Title: After End Credits Rolled

By: CBscifiJUNKY

Summary: It is 10 years post Chosen, Faith has been working for the PtB while the Scooby's run the ultimate Slayer training and research facility. What happens after Faith goes to Cleveland to see Buffy?? BF, WK, AD

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and Fox. The OCs are mine.

Rating: M – Adult Situations, Language

Dedication: To my Sister, my dealer, who introduced me to BtVS and manages to consistently feed me more sci-fi. I crave it like the junky I am.

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Chapter 1: Going Back

It's a dull, steady pain, sort of like a having a toothache or getting a tattoo. It's been with her so long, she's forgotten what it feels like not to have it. After time it became familiar and somewhat reassuring, like an old friend. But now that slow burn that took up residence in her soul years ago is a raging inferno. So many years have past, yet the ache still weighs heavily upon her. It's more a yearning for the life that's always eluded her then a regret of her actions. She knows this is what her life was destined to be: on the outside looking in, taking care of business, no attachments. It's how she survived until now, she doesn't know if she could any other way.

'Shit – I should have stopped at that last motel, I can't ride anymore, and getting into an accident isn't going to help anyone' Faith thinks to herself. Pulling over towards a row of trees lining the road she kills the engine on the Harley. She'll make it to Cleveland by tomorrow afternoon. The rest will do her some good considering she has no idea what she's walking into. She takes her helmet off, places it on the seat and shakes out her raven hair. "Ken, how the hell did I let you talk me into this? Too much time has past..." she speaks into the deserted night. Taking the blanket from the bungee on the back of the bike, she lays down, hoping for some much needed sleep.

As she looks up into the autumn sky she thinks about the last time she saw them, it's been more then ten years now. She's only spoken to Kennedy a handful of times, the others, not at all. It was the day she saw the road of her life stretch out in front of her clearly showing two paths: to stay and finally belong in someone else's world or to go and work out the madness her life had become. It had had to be one or the other for her, it was her defining choice. But regardless of the reasons why, she will always feel she ran away. Man did she run, as far as she could go, jumping into a multidimensional plane to really get gone. Well, that came later on, after she made the deal with the Powers that Be. While she knows she's made a significant difference these past years, her decision weighs on her every day. That ache is her constant reminder. Only the Gods know how different her life could have been had she stayed. There's no going back, she knows it, she's worked for the PtB long enough to know there are always consequences when you try that sneaky mojo. But she is going back in a way, back to the people she left behind and she's scared.

Faith settles into the blanket and tries to clear her mind. Using the tools the PtB have taught her, she calms herself, and brings a protective barrier down around her. Closing her eyes she prays for a dreamless sleep, but knows it's no use, it will come, there's no stopping it. Only it's not so much a dream as a memory that's been haunting her every night as she gets closer to them, to her.