.

Honestly, he may have a dark façade and an emotionless figure but he couldn't wait to get in bed next to her. Everything about her was warm and inviting; her soft pink hair free spirited and scattered around her on his pillow, her rhythmic breathing which he could clearly make out even without his Sharingan, and even her slender yet full figure outlined by his sheets.So, he crept in next to her. And she stirred. Even with his ANBU stealth, he could never get in bed without waking her. It didn't really matter in the end because it was worth it in the end and true to the forseen situation at hand; she opened her tired green eyes and with the cutest smile ever, pulled him in closer by his jounin vest. For a second, he thought she would just fall asleep snuggled up, which he didn't mind because she always smelled nice and her body was warm, but then she said,

" I missed you."

This could only mean one thing, and he was right. She pulled further onto his vest and pulled it off of him. Then she tugged at his jounin shirt and pulled that off of him too. Then came off his pants, then his socks, then his gloves, then his mask for last. When she finally came into contact with his fire red eyes, they turned back into the endless black that she was accustomed to seeing . Wearing only his boxers, he wraps his arms around her bare waist and gives her a short but soft kiss and then stops to look at her. She giggles and pulls on the elastic band of his boxers and lets it go. She has officially cut the last straw.

Without even a seconds worth of consideration, he is now above her between her legs softly nibbling at her bra strap. Then, as he slowly and almost painfully, began to pull them down.

"I'd like it if you were here in my bed every night from now on," he says.

Then he begins to shower her neck and shoulders with kisses and rose petals( reverse of kissing, like lightly sucking on areas like the neck). This was his way of making sure she'd always be right there where he wanted her to be instead of wondering if she'd be there when he makes it home alive after missions. This was a Sasuke style proposal; sexy and indirect.

"" she barely mumbles before pleasure overcomes her signaled by her incoherent mumbling. He's going to take that as a yes as he moves over her breasts and begins to suck and nip her nipples and she lets out a loud moan and what sounded like a , " mmm.y…"