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Added Protection

Lucius walked up to Hogwarts enjoying the beautiful day. He had spent the morning at the Manor taking care of business. He had only been interrupted only once, when Narcissa came storming into his study to demand money for a new dress robe and jewellery for some party or another. It had been a pleasure telling her that he had no intention of going to the stupid thing, and if she were so set on going she could find someone else to take her; meaning someone else would have to foot the bill. She had stormed off in a huff, and Lucius was happy to notice that he was no longer consumed with a desire and a need to satisfy her every whim. A fact his wife had used shamelessly in the past.

He entered the school and noticed a group of children coming from the dungeons. Severus' latest victims, the blond smirked. On an impulse he hid in the shadows, curious to hear what horrors the Potion Master had subjected his students to this time.

"Hiya Gin. You're looking pale, what did that greasy git do now?"

Lucius bristled at the careless words coming from the Weasley brat. How dare he treat a Professor with such little regard!

"Oh, Ron, it was horrible!" Gin moaned to her brother, accepting the comforting arm around her shoulders. "First he smiled at us."

Ron and Hermione shuddered.

"Then he gave us a pop-quiz!"

Both sixth years moaned in sympathy.

"I mean it was the first day of the term and he gave us a pop-quiz! Then he gave us the 'this is your OWL-year' speech and then he assigned us homework." Ginny paused dramatically, "A 4 foot essay! We are to find 5 potions that contain ant parts and discuss them!"

"Poor Ginny," Hermione said wrapping an arm around the girl's waist. "I've got a list of potions that has ant parts in them. I'll show it to you when we get back to the common room."

"Thanks 'Mione! I've got no idea where to even start looking for something like that."

The children began moving towards the Great Hall and lunch.

"Any idea when Harry comes back? I want to talk to him about the D.A." Ginny said, opening the door.

"He should be back tomorrow," Hermione replied.

"Good," Ginny smiled causing Lucius to smirk. It seemed the youngest Weasley wanted to do more than talk to Harry. Too bad the boy is already spoken for. However, I better warn Draco, I wouldn't put it past the brat to try something stupid.

Waiting a few moments, Lucius entered the Great Hall as well, disappointed to see Severus' usual seat empty. Settling into the chair next to Sev's Lucius piled some food on a plate and began eating. It was still early, maybe he was just detained?

"Ah, Lucius, just the man I wanted to see."

Lucius clenched his jaw and plastered on a bland smile. "Headmaster," he said pleasantly.

"I was wondering if Harry has changed his mind when it comes to D.A.D.A." Albus asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

"I'm afraid not. He still has no desire to subject himself to a new D.A.D.A. teacher and from what I understand the boy could take the N.E.W.T. exams tomorrow and pass with excellent grades. So why should he bother to follow a class that is beneath him?"

Albus hummed gently getting a thoughtful look on his face. "Do you think Harry would be interested in taking the Defence N.E.W.T.'s by Christmas? That would make things easier for me, and the child would have one less N.E.W.T. to worry about."

Lucius bit back a snort. I'm sure that would make things easier for you old man. As always you have no concerns for others, only what benefits you! "I shall ask Harry his opinion if you like."

"Do that, Lucius." Albus nodded. "I saw the boys earlier; they were outside, riding a pair of horses. Do you know anything about that?"

"Horses?" Lucius echoed nonplussed. "No, I have no idea where they got those from. They must have transfigured them from something or other." Lucius thought feeling amused. Would those boys ever cease to amaze him?"

"I want you to talk to them Lucius, horses are not allowed at Hogwarts. If the other students see them, they might wish to join them, and we'll end up with a mess on our hands."

"I can't see what has you so worried Headmaster. Surely, there are no problems with the children riding on horses, especially if they transform them from a rock or something and end the transfiguration when they are done. The older students can help the younger ones who haven't learned that advanced transfiguration yet," Lucius said cheerfully taking a bite of his lunch.

"Still, I wish you to talk to the boys. If any of the children were to be harmed because of something they started... I'm sure Harry would be devastated if that happened," Albus said with a stern look that was destroyed by the twinkle in his eyes. Pleased with himself, he turned to ask McGonagall something; leaving the blond fuming.

Damn you Albus Dumbledore, I am not your lapdog, or your servant. To use such an argument is such a low blow; to put the blame on a 16 year old child! If you have such qualms, why don't you talk to the boys yourself? I will not serve as your scapegoat. If you want them to stop you will have to bloody well tell them so yourself!

His appetite gone Lucius shoved the plate away from him and got to his feet. It was clear that Severus was eating in his rooms today, so there was no reason for him to hang around in the Hall. Especially considering the company he was forced to endure here.

"One more thing, could you make sure that Harry and Draco come down for breakfast tomorrow morning?"

"Of course, now, if you'll excuse me?" Lucius did his best to bite back a sneer and left before he did something he probably wouldn't regret later.


"Good day to you Salazar Slytherin, are the boys in?"

"Greetings to you as well Lucius Malfoy. No, they left some time ago."

Lucius frowned and considered his options. He could leave a message and wait for the boys to return in his rooms, or he could wait for them in their rooms. Considering Draco and Harry had been given bigger and brighter rooms, the choice was given. "Very well, I shall wait for their return then, dragons and Parselmouth."

The portrait swung open and Lucius entered, letting his gaze sweep around the room. His eyebrow rose at the sight of the trunk against the wall and he stepped closer to take a look. He refrained from touching any of the books though, and walked up to the table doubling as dinner table and study desk.

He smiled slightly at the sight of the potions texts and guessed what had kept Severus from the Great Hall. Harry must have finished his summer work and had obviously handed them over to the Potions Master. Idly wondering if the youth had used some other rare potion book as base for his work, Lucius noted Draco's sketchpad and picked it up, leafing through it.

The first drawing he encountered showed that Parkinson chit, dressed up like a princess, only her face was that of a pug, and the hands holding her scepter were not that of a human but that of a dog. Chuckling slightly at the sight, Lucius turned the page and came across a drawing of Blaise Zabini.

This time Draco had used a fox, something that fit the Zabini boy to a T. He was sharp, witty, curious, quick, hardly ever missing a clue; in short, a true Slytherin. Draco had always been perceptive of the people around him and ever since he'd been a young child had had the tendency to give those he drew traits of animals that suited their character. Never once had he known his son for choosing the wrong animal.

Curious to see what else his son had sketched, Lucius turned the page and paused. Entwined together lay two people, one dark and one fair, innocent in sleep. The pair was lying in what looked to be a meadow, and a butterfly was hovering above them increasing the cuteness of the picture. Lucius couldn't help the sappy smile that came to his face, Draco and Harry just looked so right together.

On the next page, the couple was kissing, an innocent, chaste kiss yet filled with devotion and love. It would seem Draco's Veela Dreams had started, good. It would help keep his son's Veela side pacified until Harry was ready to bond.

Turning the page, Lucius found himself blushing and he slammed the sketchpad shut. Damn, but he did not need the image of his son, on his knees, in front of a naked Harry Potter who had his head thrown back, clearly in the throes of passion. He would have to have a talk to his son about the dangers of leaving his drawings where anyone could stumble upon them. Lucius didn't think Harry was ready to see what else the Veela was dreaming of, he knew he wasn't ready to see what his son dreamed about. He could still vividly remember the dreams he had had about his mate all those years ago.

Badly needing a distraction, Lucius picked up the plain black leather book lying on the table. It looked new and he opened it cautiously, hoping it wasn't Draco's private journal he had picked up. Reading the faded runes on the first page, Lucius felt all blood leave his face and he felt faint. Sinking into the nearest chair, he turned around and glanced at the trunk sitting so innocent against the wall next to the door to Harry's room. Was this one of the treasures he had brought from the Black Manor? Looking down at the book in his hands, Lucius came to a decision and made his way to the couch on slightly unstable legs. Sinking into the soft cushions, Lucius made himself comfortable and began to read.


"Hi dad!" Draco greeted as he and Harry tumbled through the door to their rooms. Noting what his father was reading, the blond broke into a huge grin. "You found it, good, isn't it cool? Harry found it in that trunk over there, and he made me and Sev a copy," he gushed, walking over to where his father was relaxing. Lifting up the long legs, Draco settled on the end of the couch allowing his father's legs to rest on his lap.

"Yes, it is indeed 'cool'." Lucius said with an amused drawl. He hadn't seen Draco this happy and carefree in years. "May I ask what you two have been up to?"

"We went riding." Draco told him, his eyes shining brightly.

That explains the carefree happiness. My little dragon always did love riding be it brooms or animals. "I wasn't aware that Hogwarts had horses", he said, feigning ignorance.

"They do now," Draco laughed sharing a look with his mate, who burst into giggles.

Lucius sat up properly and gave them a look. "Alright, what did you do and how much trouble will it cause me?" he asked dryly.

"It was Harry's idea Father," Draco promptly replied earning himself a 'Hey!' and a pillow to his face. "It was brilliant dad and I don't know why no one has thought of it before. We transfigured two rocks into a pair of horses and we've spent the morning riding around having fun."

Lucius gave Harry an appreciative look. "Very clever," he nodded bestowing a small smile on the boy who blushed and ducked his head. "I hope you saved those rocks. If you want to do this again it is easier to transform a rock which has already gone through the change once, than always picking new stones. No one knows why, but it is a fact."

"Umm, we never changed the horses back," Harry admitted. "I asked Hagrid and he is looking after them for us. I don't know if they'll need to eat and such, but I figured Dumbledore wouldn't be pleased if they walked around freely on the lawn."

"No, he probably wouldn't like that," Lucius was forced to agree. Hell he didn't even like the notion of a horse being on 'his' property. There is no way I'm going to tell them Dumbledore's 'orders'. They are far too happy for me to spoil their fun. I am going to talk to Severus first before I say anything, I'm sure the two of us can think of something to keep the old fool off their backs. "But what prompted you to take such an action?" he belated asked.

"It was something I read in a book this summer. It said that if you created an animal, and kept it around, spending a lot of time with it, if you were lucky, and felt enough love towards what you had created and were magically strong, it might come to life. I figured it wouldn't hurt to keep them around."

"I'd like to read that book if you'd let me, Harry. I've never heard of such a thing happening, but then it sounds like it is a rare phenomenon. I wager not many are strong enough or even interested enough to make it come true."

Harry tilted his head to the side in thought and nodded. "Sure, I don't mind." He got up and headed into his room, grabbing a handful of beans on his way. When he came back, he held a large tome in his hands that he held out to Malfoy senior.

Lucius accepted the book and leafed through it. Shaking his head, he closed the book and looked over at his son's mate. The boy was turning out to be a true find, not to mention a mystery.

"Thank you Harry. I will take excellent care of it," he promised.

"It is a copy. If you like, you may add it to your library, just give Draco and Severus a chance to read it if they are interested," Harry said, settling more comfortably in his chair.

"I promise." He was about to say something more when an owl demanded entrance through one of the windows.

Harry bounded over and opened it for the bird that swooped inside and settled on the boy's shoulder. Taking the note Harry scanned it quickly.

Dear Sweetie,

I had a feeling you'd want the rest of the books so I packed them as well. I then went to check around to make sure there were no books lying around and it was then I remembered the trunks. There are 23 of them and for 15 Galleons a piece that comes to 345 Galleons. I understand if you don't want to buy them sight unseen and you are welcome to come and view them at anytime you wish. Please let me know your decision.


Abigail Sweetwater

Scratching the owl under the beak Harry said: "Your mistress is a kind and gentle old lady, did you know that?"

The owl hooted indignantly and nipped Harry's finger hard.

"Ouch! I guess you do," he chuckled untying the pouch and withdrew the disk it contained.

Offering the owl some water and treats, Harry put the asked for money into the pouch and reapplied the featherweight charm. Once the owl was satisfied, Harry tied the pouch to a leg and petted the soft feathers. "Take this back to your owner, but it is no hurry, ok? If you need to stop and rest, do so. I don't want you getting sick, you hear?"

The two Malfoys watched in astonishment as Harry petted and talked to the bird and they both swore the owl was talking back to him. They watched as it took off and flew out the window, finding an upwind and sailed lazily on the currents.

"What?" Harry asked seeing the weird looks his companions sent him.

"Love, do you always talk to owls like they were a person?" Draco asked, wanting to know, but not wanting to offend the other boy.

"Sure, don't you?"

"Umm, no."

Harry shrugged in a 'your loss' manner. "You should you know, owls are some of the smartest animals I've encountered. Hedwig has always acted as if she understood me perfectly. But then, she was my only friend when I was stuck with the Dursleys. It was talking to her or talking to myself."

Lucius leaned back and mulled over what he had seen and what he'd been told. "Considering that we bond with our owls, it is similar to the bond you have with a familiar, only weaker. It stands to reason that the more you invest in that bond, the more you get back. Most wizards only see their owls as a means to deliver mail, and leave them be unless they are needed. You wanted a friend, so you spent a lot of time with your owl and she responded to that, and your bond became both stronger and closer than what most wizards achieve."

Harry nodded in understanding and Draco vowed to pay more attention to his own screech owl. He had seen the way Harry acted around Hedwig when he'd spied on the boy, but he hadn't really understood what he'd been seeing. He remembered the envy he'd felt though, at the close bond the two shared, but he had shrugged it off as a Boy-Who-Lived thing. He hadn't realised it was a bond forged out of loneliness. He will never be that alone again. Not while I'm alive, he vowed fiercely.

"May I ask what that is?" Lucius asked nodding towards the disk Harry was still holding.

Looking down at it Harry blinked, he'd forgotten all about it, too wrapped up in the conversation and the thoughts it had inspired. "It's the rest of my books," he said looking around the room for someplace to put it where the trunk wouldn't be in the way.

In the end, he placed it in the middle of the floor, figuring he would move it later when he knew the size of the thing. It turned out to be a second steamer trunk, just as large as the first one, and just as scuffed up.

"Cool!" Draco said with enthusiasm, popping up from his seat. "Can we check it out now? Can we? Please?"

Harry laughed and flipped the lid open. "Be my guest," he said with a wave of his arm. Before he had finished speaking Draco was on his knees picking up a handful of books which he carefully examined.

"May I ask where you got that?" Lucius asked, wrinkling his nose at the dust and the grime. It was clear that Abigail hadn't bothered to clean the books before packing them.

"I bought them yesterday," Harry explained walking over to the first trunk he'd received. "I went to the junkshop next to Flourish and Blotts, and told the lady behind the disk that I wanted to buy all her books. I'm afraid I shocked her quite badly," he chuckled at the memory.

"The junkshop?" Lucius said both appalled and horrified. "Why in Merlin's name would you want to enter a shop like that one?"

"It wasn't that bad," Harry defended his actions.

"Harry, love, only people with no money enter that shop in hopes of finding something useful they can afford to buy," Draco said looking up from the diary he was holding.

"Humph! Then maybe it is about time someone with money did go there," Harry said, his nose in the air. He then abandoned his pose and chuckled. "It was actually Bartholomew Black that gave me the idea. He told me that he used to visit junkshops, using a disguise of course, looking for finds. That is how the Black family came to be the owners of the legendary Heart Ruby, whatever that is," Harry explained. Giving the two blonds a pointed look he added: "and considering the fuss you both have made over that journal I found this morning I'd say my point has already been proven."

"True, you can't argue with that." Draco conceded. Remembering the diary he'd been reading when Harry had interrupted him, he called the book to him and showed it to his father. "Isn't this a distant relative of ours?" he asked pointing to the name on the first page.

"I believe so. I think he is the son of your four times grandfather's sister. I believe she married into the Le Merle Family and if memory serves, her third son was named Claude. I would have to look into it closer to be absolutely sure, but the year would indicate that is him."

"Cool! I've read some of it and he sounds like he was a nice kid," Draco explained. "You should read it father."

"Maybe I shall." Lucius said with a smile, refusing to commit himself further.

Shrugging, Draco returned to examine the books in the trunk. Harry had lost interest though, and was looking at Lucius with a pensive look.

"Is there something on your mind Harry?" the aristocrat asked hoping to encourage the boy to confide in him.

"Actually there is. I've been wondering about something," Harry said getting to his feet and walked over to where Lucius was sitting. "It's about Hagrid. He was expelled from Hogwarts, accused of opening the Chamber of Secrets. But he was framed by Tom Riddle, something the Headmaster knows very well. Still he has done nothing to have Hagrid cleared. He is innocent and it is cruel to deny him the use of his magic because of something he didn't do. I know you don't like him, but isn't there something we could do to help him?" Harry asked turning large, serious eyes on Malfoy.

Lucius blinked and found it extremely difficult to deny those green, shining eyes anything, especially when it was coupled with a trusting look that screamed 'I know you can make everything alright'. Draco had looked at him like that when he was a child, and it had been just as difficult to deny him, as it was to deny Harry now. Merlin help him if they ever decided to turn that look on him simultaneously, he'd be utterly powerless to deny them anything if they did that.

"To tell you the truth I don't know Harry. I have never given his situation much thought. An official hearing would probably be the way to go. As you say, he was framed. He did have some type of monster hidden though."

"Yeah, Aragog," Harry nodded," An Acromantula; scary, but not the monster that terrorized the school."

"How do you know of that?" Lucius asked.

"I met him."

"You what?" two shocked blonds cried out.

"I met him in my second year. Ron and I were in Hagrid's hut when Fudge came to arrest him, hiding under my invisibility cloak. Hagrid told us to follow the spiders if we wanted to find out what the monster really was."

"Tell me you didn't," Lucius groaned.

"We did." Harry replied sheepishly. "We followed the spiders, right up to their nest. Aragog was most accommodating, telling us what had happened 50 years earlier. Then he gave us to his children since we had after all strolled into their home, and fresh meat was fresh meat."

"However did you get out of there?" Lucius asked shaken.

"Mr. Weasley's Ford Anglia came to our rescue and took us back to the school. It went back into the forest. We returned to the school, and it took weeks for Ron to forgive Hagrid. I thought he was never going to stop ranting and raving at him," Harry laughed. "Ron hates spiders with a passion and coming face to face with Aragog did not cure him."

"It seems the Weasel have more sense than you," Draco snorted, shaken at the close call his mate had had. "That's it! You are never to set foot in the Forbidden Forest again. Ever!"

"Calm down Draco. With the Centaurs acting like they are, there is no way I'm going in there. Unless there is a life at stake of course," Harry couldn't help adding.

Draco glowered and threw a book at him. Harry caught it with ease and didn't repent at all.

"That reminds me," Lucius said butting in before the children came to a tussle. "Draco come here," he ordered pulling a box from a pocket, opening it to reveal a beautiful necklace.

Draco shuffled over to his father, pulling out the necklace he was wearing. Taking the necklace from the box Lucius placed them next to each other, and touching them with his wand, he recited a spell that caused them to glow.

"Harry I want you to wear this always. Don't take it off, no matter what," Lucius said seriously, holding it out.

Harry walked over and sat down on the coffee table, accepting the necklace from the blond. It was beautiful. A thick silver chain, and hanging from it was a pendant in the shape of a snake. He gently touched the jade green stone admiring the way the sunlight was caught in it. "What does it do? I can feel the magic, it's very powerful, but I can't tell what it does."

Lucius took the necklace back and placed it around Harry's neck, whispering a complex locking charm. The chain shrunk until the stone sat comfortably in the hollow of Harry's throat. "It is one of the Malfoy necklaces, and it has been in the family for centuries. It will protect you from minor curses and hexes and a few not so minor. It also contains a powerful tracking charm, so that I will always be able to find you; Draco has one as well as you saw. I have already linked yours to mine, so that you can call on us if you wish. All you have to do is grab the stone, and whisper our name." To demonstrate Lucius pulled out his own necklace. It was similar to Harry's only his stone was a much darker green.

"Harry," Lucius murmured and instantly Harry felt his necklace get warm. "Can you hear me?" he added and Harry nodded. It was a most peculiar sensation. On one hand, he could hear Lucius through his ears, the man was only a few feet away after all, but he could also hear him at the back of his mind.


"To deactivate the call you only have to let go of the stone," Lucius explained, letting go mid-sentence and Harry felt the tiny presence disappear with a soft pop.

"You are, however, not to use this unless there are an emergency. If you use them to amuse yourselves during lessons, or Merlin forbid, to cheat at tests, you will not like the punishment I will come up with," he said sternly knowing fully well the mischievous mind of his son.

"Yes father," Draco said looking properly chastened.

"Wouldn't dream of it, sir," Harry said but with a gleam in his eyes he was unable to hide completely.

Lucius merely shook his head and sighed. "Why don't I believe you?" he asked the air causing the boys to burst into laughter.

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