Well, it had to happen eventually...THERE IS A NEW WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY, DP EDITION FIC! MUAHAHAHA! PRAISE THE WHOSE-LINE-NESS! AND THE DANNY-PHANTOM-NESS!Okay, I randomly had the idea to do this because Whose Line pwns me about as much as YuGiOh and Danny Phantom do...Yep, I'm a SAD, SAD case of 'obsessed-fangirl-who-doesn't-have-a-life-so-she-follows-a-cult-like-worship-life-and-truly-believes-her-dream-man-is-a-cartoon-character-itus'. (When referring to DP, it can also easily be called DPOS or Danny Phantom Obsession Syndrome!)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Danny Phantom. Yet. Definitly #1 on the list. I also don't own Whose Line is it Anyway? I don't know if it's #2, but it's definitly up there. If I ever come to own either of these, I'll broadcast it on Nickelodeon or ABC Family, whichever show I get first.

But you're nothere to listen to me ramble about my dreams for the future. You're here to read about what happens when the Danny Phantom peeps get invited to be on Whose Line is it Anyway! I'm gonna do about 2 games per part, so, kick back, relax, and prepare to laugh!

"Hi, and welcome to a special Danny Phantom edition of Whose Line is it Anyway!" Drew said as the cheesy game-show music played and the audience applauded. "Tonight on our show..."

"Who ya gonna call? Brad Sherwood!" Brad waved off the cameras.

"He's gonna catch them all cause he's...Wayne Brady!" Wayne smiled at Drew's lame attempt to smoof the Danny Phantom signature.

"The horror of Amity Park, Colin Mocherie!" Colin struck a stupid-looking 'street-pose' for laughs.

"And BEWARE! It's Ryan Stiles!" Ryan was making goofy faces that were supposed to look kinda scary at the camera.

"And I'm your host, Drew Carey! Come on down, let's have some fun!" the audience gave their final applause for the moment as Drew sat at the infamous desk to start the show.

"Hi, Drew..." all four improv-actors said cutely.

"Sucking up won't get you bonus points." Drew said. Ryan snapped his fingers and said 'Damn it' under his breath. "Hi, there. You're watching Whose Line is it Anyway, the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are like...Danny and Sam denying their relationship. It doesn't mean a thing." The audience, which at this point we see mainly consists of fangirls, laughed at the true joke.

"I actually support Paulina and Danny Phantom." Brad said.

"Kill him after the show!" one of the fangirls shouted in reply.

"Danny and Sam fo-'eva!" cried another.

"I love you, Colin!" randomly called out a third.

"Uh, if you've never seen the show before, what happens is these four guys..." Drew continued, motioning to Brad, Wayne, Colin, and Ryan, "are gonna come up here and make up everything you see here, right off the top of their heads - no scripts, no pre-practicing, none of that, and at the end of each game I give them these fakey points that don't really mean anything, it just holds the show together, at the end of the show, we pick a fakey winner, winner gets to do something with me, and the loser has to be the new bald Canadian guy!" The audience laughed as Wayne and Ryan consoled the sad-looking Colin. "And because this is a Danny Phantom-themed Whose Line, we're gonna be ragging on the show a lot."


"Let's kick it off with a game called Party Quirks!" Drew announced as Wayne, Colin and Ryan began looking through envelopes at their tables. "In this game, Brad - you're gonna be throwing a party, and your guests are Wayne, Colin, and Ryan. However, we've given each of them a strange quirk or identity, and you have to guess who they are. I'm gonna ring them in with a doorbell, and Brad - start the party whenever you're ready."

"Alright! An anti-Spongebob party!" Brad said excitedly as the fangirls cheered the idea. He was attempting to redeem himself after the Paulina + Danny Phantom incident. Drew rang the doorbell, and Brad 'opened' the 'door', allowing Wayne to 'enter'. "Hi, Wayne!" The words Skulker who has to continually leave because he's still wired to Tucker's PDA appeared on-screen.

"Greetings, whelp." Wayne said, attempting to sound menacing. "Are you ready to--" he interuppted himself with an annoying ring-tone. "Fly to library and find book on purple mammals." he pretended to read from his wrist. Then, using his amazing dancing skills, threw himself away from the 'door'.

"Bring back soda!" Brad called, making a joke to cover the fact he knew right away who Wayne was. The doorbell rang again, and Brad 'opened' the 'door', allowing Colin to 'enter'. "Colin! Hey!" The words The Box Ghost as he accidently drinks an Instant Genius potion appear on-screen.

"BEWARE!" Colin said stupidly as he wandered into the party.

"Right, you just...enjoy the punch..." Brad said, having no idea what the heck Colin was supposed to be, and quickly ran over to the 'door' when it rang again, re-inviting in Wayne.

"Hey, sorry about that." Wayne said, pointing what appeared to be a laser gun at Brad. "Now!" He was, however, interuppted by the annoying ring-tone again. "Fly to museum to see strangely-colored endangereds." After reading this from his wrist he once again 'flew' off.

"We need chips too!" Brad called, just wanting to prolong Wayne's agony. The doorbell rang again, and Ryan was in the 'doorway' with what looked like it was supposed to be a mike.

"Sweet home, Colorado!" Ryan sang into the mike, urging the audience to applaud as the words Vlad trying to win American Idol flashed onto the screen. Meanwhile, Colin was pretending to chug a drink. After finishing, he collapsed onto the floor in pain.

"The smartness! EMC2! It burns my cardboard-ish brain! AHH!" he cried out stupidly.

"Hey, Ryan, did you meet Colin? He's...the Box Ghost after reading Einstien for idiots?" Brad guessed.

"Ah, close enough!" Drew said, buzzing Colin out.

"Give it up, people!" Ryan called out, trying to force the audience into applause to no avail, attempting to sing to the tune of 'Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy'. "Save the Packers, kill the Steelers! What! What!"

(A/n: Had to put that in there. Steelers are the hometown team, okay?)

Brad, who had a hard time figuring out what Ryan was doing, was partially thankful when Wayne re-re-rang the bell. Before he could say anything and have to throw himself over the piano again, Brad put him out of his misery.

"Okay, Skulker. If you want to stay at this party, you have to take off Tucker's PDA!"

"Yes!" Drew said as he buzzed Wayne out, allowing Brad to re-focus on Ryan.

"What was that, Cowell?" Ryan said to an imaginary person. "You want to mess with me? You want to mess with ME! I have 20 years of practice, Cowell!"

"Vlad, you don't stand a chance on American Idol." Brad said after FINALLY figuring out Ryan's identity. Drew buzzed out the game as Brad and Ryan sat down and the audience applauded.

"Hey, 1000 points to Ryan for that one. I really hope Vlad doesn't kill you for that." Drew awarded.

"How is he going to kill me? It's not like you have the Danny Phantom characters backstage or something." Ryan joked. Then he realized thatt hey might. "Do you?"

"You'll find out soon enough, Ryan..." Drew said ominously.


§ -Tucker's Mayflower, going ghost!- §