Note: Erm, it was supposed to be a drabble but it got longer.

Disclaimer: JKR owns the characters. Plot's my own.

Title: Waiting (DG)


She hated waiting.

After having to wait after six brothers, she was sick of it.

However tonight, she had told herself, was special. He was coming home.

Snow fell from the skies steadily and covered the once-bare grounds, turning them pristine white. She gazed forlornly at the roads, hoping for a flash of blond against the white.

Hours passed and she found her eyelids drooping. Stay awake, Ginny! He said he was coming home tonight. You want to welcome him back, don't you? Damn conscience, she cursed silently.

Unfortunately, try as she might, she was losing the battle. Within minutes, her head was propped up against the windowsill and her eyes fluttered shut.


He limped up the snowy driveway, grimacing as he trudged towards the door. A quick glance at his house told him that the occupants were still awake; seeing the light streaming from the window. However, his gaze was drawn towards the red speck on the left window.

Panic and worry hit him and he hastened his pace, ignoring the pain in his left leg. Muttering an Alohomora, he swung the door open quickly. Then, he felt slightly foolish for worrying.

His red-haired angel was sleeping on the windowsill. A small smile lit his face and he closed the door gently, not wanting to wake her. He walked towards her and scooped her up in his arms, careful not to stir her. He was lucky that she was a heavy sleeper.

He climbed the stairs gingerly; knowing that the extra weight he was carrying would probably reopen the wound on his leg. Well, that was a matter he would worry about later. He entered their bedroom and placed her on the bed slowly. Covering her body with the blanket, he kissed her forehead. She stirred.

"Draco?" her voice slurred, thick from sleep.

"Yes, love?" he responded.

"Welcome homeā€¦" Ginny's voice sounded faraway; meaning that she was already going back to sleep.

Draco smiled down fondly at her, "Goodnight Ginny."

Then, he proceeded to change before settling down on the bed beside her and gradually fell asleep.