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He was surprised, perhaps for the first legitimate time in his life. He prided himself on being able to outwardly display any emotion, or combination of emotions that the situation required, all the while feeling nothing but stable and calm inwardly. He had even seen all the wounds she inflicted on him when their paths last crossed coming.

Yes, this was certainly the first time Jackson Rippner had even been surprised. But, he defended himself mentally, as he shut the front door behind him and stared his former victim in the face, who would have expected Lisa to be standing on the other side of his apartment door, holding a gun level with his head? Not him, and by the looks of it, her either.

It would be a lie to say that Jackson had never thought of her over the previous five months. Everyday was a constant struggle to remain hidden from her view, to not stride up to her at the front desk of her overbearing hotel and demand that she leave his thoughts, his dreams, the landscape of his vision whenever he closed his eyes. Once or twice he had made it to the parking lot, gathering the courage to confront her, but never going through with it. He would satisfy himself with watching her walk to and from her car at night, making sure she would never be harmed again, at least not as she had before.

And now here she was. He had always assumed the roles would be reversed. That he would be the one with the gun in her apartment.

She wasn't going to kill him, that was certain, she hadn't been able to last time, why would this be any different. This was about something else, something that they both needed to settle before moving on with what ever a semblance of a life they could have.

"He's dead." she said almost accusingly.

"Who is?" he tried to keep his voice a disinterested as possible.

"HIM." she screamed, shaking the gun, and all the gravity in the room seemed to pull strongly to the scar hidden beneath Lisa's blouse. "He was killed in his cell 3 months ago, and they just got around to notifying me. I want to know why you did it"

"Maybe I didn't." he replied.

She laughed humorlessly, "I thought you never lied, Jack." she put extra emphasis on his shortened name. He grimaced and she smiled slightly at this discomfort.

"Maybe I just thought, after everything I had done to you., that it would be a nice apology." he began to walk closer to her, a step every few seconds. His body swaying from side to side, hypnotizing her.

"I don't want someone murdered as a means of apology." she spat.

"Are you sorry he's gone?" Jackson asked, concerned that her answer would open a Pandora's box of twisted emotions.

"No." she answered simply. "And thank you."

He was close enough at this point to take her gun, which she let him have without a struggle. He tossed it carelessly on the floor beside his couch.
He could feel her ragged breath on his face as he looked down at her, her eyes shining with unasked, thus unanswered questions. Why aren't you dead? Why am I here? Why can't I just kill you? Or at the very least just stay away? He didn't know either, perhaps there were no answers where they were concerned.

"You tried to kill me." he said teasingly, pulling down the collar of his shirt, revealing the most glaring mark of her involvement in his life. She looked away quickly.

"You started it." she whispered with fragile defiance. That's what she was, this women, skin and bones and fragile defiance.

"You know, " he started gently. "We don't have to be those people anymore. The people that we were when we met." she nodded and that was all the assurance he needed.

When he woke up the next morning, she wasn't there. His heart jolted, a sensation as new and alarming as the surprise he had experienced the night before. He made his way into the bathroom, hoping for the comfort of cold water on his face. He laughed somewhat hysterically when he found what she had left for him. The words "AT WORK" scrawled clumsily on the mirror with hand soap. But, he thought to himself as he cleaned up her mess, was it really so wrong to stay the same?

When he came home from the supermarket that evening, to find Lisa sitting casually on his sofa, he didn't even both to be surprised.