First off, I would like to say that this is an AU fic and I kinda put some ideas from a certain series (and I believe it also has some movies too). And there's some setting change and some added characters, etc. Since I love Kyo (teehee) that's why I decided to contribute a story on this section since as we all know, it's lacking, so after thinking of a plot, here it is. And please note that I'm not too familiar with the other characters except for Kyo's companions (so that's why I put some added characters). Anyway, wish me luck and hope you guys like it.

Summary: Kyo/Yuya pairings. Kyo and Yuya met at the past, they were bound to be together long before they even met. Life would have been simpler and easier but enemies tend to strike revenge, rooting from fury and envy. As they became a husband and a wife, Yuya found something about Kyo; he's not what he really seem, he's much more; that she can take but Yuya can only handle too much. That's why at the present, they are bound to meet again and maybe they'll make up…and end a battle that lasts for centuries.

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Chapter One: Pair of Deadly Blades



Present Japan, Tokyo


That late afternoon, while the others are busy walking at the streets and some still on their jobs; at one of the popular condominium tower called Golden Crown at tenth floor on room 1003. There inside, was a spacious and luxurious room, obviously, it belongs to a well-off person. The said condominium was painted in white and the ceiling has some angelic designs on it and in the middle was a fashionable chandelier. In contrast to the white paint, the whole furniture from smallest to biggest, was all in color black, though the rugs and curtains were rose-y red that it could be seen as dark pink.

On the other hand, at the kitchen, the owner's motif was silver, though the plates and other eating utensils has some real gold lining on its edge; the curtains were black. The large bathroom near the kitchen has a glass sliding doors; it was all in pure white inside except for the black towels and rugs.

Moving along, at the right side of the living room was the single spacious room with the black paint. The furniture's were made with mahogany. A walk-in closet. A large column of bookshelves on the other side opposite the closet. On the wall just above the bed is a single un-usual long sword in its sheath; above it was a bit foggy painting of two samurai's fighting each other in the middle of the forest. And below the only two wall decorations in the room was a huge bed that could manage a dozen person on it with its hugeness, it was covered in black satin sheet, black and red satin covered pillows, a sheer red colored curtain attached to the post.

Inside the curtained bed, in the middle of it, buried between pillows and covered with a blanket, lies a fragile looking, blonde haired maiden, she looked younger (as young as an eighteen year old debutante) than her real age, looks could be very deceiving.

She's asleep since five in the afternoon after she made a final check on her fashion show at eight in the evening.

She is a successful fashion designer. And this night is one of her many much awaited fashion show where her recent clothes collection would be paraded in front of thousands of audience with the help of some top fashion models.

From afar, she looked peaceful and serene; but getting closer, her forehead is frowning, sweat on her face and neck, and her head is tossing, if not frantically, from side to side of the bed.

Obviously, Yuya Shiina; a modern day lady in this era, who is successful at everything, is having a dream…or was it a nightmare?


Past, Edo, Japan

A girl with long golden hair, and lively emerald eyes was happily picking wild flowers at the field with some of her friends, she was on her seventeenth year, and she was already in a marriageable age; but no one was strong enough to become her husband.

As a girl who came from a family of bounty hunters, the man her family wanted her to be married with must defeat each of the men in her family in combat before they could allow him to be her husband. Not to mention that she, herself, wasn't really someone could call weak.

But just as the same, she was glad that no one who has a back bone (if there was any) on their town who even dared to try to fight her clan to get their blessings, though she knew that many a man who wanted to have her as a wife because of her unusual, some called it, almost ethereal, beauty; because she was different than any other.

But her single, merry days is about to end.

She and her friends were about to go back to their home when a group of samurai's, riding in black horses, passed by. They stopped as the stranger warriors passed by their way since the horses were blocking their path.

As she looked at each one of them, she found them all good-looking. Her friends were even having those starry love-mode eyes.

"Are they here to pick a wife?" One of her friends asked.

She nudged her friend to keep quiet.

She was about to look up once again when her emerald pools met crimson ones!

Just by looking at him, she knew that he was dangerous.

The crimson eyed man stopped his horse and surveyed her with narrowed eyes.

The warrior with a long hair, and smiling gentle face, stopped; and so were the others, as they looked at their companion, "Kyo, what's wrong?" Yukimura asked with a frown.

Kyo smirked before he spoke, not listening to Yukimura. "Girl, what's your name?"

Her eyes widened, while her friends dropped their jaws in surprise. "Me?" she asked as she pointed at herself.

"Hn." Was Kyo's only reply with a slight nod of his head.

"I'm Shiina Yuya." She supplied.

Kyo repeated her name to his lips as if tasting it. He half-grinned, "Shiina Yuya, eh…" then he nodded to his comrades as he galloped away, followed by the others.

Yuya frowned. 'Was he nuts?' she thought.


Three days after their first meeting…


Yuya was surprised when her father called for her, the man with crimson eyes was there, and her whole family were surrounding him as if he was on interrogation.

"You called for me, father?" she asked in a whispered tone.

"Ah, Yuya, someone came to ask for your hand in marriage…" her father said. While the women in the family were having some tears of joy. It was said to their family that if the family are overjoyed and happy about the marriage then it's possible that the bride would be happy too.

Yuya didn't say anything.

"And…" her brother added with a smile, "…he passed on the family's test. He sure is strong…"

Yukimura, whom she didn't saw before, who was sitting far out of the circle, couldn't help but chuckle to his amusement. Kyo glared at him.

"But of course…" Yukimura said as he drank from his cup of sake.

"And why is that?" Yuya's grandfather asked with a stern frown. He was not really impressed with the long-haired man's happy-go-lucky attitude.

"Because he's…"

"You should not put your nose where it's not needed." Kyo suddenly said.

Yukimura chuckled again, shrugged, before he drowned himself to his own sake.

Kyo looked at Yuya's family, they were all wearing a confused look, "Do not mind him, he has a lose tongue when he's drunk."

"So," Yukimura said once again, "You don't want to be found out, eh…I wonder why they didn't know…this is Edo for crying out loud!" he laughed once again. "Maybe, rumors weren't reaching their ears, eh."

But the clan ignored his ramblings.

"When do you want to plan to do the wedding ceremony?" Mr. Shiina, Yuya's father, asked.

"A month from now. After I find something that belonged to me, I shall return in a month, by then, I'll take Yuya as my wife." He smirked.

Yuya frowned from where she was standing, it seems like Kyo was not taking their wedding seriously. Then, why?

Was he only challenged, since he has to fight her whole clan?



It has been another week before Kyo and his comrades rode off their town, a promise of marriage after a month.

She sighed.

Everything was so sudden…


Present, Yuya's apartment


It's already seven-thirty and Yuya is still on her deep slumber. It's as if her body is willing to wake up but her mind isn't. Her blanket was already set aside after she twist and turn.

Even when her cell phone rang, her answering machine received a call, she didn't wake up.


Past, Edo


It had been a year. But she remained single while all her friends were already happily married and the others already has children.

And she…

Her hopes were shattered. Since no other man could win her clan's rules. She was disappointed. And hurt.

That late night, at their semi-huge house, since they were one of the well-off clan in town, her family was gathered to talk about her future as they ate their dinner.

"How disappointing, to think that Kyo has this strange powerful aura…" her grandfather said with a sigh.

"Not to mention, handsome too…"her grandmother said as she winked at her.

Then some of her relatives all added some of their positive outlook with Kyo.

Her brother butt in with a frown, "But he looks dangerous and strange…almost…I don't know, it makes me shiver every time I looked at his deadly eyes."

Yuya laughed, "Scared, brother?"

"Aren't you?"

She went silent, truthfully, she never knew anything about him, they never even talked seriously even once. He was always just looking and observing her. Kyo is a puzzle for her.

They were in the middle of planning about Yuya's coming eighteenth birthday when they heard a knock on their massive door.

"It must be him, only a year late!" one of her cousin's said excitedly.

She was about to stand to get the door, when her brother stood before her, "I'll get it. You stay, you must not look eager in his eyes…" then he winked.

She smiled at her brother. Suddenly thinking strangely how she would miss her family when Kyo would take her away from her home.

Not a second later, they heard a loud yell, coming from her brother; that woke her up from her thoughts. "RUN! Everyone! Enemies!"

Her whole clan stood from their seat with precise movement. This is some horrible surprised attack!

The men readied their katana's, the ladies started running through the backdoor for escape. Her maid tugged her arm and hid her behind a life-sized wall mirror. It was a secret vault. From outside it looked like an ordinary mirror but inside, the person could see anything happening outside. After securing her inside, her maid closed it securely and she ran toward the backdoor.

Yuya's eyes widened when, not long and before her maid could escape, some crazy looking guy slashed her abdomen. Yuya covered her lips to keep from screaming. The horrible deaths were drowning her once cheerful eyes. One by one, each of her family were being slain, and she cannot do anything about it but to watch.

She shut her eyes tightly when she heard a cousin of hers was screaming for help and a maniacal laugh after it. She was sure that that bad guy was doing something not pleasant to her pretty, innocent, and idealistic cousin. And to think her cousin was to wed at the coming week.

Her tears fell. Mourning for the massacre she was witnessing.

She gasped when she saw another of her cousin, and alas, her own mother, being dragged by four men and they pushed them on the table.

Without thinking, Yuya tried to open her hiding place, but she was locked inside!

'No! No! Don't let them touch my mother and cousin!' Yuya's mind screamed as she saw their clothes being torn.

'Aya…' she thought how her cousin's eyes were twinkling a year ago every time she looked at Yukimura. 'Oka-san…' her tears fell more harshly, she shut her eyes never wanting to see what was being played right in front of her sight.

'Pigs! They're all pigs!' she screamed mentally as she added some curse on the killers.

Helpless and hopeless… Yuya mourned alone as she slid down on her hiding place. Covering her senses to the world.

"It's okay, this is just a nightmare….when you wake up, you'll see them smiling at you and joking about your very delayed marriage." She kept on chanting silently. "Brother would mess around you about being hopeless, then my cousin's and I would pick some flowers, then mom would cook some delicious foods…"

With these thoughts, she fell to oblivion.


The next day…


Yuya woke up from the sound of cursing that she heard. When she blinked and opened her eyes, what she expected to see wasn't what she saw. Her nightmare was true! They were all dead!

She could feel the hysteria that was building up inside her. She would lose it soon!

"Damn!" Her ears perked as she heard another curse and some footsteps.

'What? They're still here? Are they planning on camping here! Those pigs! Thick-skinned monsters!' she thought, at the same time she felt like throwing up.

Yuya covered her mouth with her hand as she tried to prevent from puking.

She was successful on her job when she heard some voices talking. Her eyes widened when they stood just next to her mirror.

Then she frowned, the men around were not the same men from last night. And she looked intently with curiosity at the long red-haired man who was talking to someone.

"Did you see my woman?" Yuya heard the long-haired one said.


Then another one asked, "Are you sure? No one escaped from the family, the town's people said so."

Yuya's eyes watered as she saw the familiar face of Yukimura who has a grave frown on his forehead, she was glad to see a familiar face. His knuckles were white as he gripped his katana. Obviously, angry, as he thought of the abused and dead body of Aya.

'Could it be that he has feelings for her?' she wondered. 'How tragic and sad.'

"What about the useless town's people? What did they do? It's impossible they didn't notice this huge massacre!" the long-haired one asked.

"Kyo, just like you say, they're useless!" Yukimura hissed.


Yuya squinted and stared directly at the man Yukimura called Kyo. But he has a very long red hair? How come? It has been only a year.

She gasped and confirmed that it is her supposed husband the moment she saw his flaming eyes.

"Kyo!" she screamed as she started banging the two-way mirror.

"Anyway, I'll go and check if I could---"

"Shut up, Yukimura!" Kyo muttered.

Yukimura has a vein popped, then he pouted. "What! Here I am being nice to find out about your little wife and you're telling me to shut---"

"Shut up!" Kyo said with a hint of irritation.

Yukimura clamped his mouth close, the others went dead silent also.

Kyo was determining where the sheer sound he was hearing was coming from. "Did you hear that?" he inclined his head to hear much better.

The others did the same, as they listen to the almost non-existent noise.

Being known to be impatient, Kyo decided to let his aura pinpoint where the noise was coming from. His eyes stared at the mirror in front of him. He looked at it as if he was studying it.

"What the---?" Benitora frowned as he stared at Kyo stared at the mirror.

Kyo took his muramasa out of its sheath and held it in front of the mirror.

Yuya met Kyo's determined eyes, even if they were not seeing each other between the mirror, she could guess what he meant to do. Yuya ducked and covered her head with her arms protectively.

Not a minute later, the mirror was shattered and in their eyes, Yuya was revealed.

"Holy---!" Yukimura's eyes widened.

The other's looked on.

Yuya looked up and stood slowly. Without even a warning, she ran to the arms that she could only call almost near to a family since they were already engaged, even though they barely saw and knew each other.

"Kyo!" she hugged him tightly, desperately. She cried all her pain and worries. All her questions about his new appearance could wait later.


"I saw it all…my maid hid me before they broke lose inside and she locked me in, I can't do anything…I saw what they did to Aya and Oka-san!" she said frantically. The hysteria was coming over her. She trembled, she cried, and she hiccupped as she talked. "Brother thought that it was you already that was why he happily opened the door and he was stabbed the moment he opened it!"

Kyo does not know how to say any comforting words since he was, after all, also a legendary killer of a thousand men and who knows how much more. That was why, all he did was to held her in his arms. But revenge, he could do it for her.

Yukimura seeing that his demon-eyed friend was clueless when comforting women, he decided to walk towards them and cut in, though he found it was a wrong move to do.

Not a step further when the tip of Kyo's muramasa was blocking his way.

Yukimura rolled his eyes, "Maybe I should go check the village." Then he asked Sasuke to investigate if the bastards were still around the area.

"Kyo, I was so scared. I tried to help but I was locked in."

Yuya looked up to his face when she couldn't hear any comforting words from him, though he was comforting her with his arms.

"Kyo?" she frowned at him. She shivered a little as she saw his eyes glistening with contained fury. He was even wondering himself why he was feeling protective of his woman's family. Ah, maybe because they were the first family who received him without reservation, caution and hate. Whatever was it, one thing's sure now, his bloodlust to kill the bastards who dare to intrude his woman's abode.

"Do you know them? See their faces?" Bontenmaru asked in a grim voice.

Yuya bit her lip as she looked around, she walked a bit toward a table where she took a quill and ink and a bunch of papers. She was glad that she's talented at drawing.

With a frown, she sat on a single chair and she started sketching the faces of the men she saw last night.

While sketching she asked, "Where's my family's body?"

"I asked some of the men to bury them?" Kyo answered.

"Uhmm…" she nodded. She fought the urge to cry.

After a few minutes, she looked up and handed her rough sketch of the men's faces to Kyo.

"Bastards, these were some of the men who escaped from the camp we raid." He said grimly.

The others looked at it too…


Present, Yuya's room


It was that moment that Yuya's eyes blinked, then finally opened. Her breathing was a bit harsh as she sat up and looked around her surroundings. She sighed with relief.

'Good, I thought I was really back there again…'

She was cut from her musings when she heard her door chime that was being frantically abused by whoever's on the other side of her condo unit's door.

Yuya narrowed her eyes suspiciously, she stood and took her own muramasa out of its place and carried it with her as she walked out of her room and into the living room and toward her main door.

Even at these day and age, she can't help but to be alert and suspicious all the time, she knew that she's not the only one and there's a lot of someone like her out there. And she bet her life that he's also out there somewhere. She could feel him. After all those centuries, they're still bonded. She could feel what he feels. And she bet that it's the same with him.

She un-sheathed her sword then peek outside from the peep-hole. She sighed, she returned her sword to its sheath and put it aside on the wall before she opened her door.

The new comers, Gaia; her best-friend/assistant, and Kenny; her gay friend/sometimes secretary/and love adviser, walked inside her living room.

"Geez, Yuya, we've been trying to reach you for hours!" Gaia rolled her eyes as she went to the kitchen to fix herself something to drink.

"Yeah, what are you up to anyway? Is there a man inside your room, hmm…" Kenny lifted his brow intriguingly.

Yuya just laughed and shrugged as she sat on a single sofa. "As if… I was sleeping."

"Hmp…" Kenny pouted as if he did not believe her as he looked around the living room. "Don't you want to change the motif of your home?"

"No, because this makes me feel calm and peaceful."

"I see." He rolled his eyes. "For a fashion designer, you sure live in the dark, eh." He joked.

"You could say that."

Gaia handed a glass of strawberry juice to Yuya and Kenny. She was about to sit at the other side where Kenny was sitting on a long sofa when she noticed Yuya's muramasa.

"Hey, look at this, Kenny. Wow…" she walked toward the sword that was near the main door, leaning on the wall proudly and dangerously. "It's so unusual and very long!"

Kenny looked at Yuya controversially before looking back also at the sword. "Hmm…looks like our dear friend is kinky…I suggest that you find a guy with a very enhance…you know…" then he laughed maliciously.

"But not that long, I think." Gaia laughed. She was about to reach for the sword when Yuya suddenly vanished from her spot. Gaia was surprised when Yuya was already in front of her and she took the sword before Gaia could.

"Yuya…" Gaia frowned as she saw a possessive gesture on Yuya's eyes, she even blinked when she noticed that there was a tint of swirling red on Yuya's emerald pools. When she blinked again, it was back to normal, "What the---?"

Yuya looked at her bewildered friend and then to Kenny, who was also a bit surprised at her gesture.

No, she cannot tell them the truth. They wouldn't understand.

Nobody understands, only he who'll understand and she to him.

She caressed her muramasa as if to sooth her feelings.

Gaia and Kenny looked at her weirdly.

"Are you alright, Yuya?" Gaia asked worriedly. "I didn't mean to offend you by touching your sword…"

"It's okay," Yuya sighed. "It's just that, I'm…very sensitive when it comes to this thing." She tried to smile.

"But," Kenny frowned, "How rare, since your sword looked like it came from old Japan era. I bet it would cost a fortune if you sell it."

"I can't." Yuya shook her head. "Anyway, tell me, what brought you two here?" she placed her muramasa right behind her seat.

"Oh yeah!" Gaia snapped her fingers, forgetting about the sword. "We're here because it's already…" she looked at her watch. "…seven-forty and you're still here, that's why we're trying to contact you. Have you forgotten that you have a show at eight!"

Yuya's eyes widened.

"Oh gosh!" she ran to her room, sword on hand.

After a few minutes, she walked out of her room. She was wearing a knee-length light brown skirt, cream-colored high heeled boots, white satin strapless blouse, and a dark brown over coat that she'll wear later when they went out of the building.

"Let's go, people!"


Parisian Hotel


The fashion show will be held at one of the famous hotel's function room.

Thank goodness that there was no traffic or else, they'll be late. Luckily, they were just in time. When Yuya and her two friends reached the back stage, she still have five minutes to brief her models and see if their clothes and make up were right on them.

Yuya smiled at each of her models, "Good luck, guys."


After the last piece of her creation was modeled, Yuya was called on stage with the group of models. She looked around triumphantly.

It was a success.

She already turned to go back to the backstage when she stopped. She could feel it.

She could feel him.

He's near. So near.

How long has it been?

So long.

Yuya looked carefully around again, trying to spot someone…she knew he's just around. And she bet that he's accompanied with his friends.

Her eyes stared to the darkest part of the room, she thought she saw a hint of his exotic yet deadly eyes. But, it was all a thought.

She shrugged and continued walking.

She pushed all thoughts of him aside, and concentrated on the fact that her fashion show would bring another set of fortune for her again.


Outside the hotel, parking lot


"She's very successful, ne?" a man with a smile on his face pondered as he walked toward his black mustang's driver's seat.

"Hn." Another man, with long-red-hair tied low with a black ponytail murmured as he went to the passenger's seat.

"No plans on congratulating her?"


"But your princess could be hurt with your cold attitude, after all, it's because of you that was why she became---"

"You wanna die?"

The man with a beautiful face chuckled. "No way, I still have a lot of women to love, if you must know."

"I only came because I felt her agony."

"Well, you always came to see her when you felt that way." He shrugged as he started his car's engine. "Why don't you just show yourself?"

Crimson eyes glared at him, "Because she's still mad at me from what I did. And… not to mention that the bastard is still on the lose and collecting his army."

"Guilt?" the man chuckled. "It doesn't suit you, Kyo!"

"Shut up, Yukimura! Or I'll be force to severe you tongue!" he warned as he simply caressed his own muramasa under his black coat.

Yukimura just chuckled. "Kyo, you're getting soft. Before, you'll just act without warning."

Kyo smirked, "That's because you're a companion that's why I'm giving you the luxury of a warning."

"Aw, I'm touch!"

Kyo glared at him. "Shut up and hurry up, we still have to find the others. Who knows it's complicated looking for the others in this era."

"Yeah," Yukimura nodded. "Suddenly, I missed the old Japan. Even if there were a lot of killing and war then, at least the surroundings were peaceful."

Kyo snorted, "Now, that's a cryptic one!"

"Huh?" Yukimura frowned.

"You just mentioned a war and peace in your sentence."

"At least there's no pollution back then."

"Go to Aokigahara, then, that place is still untouchable."

"Do you think the others are there?"

Kyo shrugged.


Yuya's apartment


It's already in the middle of the night. Yuya was wearing a pair of black satin short shorts and spaghetti strapped shirt. She was standing at her balcony, looking over the city as she sipped some red wine. On a glass round table beside her is a bowl of a seedless grapes.

Her eyes closed as the wind passed by, her hair danced with them.

She raised the glass to her lips.

Her eyes have a determined look on them, it once again has a swirling color of red meshed with her emerald pools, she whispered into the night…

"Come out, come out, wherever you are…Onime no kyo…"

…hoping that the winds would bring her words to him.


Hah, here's first chapter. I know there's a lot of what? How? And why? Questions, but things would be revealed as it progress. Yorishiku.