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Infamous Boba Fett was actually feeling unsure as he walked into the Kaminoan Prime Minister's chamber. He still couldn't belive what he was going to do. He couldn't say why, either. He just wanted to. And to top everything off, a weird name was stuck in his head. Cecilia... A girls name, at that. So heartless, unfeeling Boba Fett was feeling emotions. And it bugged him.

The truth was, Boba was going to clone himself, as his father Jango had cloned himself before him. If he thought about it, it made perfect since. He was not invinible, as the Sarlacc incident had proved. And someone had to continue bounty hunting when he left. And rather then let someone like Bossk or Zuckuss somehow produce a heir that would, somehow perhaps, become the best bounty hunter, he would beat them to it.

So sooner then he had expected, he had landed on Kamino, and was now begining his request for a clone.

"I don't want any special modifications. No growth excellerations, or strength enhancement," he explained as he said what he wanted in the clone. "I want it to just be a perfect clone of myself."

"Are you certain?" the Prime Minister sounded confused. "We've discovered new ways to clone. We can prolong life, and ensure no disease will ever come over the clone. We could easily do that to your clone."

"No. A single unaltered clone. No modifications, or anything of the sort," he repeated, with another twinge of annoyance. Didn't these people listen the first time?

"If you say so... A single clone, unaltered, and I presume quarters here in the city?" the Prime Minister asked. Boba simply nodded. "Very well then. As soon as we discuss the matters of the price, we can begin to extract your DNA at once, and then clone him."

Him... Boba paused for a moment. He did want a boy...didn't he? Almost immidiatly that name was back in his head... Cecilia. Before he knew it, the words tumbled out of his mouth.

"...No. The clone is to be a girl. Altered only in that way, nothing else," he stated

"A...girl? Are you sure?" The Prime Minister asked.

"Yes. A female clone of myself, unaltered in no other way."

"Very well then... And now, the matters of the price..."

Five minutes later, Boba was walking out of the room, the deal settled. Soon, he would have a clone.

The cloning process had taken place a short time later. Although it wasn't as bad as Jango had always said, and complained, it wasn't very confortable. The Kaminoans had taken numerous DNA samples from his blood, his tissue, even his hair. They explained it would take several days to clone the child.

Boba, however, was in no hurry now that the deal was done and secured. When he was shown to his apartment, he removed his armour and put on regular clothes. As he glanced in the mirror, he couldn't help but wonder if she would look like him, or different. He knew he, realitivly, looked like Jango, although his scars were different. Would this female Fett look somewhat like him, or different altogether, even though she would be a clone.

Either way, I'm going to find out soon...

He also hoped he would be able to take care of her: he knew nothing of taking care of children. And, to add icing to the cake, he couldn't think of a name for her. And that name continued to float around his head. Cecilia...

How did I even think of that name anyways? Who's ever HEARD of a Cecilia?

In no time flat, three days had passed, and before he knew it, Tuan We had approached him, to tell him the cloning process was complete.

Together they walked down the hall, Tuan We apparently glad to see Boba again after a long time.

"I worked on her myself," she pleasantly told him as they walked along. "She's very cute, looks just like you at your age."

"Will she look like me when she grows up?" he inquired casually.

"Well, if she were a male she would, naturally. But she will look considerably like you."

At that moment they had arrived at a large tube, filled with a clear fluid, with several computers around it, each one monitering something. And floating in the tube was a single, infant human girl. His clone. She had a few wires on her, but they were to merely to moniter her heart rate and other various things, unknown to Boba.

Boba felt awestruct as he stared at her. Something deep inside him was fighting to get out, an emotion he had long buried. But he didn't know why.

As he watched, a Kaminoan had walked up and tapped some things on the compter. Immidiatly the fluid was begining to drain. Withen moments, the liquid had gone, and the clone was deposited on the floor of the tube.

The tube opened up and a shrill wailing filled the air.

"Its a reflex," Tuan We explained. "Every clone does that upon its artificial birth."

Unceremoniously the Kaminoan pulled the wires off of the clone and wrapped her in a blanket before handing her to Boba. Nervously Boba gently held his clone-daughter, amazed at how small she actually was. He could hardly belive he was once the same size.

Slowly, the wailing subsided. As he watched, she slowly opened her large brown eyes and blinked as she looked around nervously.

Boba, very gently, rubbed her soft cheek to reasure her. A tiny sigh escaped her as she closed her eyes, feeling content now. Presently she opened her eyes again, and stared happily up at her father.

As for Boba, he could no longer even attempt to surpass his emotions. He felt love for her. He felt... Happy. Something he had not felt since he watched Jango be murdered by that Jedi...

"What are you going to call her?" Tuan We burst into his thoughts. Boba simple looked at his daughter for a few moments, before smiling for the first time in countless years. And then he responded.

"Cecilia... Her name is Cecilia Fett."