SASUSAKU AU/OOC. Standard disclaimer. Lemon rated M.

I had to get this itch out of my brain but it turns out I scratched a little too hard and the story came out retarded. Well, if anything, just read the lemon part and ignore the rest. They're just fillers anyways. I also realize this story may seem a bit like my others-with the hips fixation. OOPS I just gave part of the story away. My bad.

Sasuke watched as her hips dance enticingly down the street. He had been lusting for that delicious body of hers, and he was going to get it. Stopping briefly to enjoy the view, Sasuke sped up to catch up with the pink haired pixie. As Sakura stopped at a candle vendor to look at something, he stood directly behind her to catch the line of her sight just in time to hear her gasp.

She quickly turned around 360 degrees to face him and ended up in a noise touching distance from him, looking at him eyes wide with surprise.

"[gasp] Sasuke Kun!"

For a second, Sasuke was struck out of breathe by the dewy glint in her eyes and the juicy pout of her lips. Clearing his throat, he chose a distraction before he lost control and took her there in the street.

" Candles..?"

"Oh! Sasuke Kun I'm so glad I found you! "

SHE found ME? Heh.

"Strawberry or Melon?"

Then, she promptly stuck two candles under his nose. Just as strawberry and melon began to harass his nose, a loud squeal rang in his ears. Ino came into his line of vision, running towards them.

"Forehead! Come help me pick out a dress!"

And with that, Ino began dragging Sakura down the street away from him, candles forgotten into his hands. Shaking his head at the ridiculousness that just ensued, he thought for a moment before deciding to buy the strawberry candle and walking back the way he came.

Later that day~++~++~++

When Sakura finally finished shopping with Ino, she decided that she would just get take out for dinner and relax at home. Just as she turned the corner to get to her apartment, she spotted a lean figure waiting for her in front of her door. More specifically, long spiky black hair and dark blue shirt had to be Sasuke, holding a small bag.

" Sasuke-Kun! Family bothering you again? I got carry-out- have some with me. Come inside!"

Without a word, Sasuke followed her in, closing the door behind her. He sat himself on her couch, placed the strawberry candle he got earlier on her coffee table and turned the TV on like it was his own home. Actually, he was spending a lot of time at her place lately.

Again he found himself watching the enticing dance of her hips and, to put it bluntly, the gentle bounce of her round behind. Deciding that he had enough of just watching her, he got up and approached behind her just in time to help her reach for a dish at the top of the cabinet.

" Oh, thanks Sasuke Kun! Haha, must be nice being so tall!"

Without much though, Sakura turned around rapidly to grab the packaged food on the table only to be face to face with Sasuke once again, reminiscent of earlier that day. His breath fanned over her face and his cologne made a pleasant invasion of her sense of smell. His strong arms were still resting on either side of her from when he grabbed the dish for her and his muscular chest was pressed against her. She wasn't sure why he wasn't moving away because Sasuke was never much for physical contact, but she was suddenly losing touch with her thoughts.

" em.. um…Sa-Sasuke Kun…Why.."


She looked into his dark gaze, confused. He just gave her one of his trademark smirks before he leaned in and kissed her. For a second, she stood stiff. Was this really Sasuke Kun? Oh, but it felt so right, a want that she had been suppressing to the breaking point. Gripping the fabric on his shoulders, she kissed him back.

Sasuke placed his hands on the dips of her waist as he pressed himself completely flush against her. He had been wanting her for so long that it was starting to hurt. He broke away from her lips for a second to look at her. Her eyes were in a half lidded daze, her cheeks were brightly flushed and her lips were swollen; in short, she was absolutely beautiful. Their eyes met for a second, and then the frenzy began.

He lifted her up and carried her to the couch as he continued to kiss her down her neck. Straddling him, Sakura ran her fingers through his hair. Groaning into the kiss, Sasuke pushed the straps of Sakura's dress off her shoulder, uncovering the top of her breasts. Trailing butterfly kisses down to the edge of cleavage, he gave her one last smoldering gaze before he pulled her dress all the way down to reveal two pert pink nipples. Taking one into his mouth, Sasuke began flicking and sucking.

" Ohhh!...ah..oh god, Sasuke kun…[moan.]"

Panting heavily, Sakura's fingers began fumbling with the buttons of Sasuke's shirt. She was only to the second button when Sasuke pulled back to take his shirt and pants off. Quickly pulling Sakura's dress over her head he went back to kissing her as Sakura's hands began to gently rake up and down his tight chest.

Grabbing her ass, he notices that she's wearing a black and pink sheer thong that he would have to steal later as a souvenir. All coherent thoughts stopped when Sakura leaned her chest into his, arching her back and grabbing his hair as she began sucking on his bottom lip. Her nipples were touching his pecks and it was the next most erotic thing he had felt after her gentle, slow grinding against his hardened erection.

Sasuke reached behind and under her ass to finger her over her panties. Rubbing slow, agonizing circles he watched Sakura's reaction, memorizing the way she was looking-flushed, mouth slightly agape and lids half over her eyes. Her glassy pink hair cascaded over her back and shoulders, framing her full, pert breasts.

When Sakura removed his member from his boxers and began to stroke it, he lasted maybe 30 seconds before he ripper her panties off of her and positioned himself at her slick entrance. Savoring for a second, the first moment that his tip met her warm, moist entrance, he slowly slid into her as both parties let out a breathy moan.

Sasuke was absolutely HUGE and he was stretching her so completely that she had to gasp when she was finally straddling him, completely filled with as much of Sasuke as she could take. Experimentally, she wiggled her hips and flexed to see if she could move without hurting. Growling, Sasuke grabbed both butt cheeks and lifted her up before he thrust back into her. He was having none of her teasing.

Sakura let out mewling noises as he thrusted her up and down. Her breasts were bouncing enticingly in front of his face as he leaned back on the sofa. Roughly gripping upper thighs, Sasuke quickened his pace, heat building up quickly in his groin.

Taking a nipple into his mouth, Sasuke groaned as Sakura began riding him hard, feeling the heat growing between her legs as well. His hands massaged her butt cheeks as her slick walls pumped his member rapidly. Wrapping her arms around his neck, her lips met his in desperation as she neared climax.


And with one last hard thrust, Sasuke came with a loud groan, also triggering Sakura's climax.

Panting heavily and coming down from their high, Sakura leaned back a little to look at Sasuke, arms still around his neck. His expression was ever the same smoldering gaze but with a bit of…if you squinted hard enough you might have seen…affection?

" Sasuke Kun I think that…"

Her words were suddenly muffled by her lips connecting with his. It wasn't desperate or lusty but sweet, innocent and chaste. Granted Sakura had wanted this, wanted sasuke, she couldn't think of why he would do this. She had let go of her childish obsession years ago and honestly he could have anyone in his bed so why her? Come to think of it, Sasuke had been hanging around her a lot, granted he was silent most of the time and lingering like he wasn't too sure why he was there himself. Over the weeks his presence had been more permanent and not like he was just there anymore, like there was a purpose to it. He left his shuriken at her place and came 'just to watch tv because his house was too full of people and noisy' and even left some clothes there. Slowly but surely, Sasuke had been making permanent room in her space and her life. Why? Didn't he know that he'd always have a place in her life?

Sasuke couldn't help but smirk at her slightly dazed and confused look as he tucked a stray hair behind her ear before he grabbed his shirt and placed her arms in it. Gently laying her down on the couch, he spooned her from behind and continued to watch the tv as he had been before. Turned around in his embrace to face him, Sakura looked at him again, confused.


And with that he reverted back to silent tv watching. Slowly but surely, Sakura's eyes drifted shut. It had been a long day and she could always finish this one way conversation later when she woke up.


When Sakura woke up, she was wrapped in her blanket, still wearing Sasuke's shirt and with panties on. Sasuke must have attempted to dress her before he moved her to the bed. It was…strangely sweet yet ..strange. Stretching to get up, she noted that Sasuke was not there with her. She would have to go look for him after breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, it was smelling like delicious eggs and bacon….Sakura quickly got up and ran out of her room. Someone was in her apartment!

Stopping abruptly when she got to her kitchen, she couldn't believe the sight she saw. Sasuke was cooking breakfast! Smiling widely, she put two and two together; staying overnight, the kiss, making her breakfast…kind of like….a lover? But before she could say anything, he spoke first.

" Sit down, I'm almost done."

Glancing over his shoulder from behind, she stood on her tippie-toes to survey the food in the pan. Golden brown hashbrowns were just about done as Sasuke stepped aside to place it on a plate. Setting the plates on the table Sasuke ushered Sakura over to a chair and sat her down before he sat down and started eating.

Mouth half full of food, Sakura began questioning.

"Sasuke-Kun you're still here? "


Sigh.. " Well…about last night…um..what I mean is why….Why did you…..are you going to..stay more often?"


Finishing up the last of their breakfast, both of them stood up to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Grabbing Sakura's out of her hands, he placed both of them in and then turned around, trapping Sakura leaning against the counter between his arms. He looked into her eyes before he gingerly kissed her.

" Sakura…I can't promise that I won't ever hurt you but I'd like to …stay with you more …if that's okay with.."

Before he could finish, Sakura jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Oh Sasuke Kun.. you don't have to hurt yourself trying to tell me what I've already figured out."

In a rare show of emotion, Sasuke smirked/half smiled before he slid his shirt off of one of Sakura's shoulders and started kissing up her neck. Giggling, Sakura broke away from Sasuke and dragged him off into her bedroom.

A couple days later, rumors spread across Konoha like rapid fire. Apparently, someone had seen Sakura and Sasuke holding hands one day. Someone else saw them kissing! And other people…well, perhaps they were just in denial.