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Chapter One: Saving the Grangers

March Break had taken place at the empty Hogwarts, sending the children home for three weeks. The break had been extended, due to the Order's secret meetings against Voldemort.

Harry and Hermione had stayed at the Weasleys for the break, though Harry suggested that he stay at Grimmauld place, seeing as it was to be his new home for a long time to come.

He'd gone out for groceries to fill up the empty cupboards and fridge, while Hermione and Ron stayed at The Burrow.

Harry couldn't say he minded, though he did. He minded very much. Yet, he reluctantly shrugged off his new found and confusing feelings for Hermione, and played along, though his heart withered every time they were mushy around him.

He'd also wanted to get away from Ginny, who'd still been obsessing over him. He'd long been over her, though she didn't want to let go.

The Burrow had been almost empty, save for the two lone teenagers in the house.

"Aw, c'mon Hermione! We haven't gone out in AGES!" Ron whined, giving Hermione a puppy dog look.

"I don't know Ron… there's just so much to be doing at the minute… and Harry needs so much help with moving into Grimmauld-"

"C'mon Hermione! For one day, just one! One day to forget all about this stuff." Ron said, throwing his hands in the air.

"But Harry…" he gave her a stronger puppy dog look. "Oh, alright."

He smiled triumphantly, giving her a quick kiss to the lips.

"You won't regret it!" Ron said, grabbing hold of her shoulder, apparating both to Diagon Alley.

Harry burst through the doors of 12 Grimmauld Place frantically.

He searched for any sort of human life.

"Bad thing you done trying to go against the Dark Lord! Destroying all the Horcruxes was no use Potter! He's still alive!"

Harry's eyes narrowed at the man, making the hooded figure smile even more.

"They'll all die Potter! Everyone you have in your life! Everyone you need! The others are already there! There's no stopping 'em!"

Harry's eyes widened in disbelief. The largest target for any of the Death Eaters to attack was the Weasley family.

The man on the floor smiled crazily.

"NO! What're you going to do to the Weasleys?" Harry demanded, his wand threatening the man's already bloody face.

"Not the Weasleys! What Voldemort hates more than disgraceful pure bloods! MUDBLOODS, POTTER. You won't reach them in time! That little Mudblood friend of yours' parents are going to die!" the Death Eater stated, smiling in sick pleasure.

Harry's heart must've skipped a beat.

The Weasleys would've handled themselves until he came since they were magic folk, but Hermione's parents were muggles with no other self of defense but their own hands, and weapons that could be easily turned against them.

Another thought exploded in her head.

'If they die, she'll turn out just like me… no parents…'

Nobody, much less Hermione, deserved what Harry had gotten.

Leaving the groceries where he'd dropped them, he broke into a desperate run for 12 Grimmauld Place, having no mind to apparate.

"No one's here… Hermione! Ron!" he called out, hoping they were having a snogging session near by so they could hear him. He actually hoped they were there, just not having a snogging session.

He was already tired from the duel with the Death Eater, his mouth cut and bleeding a little.

Harry scowled, apparating to the Granger household.

The breaking of glass was heard, the crack of apparition adding to the mix of sounds.

Harry landed in a very messy and turned over kitchen.

He heard a woman squeak, almost identical to Hermione's own squeak.

"Who are you?" the woman asked, backing into what Harry distinguished was her husband, both holding looks similar to Hermione, the man holding a long and black rifle.

Once again the crashing of glass was heard.

"I'm a friend of Hermione's!" he said, backing up against them.

A group of Death Eaters appeared, taking the kitchen door down with them.

"Expelliarmus!" Harry cried, knocking back one Death Eater, sending him flying, knocking down the other Death Eaters behind the first like dominoes.

"Petrificus Totalium!" Harry exclaimed, as all the bodies on the floor froze, straightening.

Harry, relieved that the racket had stopped, turned to face Hermione's face.

"I'm Harry Potter." He smiled at them, as they stared at him wide eyed.

"Hmm… Jonathan Granger…" the man with the salt and pepper hair with deep brown eyes like Hermione's said, reaching out a hand for Harry to shake.

A loud bang was heard just as he reached for the man's hand.

He pointed the wand at them, seeing their frightened faces.

'Sheidimus Clorio', Harry thought, as Hermione's parents disappeared.

He'd used a cloaking shield charm, the one deflecting all spells but the Avada Kedavra.

He turned around, his wand pointed at the frame of the kitchen door, that now had no door.

Fenrir Greyback was there, a sick smile on his face.

"Hello, hello Potter!" he said, baring his fangs.

Harry frowned, wasting no time.



Harry stopped, a searing pain going through him. He dropped his wand, falling to his knees.

"ARGH!" he cried in pain, his hands coming to his hair, as he pulled on it. His body dropped to the floor.

The pain stopped and Harry was relieved, panting.

"Accio wand!" the werewolf cried, Harry's wand landing in his hand.

Harry looked up, to see Fenrir his wand out towards Harry.

"Time to die Potter- What's this?" he sniffed around, as if he were a dog. The werewolf senses had stayed with him, his sense of smell strong.

"So the goons didn't get rid of those muggles?" he said, poking his foot around one of the motionless Death Eaters. "Pity, it is."

He looked back at Harry who'd been staring at him with sheer hate.

Harry went through a conversation he'd had with Dumbledore's portrait a few days ago.

"Anything's quite possible Harry. You see, when you want something, and need it bad enough; it will come to you with your strongest of will power. It may be the key to saving loved ones," Dumbledore said, that usual mysterious glint in his eyes, even managed through a painting.

Harry seemed baffled at his saying.

"What d'you mean Professor?" he asked.

"The gift of… gift of…" and he fell on the desk, once again, snoring.

"Don't look like that Potter! This isn't about Dumby is it? Look, I'm not going to kill you! You're only to be delivered to the Dark Lord. Then he'll kill you. I prefer you unconscious by the time you're with him though. That way there'll be no fighting back, and I can find those muggles he wanted me to kill. Surely a cloaking spell wasn't to stop me! I jus can't wait to have some tasty necks… haven't had a good bite in a while…"

Harry's face had gone into an angry and dangerous scowl.

'I won't let her…' he thought, his mind focused on saving Hermione's parents for her.

The wind picked up around them, lights dimming.

'I won't let her see what I've seen!'

Fenrir's smile had turned into a frown, as he watched his surroundings change.

'And I won't let them…'

"What's going on Potter!" he demanded, in a more serious voice.

Harry's mind decided on his own what to do.


He outstretched a hand, fire blazing in his eyes.

"SECTUMSEMPRA!" he yelled, in a voice he'd never heard himself use before.

Just what happened to Malfoy happened to Fenrir, the hex working despite Harry being wandless.

The large bloody gashes appeared across Fenrir's chest, the red liquid flowing freely. He fell to his knees.

"You son of a bitch…" the man whispered under his breath.

Harry smiled, and he didn't know why he was overly joyed.

He dropped Harry's wand, pointing a shaking wand at his wounds.

"E-episkey. Episkey! EPISKEY!" he wailed, but his wounds still bled.

He looked up at Harry, his jaw set, as he brought a shaking hand up.

Harry still smiled at him, like he was as crazy as the Death Eaters were.

Fenrir Greyback fell onto the floor, his eyes still open, blood coming out of his mouth.

Harry had a mind to get his wand back.

He picked it up, waving his wand so the parents were visible.

They were looking at him in deep shock, their faces pale as Nearly Headless Nick's. He snapped back to his senses, and looked down at the man on the floor, bleeding openly because of him.

He walked over to the couple, as they backed away further to the wall.

He looked down, ashamed.

'Now what do they think of me…?'

He felt a pair of arms enclose him, sobbing filling his ears.

"Oh, dear boy, dear boy…" Hermione's mother cried, wrapping Harry in a warm hug. "Thank God for you… we'd've been long gone if you hadn't come… bless you… bless you…" she cried.

Harry was surprised, but appreciated the motherly gesture. He could almost remember how his own mother had hugged him like that when he was almost too young to recall.

She let go, her husband comforting her.

"Thank you… Harry," Hermione's father said, as his wife sobbed freely into his chest. His brown eyes were glazed over, but he was still pale, and shocked as anyone else would've been.

Harry had barely turned to see Fenrir's body when-

"SECTUM KEDEVERO!" was heard, the weak voice of Fenrir Greyback speaking the hex.

"AGH!" Harry let out. His legs gave way; a large bloody gash cutting diagonally from his shoulder to his hip was made, the blood spattering all over the kitchen, staining even the close Grangers' clothes.

His site went blurry, and he was about to land on Fenrir when a muffled crack was heard, the man disappearing, along with the other once frozen bodies, leaving the floor clear for Harry to fall on.

He could feel nothing but the pain of the deep wound, and the burning sensation of his scar pulsating through his body.

Soon, the darkness welcomed him, and the agonized voices of the Grangers were heard, as they leant down to help the already unconscious boy.

I think Hermione should be happy about Harry's 'saving people thing'.

Note: Petrificus Totalium is supposed to be a plural form of the Totalus. All other un recognized spells were invented by me.

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