A/N: I've only seen 4 episodes of Gungrave, but I'm absolutely in love with the series because it reminds so much of The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, as well as her other works (read them!). In fact, this poem was inspired by an ideain The Outsiders that two people from different worlds may not be so unlike one another since they saw the same sunset. This is how I see the relationship between Brandon and Maria. Expect more Gungrave stuff from me because I find the characters and story so compelling. --Hana Li

Disclaimer: I do not own Gungrave. Nor do I own The Outsiders (which belongs to the wonder S.E. Hinton, who inspired me to be writer).


They called him
A boy from the wrong side;
They thought she was
An ordinary girl.
He struggles to live
On the streets;
She wants to escape
The overprotective walls around her.

In his world,
Misdeeds lead to violence,
Where the only way to avoid death
Is to deal it
With silent fury.
In her world,
Of college classes and evening dates,
Things can work out
If you give them a chance. . .

How can they see eye to eye
When their ways of daily life
Differ so much?
There is one thing that is the same,
And that's all they need:

How can we live in two different worlds
When we see the same sunset?