Rated R for mature themes, violence, and strong language.

Previously, on "X And The Single Gargoyle...."

The Prequel -Even Angels Shall Weep
Part I -Only Flesh And Stone
Part II -Nobody Wants To Be Lonely
Part III -On The Wings Of Love
Part IV -Heart Of Glass, Heart of Stone

X-Man Adrienne Westfall, code named "TWILIGHT", is an Alpha-class Mutant gifted with the talents of Darkforce Manipulation and Generation, Shapeshifting, Empathy, Dreamworking, and Absorption.

She patrolled NYC one night and noted an aerial dogfight over the famous Aerie Building (Xanatos Enterprises). Realizing that it was her old foes, The Friends Of Humanity, she swiftly came to aid the strange winged creatures who were the targets of the shooting spree. Fatally wounded in the back by a plasma particle beam, Goliath took Adrienne to the Castle for emergency medical attention. When revealed by Dr. McCoy that Adrienne neared death, Goliath took her with him into Stone Slumber. The amazing feat became possible because of Adrienne's abilities of Empathic bonding, DNA absorption, and shapeshifting.

Their tentative relationship took on added dimensions with the passing of time. Eventually, Goliath and Adrienne admitted their feelings to one another in a lovely penthouse garden much to the chagrin of Logan and Brooklyn.

Adrienne slowly learned more about her Kiari heritage from Owen Burnett. Because of Logan's predatory obsession, she left the Xavier Insitute for Castle Wyvern. Goliath and she became mates and are betrothed to be married.

Owen's information revealed that there was a chance that the destroyed clan of Castle Wyvern might be resurrected.





Adrienne wearily piled over the last of her article. Working as a freelance writer for the Salem Center Sentinel was an easy way to earn some much needed extra cash. She promised her editor a full expose' on the inner workings of the Anti-Mutant organization, The Friends Of Humanity, founded by Graydon Creed. She knew the story's deadline was just an e-mail away before she and her clan were due to leave for Scotland.

Originally, when the plans were first formalized, the clan and she decided to leave three days after the discovery of the Tome of Tacitus. Upon further study, Adrienne realized that she needed and required more time to carfully examine the spell book's contents. The language was antiquated and did equate well with Adrienne's original interpretations. According to the Professor's description, Armand DeVoe was 'enigmatic.' Adrienne's natural wariness of strangers roared to life. Was it truly wise to expose the clan to an unknown individual?

The Professor vouched vehemently for DeVoe's character. Adrienne silently prayed to the Powers-That-Be that she wasn't placing the clan at risk by taking them halfway across the world. She had promised Owen and Goliath to always safeguard the clan as her own flesh and blood.

"My love, are you here?" Called a resounding baritone that made Adrienne tremble at the sheer pleasure of hearing it.

"Yes, Goliath." She responded cheerfully. "I'm in the bedchamber."

Her towing, majestic mate walked into their shared chambers.

[God, he is breathtaking handsome! Those wings folded about him look like a woolen cloak. No man or Gargoyle shou have that much presence and charisma. It's sinful! Lucky him.}

"How is your project, My Raven?" He asked peering over her shoulder and planting a series of butterfly kisses and the delicate skin of her neck.

"I'm ...oooooh..." She mewled. "Almost done, Handsome."

She never had found a dignified endearment situable for the regal Gargoyle standing next to her. Handsome had to do. "I'm double-cheking it for punctuation and spelling at the moment. I need to get away from it. I'm getting too tired."

"YOu should rest, Adrienne." He spoke softly in her ear. "You push yourself beyond your limits."

"I don't work hard enough." She countered. "I still have a car payment, grocery bill, and recent medical expenses."

"Medical expenses?" Goliath's obsidian gaze widened in surprise. "Are you ill?"

"I'll be honest, I haven't been at my best." She hated admitting her illness to her mate. She didn't want Goliath worrying about her. He had enough burdens upon his shoulders as Clan leader.

"What ails you, Sweetling?" He asked as he knealed beside her. "I beg you, tell me."

"Well," Adrienne hastily improvised while crossing her fingers behind her back. "I think I have avery nasty case of the flu."

[A case I might get over in about ten months.] She thought.

"When do you see your healer?"

"Doctor?" His occasional elequent and archaic speech enchanted Adrienne. She thought it one of Goliath's most charming attributes. "I go tomorrow afternoon about three hours befor Sunset."

"Perhaps, we need to postpon the trip-"

"Don't say that." She exclaimed and pressed two fingers to his lips. "This is too wonderful of an opportunity to let pass. We have a spell book that allows us to resurrect your clan. I'm not going to let that chance fade away. Fourty-three Sires, Dames, and children died because of Viking hammer and Demona's betrayal. Let us try and and undo the crime she's committed."

"Adrienne, it is not expected of you to do this at the risk of your health."

"I am an X-Man and a member of this clan. As your mate and fiance', I am oath-bound to do all that I can to safeguard you and the clan as my own flesh and blood." She declared.

"Then I honor you. Yet I've no want to see you ill, Sweetling." Goliath purred as he kissed her hand.

"It will be worth it if we can do this." Adrienne brought her tingling hand to his chiseled features. "Don't you get it? I have NOTHING to offer you. I can't feed you very much. I'm broke most of the time. I can't give you children easily no matter what Owen might say. I'm hunted because I'm aMutant. I'm not a safe bet, Goliath. We know that. But, if I can give you back your family, your clan, then I know that I shall be worthy and deserving of your faith and love in me."

He closed his onyx eyes when the weight of her words surrounded his heart. [So much like a gargoyle.] He thought. She wanted to prove her self a meritorious mate and provider. She felt unworthy because of their differences and her shortcomings. Tears of joy, exultation, and humility stung behind his eyelids.

"Beloved, you humble me." Goliath murmered brokenly in a trembling voice. "You needn't justify my faith and devotion to you. You have already done so with your loyalty and regard for our clan."

He leaned forward and brought his lips to hers. He reveled in the particular human custom of kissing his sweet Adrienne. With her empathic abilities, a simple kiss was a feast for his mind and body. It was euphoric for his senses. The tremors of pleasure shared between them left him with the sensation of giddiness and the physical state of bittersweet arousal.

Her taste was of peaches, strawberries and fresh mellon from the vine as he slowly savored his mate. Her scent was a heady array of vanilla, lilacs, sunshine and something uniquely Adrienne. He heard her mewl quietly with excitement as they deepened their kiss. Her breathing became short and shallow. His tail twitched rapidly as they bothe longed for something less clothed and more intimate.

His wings wapped around her. She loved the feel of his double embrace. She lived to taking in those strong arms and cherished within the folds of his powerful wings. [His wings are not unlike Archangel.]

[Archangel...Warren isn't using the name anymore. It better suits Goliath.] The hazy thought danced in the back of her mind. [My Archangel of Twilight.]

"My Archangel of Twilight." She murmered as she pulled away from him to catch her stolen breath.

"What?" Goliath mumbled incoherently with a rather mawkish grin adorning his bemused features. Adrienne smirked with pure feminine empowerment when she saw the gentle rise of his erection appear beneath the folds of his woolen loincloith.

"You are my Archangel. My kninght in shining amour, not armor. With wings of an incubus and the heart of a saint, and the body of an Adonis, you are most certainly my Archangel of Twilight."

"I am honored by your words." He said softly entwining his talons lovingly within her charcoal tresses. "No one has even addressed me with such tender endearment."

"Goliath, with you I am usually at a loss for words. You, however, always have a gift for poetic elequence. I've envied you for it." She grudgingly admitted to him.

"My Love, do not be so quick to dismiss your own gifts." Goliath stared intently at her. With his talon hand, he gently clasped her shoulder. "You truly astound me with them."

"I don't know what to say. All I'm saying is that I wanted an endearment to address you with that was dignified enough for you. 'Handsome' seems trite, coy, and uncouth." Adrienne kissed Goliath again. 'I save that special name for you and you alone. No one will ever call you Archangel."

"Never have I been called ..an angel." He replied quietly. His sudden changed of bearing struck Adrienne as odd. He seemed lost inside himself when he looked away from her.

[So long ago, I once knew an angel. She was my Angel Of The Night. Now, millennia later, I have a mate who adores me as no other. Adrienne is sanguine and naive as I was once. I beseech the Dragon that heartach never befriends her.]

"Goliath, did I say somehthing wrong?"

"Nay, Beloved." He gently reassured her. He rubbed his brow against hers in a uniquely Gargoyle display of affection. "You are delightful."

"Oh...come ON, guys." A voice cut sharply through their romantic dialogue. "If you two fawn over each other anynire, I'm gonna puke."

Goliath growled at the crimson gargoyle standing a few feet away. "Our words weren't meant for your ears."

"C'mon, guys. You sound like a bad romance novel. It was so melodramatic that I wanted to grab a seat and buy some popcorn."

"Who asked you, Brooklyn?" Adrienne demanded. "We might get a bit sappy, but, we didn't ask you to observe."

"Look, I didn't mean to eavesdrop, honest." He held his hands defensively in the air. "I'm just supposed to tell you that the helicopter will be here at 8:30PM tommorrow night. We'll rendevous with Professor Xavier at the Salem Center Airport and then we're taking one of Xanatos' jets from there."

"Great." Adrienne replied. 'But why are we meeting Professor X?"

"Something about passports, debriefings, and image-inducers." Brooklyn shrugged. "he said you'd know more about those things."

"I think I understand what he has in mind." Adrienne's mind spun into overdrive trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle. Just then, she felt her stomach violent lurch. A bitter, metallic warmth burned at the back of her cheeks.

"I'll be right back." She covered her mouth and rushed to the restroom.

"Is she okay?" Brookly's look of worry creased his brow. "She looks pale."

"She is combatting the flu." Goliath explained.

"Is it contagious?"

"Not to us."

"y'know, she works to hard." Brooklyn commented. "Always in front of her laptop. She looks thinner."

"I, too, have noticed." The lavender Gargoyle agreed. "She disregards my entreaty that she rest. Yet she is beset with figuring out the spells within the Tome of Tacitus or working on her articles. I never have seen her this sedulous in her pursuit of any endeavor. It utterly cnsumes her."

"You're really worried about her aren't you?" Brooklyn asked his clan leader. Goliath nodded. "I can tell when you start talking like a walking dictionary."

Brookly chuckled. He saw Goliath's stern gaze fall upon him. "I'm not making fun of you. I know you love and I know you fret over her. I'm just trying to lighten your load, Fearless Leader. It's been pretty heavy these past few days."


"Archangel of Twilight?" Brooklyn tried out the phrase. He let his scrutiny travel over Goliath. "Ya know, that's actually pretty good. It does suit you. It's sounds heroic. I like it!"

"Hmmm." Goliath amiguously riposted. "I am glad that it meats your approval."

"All you need now is a harp and a halo."