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Our blonde haired hero was sleeping peacefully, mouth wide open with drool dripping off the side of his mouth. He dreamed he was in a dark hallway with water dripping down the walls and sloshing around his feet.

"Where the heck am i again?" he asked himself.

He finally came upon a big cage with a spiral seal in the center. Naruto recognized the Nine-tailed demon fox's prison. He had been here on a few occasion already. From out of nowhere a pair of eyes appeared glaring at him menacingly. Naruto was scared but barely managed to speak.

" Wh..why am i h..here?"


Poor Naruto almost wet his pants when the Demon speaked. Sensing his fright the Demon vanished and in its a place sat a very beautiful woman with long, crimson hair in a very revealing robe appeared.

" Don't worry Naruto i was just fooling around." She giggled.

" You..you're a g..girl? " Naruto stuttered while signs a massive nosebleed appearing. Kyubi giggled more and arranged her robe as to not bare so much skin.

" Yes Naruto i'm a girl, let me formally introduce myself to you as i had been inside your body for 13 years, let you use my ki when you need it but you still don't know me very well..."

"Uhm...I knew you were Kyubi but i never you were a girl..."

"HAH! You human males are always like that always thinking you're the superior sex. You lock me up in this drab place not even knowing i was girl! I Kyubi the second most powerful demon lord is a girl and proud of it! (HELL YEAH)"

"Uh..what do you mean second? You mean there's someone out there more powerful than you are?

" Ah, did i say second..hehe i meant most powerful.."


" SILENCE! " Kyubi yelled, eyes flashing red and an enormous amount of chakra leaking from her.

Naruto cowered again from the demon's outburst. Kyubi then smiled like a 10 year old girl and returned to her previous state.

"Oops, didn't mean to scare you again kit, Anyway it's about time we knew each other personally, after all whether i like it or not we'll be together for quite a while"

She winked at naruto. Naruto turned red as a tomato.

"Anyway, I am Kyubi the most powerful of the 9 Great Demon Lords and second, i mean most powerful Demon there is in the mortal or demon realm. Some time ago I was having a bad hair day so i decided to trash a human village. I was having quite a great time when i saw this huge frog with a human on its head. When suddenly i saw nothing but white light and when i woke up i found myself inside this cage. And this is where i have stayed since. And fortunately i never had a bad hair day since."

Kyubi smiled like a 10 year old gir again. Naruto sweatdropped, listening to the demon talk like destroying an entire village and killing half of its population was something you do everyday.

" So...what about you? "

Naruto stuck his nice guy pose. A big goofy grin and a thumbs up.

" I am Uzumaki Naruto, i like ramen, my hobby is eating ramen, i dislike the three minutes it takes for ramen to cook. And my dream is to be the next Hokage and have people acknowlege me! "

Kyubi shook her head at this ramen crazed kid. But she smiled secretly when he mentioned his dream.

" Listen, kit uhm, Naruto would you like me to help you achieve your dream? "

" Huh? for real? "

" yes.. "

" Uh..you're not mad at me or something? "

" No, why would i be? "

" I mean you are locked up inside me after all... "

" Well, now that you mention it i am pissed i am in this place..."

Naruto slowly backed away.

" But don't worry i'm content to stay here now and that rampage i had was enough satisfy me anyway."

Naruto relaxed. He thought the demon was going to do something nasty to him.

" Don't worry i won't harm you and even if I wanted to, it would affect me anyway.."

" Oh yeah, when i die you die right? "

" Well, yeah, sort of, yes. So..you still want me to help you? "

" Sure..sure whatever. "

" There are something i would like in exchange for my help.. "

" And..wahat is it? " Naruto asked cautiously

" Well I've been locked here for a while. I wanted to see what's outside. "

Naruto was nervous, sensing that she wanted to be released from her prison. But Kyubi spoke before he could say something.

" I just want to be in your mind. So i can see the world with your own eyes. And it makes talking to you more easy. "

Naruto was relieved that she wasn't asking to be unsealed. Be he was still curious.

" What will happen if you're in my mind? "

" Well...you will always have a voice in your head. But you can talk to me anytime. You don't have to go to this place anymore. Don't worry i won't do anything bad. So please? "

Kyubi looked at Naruto with cute, puppydog eyes. Naruto couldn't help but agree seeing her how cute she was like that.

" Ok, i accept. "

" YAY! "

Kyubi sqealed gleefully jumping up and down like a kid.

" Anyway i kept you here too long already. See you! "

Kyubi blew him a kiss and he had time only to blush a little when everything went black.


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