Big Brother: The Gaian Version

Day Four, Part II: Eviction

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"Welcome back to the Gaian Big Brother. For those of you who've missed the previous episodes, READ THEM FIRST!" yelled Apollo cheerfully as the show reopened and the nearby crowd roared in applause. "When we left the house Freya Crescent had just received a special message from her lover, Fratley, ending her depression. Anyway, this is it, by the end of tonight we'll know who has been evicted and I'll have a live interview with the reject. Well let's take a look and see how things are going".

It is eight-thirty in the Big Brother house- the eviction is due in thirty minutes and everyone is tense. However, of all the house mates, Amarant Coral was most worried; he felt sure he would be voted ahead of Quina but after the assault on Kuja, he was unsure. Freya Crescent is seated at the Kitchen table eating a packaged assortment of food-supplied by Big Brother- no longer plagued with worry for her dear Fratley. Meanwhile, Zidane and Kuja, A.K.A. The Heartbreak Brothers were changing for the eviction which was fast approaching. "Hey hang on a minute" said Zidane as his attention was snared by something peculiar "That thong bro isn't that the one you stole from…".

"You dirty son of a bitch!".

"What the heck's going on in there?" Lani asked as she stepped into the living room. "I wouldn't ask, just leave them to it" said Eiko who was watching them intently through the giant window. Amarant peered over then double glanced at the sight before him; Zidane had Kuja bent across the bed and was currently trying to tear his underwear off. Vivi came into the living room and took a seat at the table; he wore a classy hat and a sharp tuxedo which really suited the small mage. He was the only male housemate who seemed prepared for the announcement: Zidane and Kuja were clearly having difficulties; Steiner was in the bathroom 'cleaning' his armour and Amarant was sat on the sofa without any cares on Gaia.

Kuja came running through the door screaming his head off, "Zidane's broke me, the bastard has broken me". He leapt onto the floor and begun rolling around in pain. "What do you mean you are broken?" asked Vivi, who wandered over and examined Kuja curiously. "L-look at this" he replied before touching his own chest and shrieking in pain- he continued to touch other body parts and kept screaming as he did so. "He's alright" said Zidane as he walked into the living room "I barely touched him- he thought we hadn't noticed that he wore thongs hehehe". Lani's eyes widened in shock before she burst into a fit of giggles "Kuja wears thongs! What a pussy!". "Hey! Shut it you slut, thanks a bunch Zidane you dickhead!" yelled Kuja who was still sprawled across the floor clutching his body.

"He isn't broken" called a sarcastic voice from the sofa "he's just too stupid to realise that the finger he's pointing with is broken and causing the pain".

Kuja growled across at Amarant, leapt to his feet and strutted across to the Bounty Hunter. Amarant stood up as Kuja approached and held himself with an air of cockiness. "Alright pal, I didn't wanna do this but you've left me with little choice" said Kuja angrily as he raised his left foot and shook it around violently. "Wanna see a littl-ouch!" Amarant had stretched out his arm and biffed Kuja on the nose. He fell to the floor once again as Amarant sneered, "No Kuja you can keep your little for some other cross dresser who wants to see it!". Eiko treated Kuja's wound -much to his resistance- with a curaga spell before all the other housemates arrived in time for the announcement.

"Big Brother house, this is Apollo Beech, the host you met before entering the house. I'm speaking to you live from the outside whilst the public has been watching your every move. I'm sure you all know exactly why I'm speaking to you tonight, because one of you will be evicted, tonight. Quina or Amarant, one of you has been voted out tonight... I can reveal that the first evictee of Big Brother is...QUINA QUEN!...

Well that is the first eviction finished. I apologise if it was a tad rushed but I'm gonna try for an update more frequently now. What did you think of it? Should Quina have gone or should it have been Amarant. Do you think this chapter was funny? Because that is the main thing, I want you to enjoy it!.

Robshi: I suppose you have a point about Fratley's amnesia and I guess Freya is tougher than that. I guess that's why I don't write Burmecian fics.

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