This is my first fan-fic so be gentle,

Lady Marian is returning home after a four year absence where she was forced to learn the "womanly arts." Now she is coming home and excited to see her outlaw friends, especially her dear friend and rival. Robert. But Marian is now a lady, and much had changed since she had left. Would the outlaws welcome Marian back with open arms? Or are her closest friends now her worst enemies?

Okay I'm bad at summarys so let the story begin...

Btw- I own nothing pretty much though i've adjusted the characters to suit the'holt was used in The ForestWife by Theresa Tomlinson but the ohers (except sherwood and nottingham) are of my own making.

Marian twirled a lock of hair lazily around a slender finger, with the other hand she held the reigns of her horse as they trotted along. To either side of her guards walked or rode, their faces set like stone. And behind them a carriage bumped along, lead by horses. At first Marian had been forced to ride in the carriage but the wave like motion had sent her stomach hurling and eventually she had been allowed to ride on her own horse. She perched in her lady-like stance on her darling mare, though she would much rather have rode like a man she could not, not when she was so close to home. In the distance high walls lay surrounding the manor which she knew was hidden behind them, as they gained closer Marian saw a tall tower rise above the white-wash walls. Her home. De'Holt manor, the place of her birth and her childhood memories. It was beautifully built, in the grounds grew red roses and lily whites, lords and ladies would dance in the great hall while servants waited on them hand and foot. But Marian did not look forward, she looked back. Her small company had just left Sherwood Forest and De'Holt village behind, the small cottages and the warm welcome of the villagers was much more welcoming then the formal greetings from her father, a father she had not seen for four yeas.

Marian had been given over to the care of the Reveali family when she had been twelve years old, her mother had died in childbirth when Marian was nine and left her father, Sir Allen De'Holt, with her three children. Marian, the oldest had practically raised her young brother and sister. But according to her father she needed to be "taught the womanly arts," so she was sent of to Reveali Manor. Lady Reveali had taught her how to sing and dance, to sew and the ways of court. Now, four years later, a sixteen year old Marian was returning to her home. Though she had missed her family and her home, mostly she had missed her dearest friends, the Outlaws. The Outlaws lived in hidden dwellings all through Sherwood, their leader Jack Locksley was the most famous outlaw of them all.

Marian was filled with excitement; as soon as she had fulfilled the terrible duty of greeting her family she would get away, away to Sherwood to see her friends. In her head Marian pictured them each,

Will Scarlett, the rash brave lad of eighteen now. He had always been the one to defend them if anything went wrong, Will was overly protective of his small group. Especially Robb.

Little John, Marian's closest friend. A giant man of nineteen now, he was the same lad that had taught Marian to sword-fight, to use the bow and fight in anyway possible. He was also the peacemaker between her and Robb.

Allan, the young boy of fourteen now. He had been the baby of the group, young but brave and always up for a laugh. Allan was a minstrel and singer through and through, he looked up to John, Will and Robb.

Then there was Robert, the only son of Lord Locksley, leader of the Sherwood outlaws. Proud, arrogant and brave was how Marian remembered him, they had always been at each other throats. Trying to best each other though neither ever quite winning, but even so they where good friends. When they weren't fighting that is.

Marian bit her lip slightly, one thing that worried her was...what if they had changed? Never till now, till she looked down and saw her cream blue dress flow out in front of her, did she ever even consider that they had changed. That she had changed, what if they no longer saw her as Marian but only as Lady De'Holt. Marian shook her head, brunette locks splayed everywhere. Nothing has changed, she assured herself.

A figure clad in green looked out after the carriage even long after it had gone, he was certain, it couldn't be anyone else. It had to be her, but that young woman dressed in the light blue dress, with her red cloak billowing out behind her as she rode in a lady-like stance. That was not the Marian he remembered, the Marian he knew. Sighing to himself the tall man jumped down from the branch as quiet as a bird and turned back to the trees, he would tell him, tell him exactly what he saw and thought, but Lord Robb would not be happy... you like? Yes Lord Robb...well review please and tell me what you think!