What if?

Chapter One

By SmileZ

Pairings: Yami-Anzu-Seto,

I'll think about the others…

Author's note: I don't know why I'm writing this. I'm just doing it because I like to imagine okay. I think it's easier if I write everything down instead of thinking about ideas and scenes in my mind. Don't get me wrong I do that everyday, it's just I think its easier to depict when I read it in words. Yeah you're probably thinking what a loser, you could just watch the anime. But the anime doesn't change for a different storyline at all. Hmm well I guess I'm talking too much so I'll just let you read it if you're interested. Later.

Anzu Mazaki stared at the ceiling of her history class. They were currently discussing ancient Egypt. A place she just knew too much about. Not historical-wise, but duelistic-wise. Come on after everything that her and the guys have been through, you had to know the details to survive this long messing with supernatural powers.

But still, thinking about the bad times… makes you want to think more. Okay she wasn't really regretting everything that's happened. Because a lot of good and beautiful memories were made. Like meeting Yami, a past-pharaoh of Egypt. And having her first long-term crush. Not to mention once in a lifetime adventures. And forming close, through life and death relationships.

Staring at her hand, Anzu could still see the imprint of her part of the happy face. Smiling to herself, she bit her lip at the next thought. But… what if they were just normal human beings instead. No contact with anything abnormal than teenage life. Nowadays Anzu was always worrying about Yugi and the guys fighting against psycho-maniacs wanting to take over the world, when she should be worrying about school work and girl talk.

The droning voice of Mr. Yamabori was lost to the ring of the school bell, signaling the end of class. Anzu stood to stretch. Twisting her head around, she could here the crack… her tense shoulders and stiff neck loosened up a bit. Stuffing everything in her bag, Anzu rushed out of class and thank god she had the foresight to not look at her feet or else she would have bumped into an arrogant jack ass.

For real. After all the times they saved and helped him. He still couldn't even have the decency to try to acknowledge them, excluding insults. Ignoring the brooding figure, Anzu side stepped him and walked out of the doorway. She didn't need to smile and greet him anymore. He totally lost that privilege; even if he never wanted any of it.

As she moved passed him, she made sure that she didn't have any contact whatsoever. See what he would have to say when the 'friendship freak' wasn't so friendly towards him. Her fists clenched at the memory of their last encounter.

Yugi's whore. Joey's slut. Tristan's hoe. How the hell can I be all three at once? Saying I probably got trained by all of them. Fucken Bitch. Fuck him and his sexist ass… Her eyes narrowed into slits. Her knuckles cracked unconsciously causing passersby to gulp.

Even when he saved her life from Marik. The experience flashed through her mind. Remembering how Marik controlled her. Penetrating her mind. Raping her whole being. Nausea swelled into her stomach. Her vision blurred. Anzu stopped in her tracks trying to erase it all. Shaking her head Anzu moved to walk but quickly lost her balance.

The warm embrace chased away all those horrible memories. Looking into smoky amethyst eyes, Anzu clung onto his support. "Yami…"

He gently stroked her lips to wipe away her frown. "Don't remember it."

Laying her head on his shoulder, Anzu sighed. "I never remember it when I'm with you."

The halls were empty, other than a couple of students rushing out of the hallway to leave. It's pretty safe to say that no one saw their close exchange. Their 'relationship' was unusual. It couldn't be considered romantic, but it was always cherished. It couldn't be more than friends but still went past that line. Anzu sure as hell didn't know what they had… and she was pretty sure that Yami wouldn't indulge her anytime soon.

Why won't he be honest? Why can't they both be honest on how they feel? Why never talk about it in the open? Other than just spending time with each other on their small dates. Even Yugi didn't know what his other soul was doing every time they went out. Yugi never suspected anything other than a friend helping another.

They were all lying to each other. It was pathetic.

"Friendship is a load of bullshit. It's nothing but to fill up your empty void so you won't feel miserable in your lonely life. It's just a pathetic illusion that the weak make."

His voice rung in her head at that word. Did his words really have meaning? Did friendship only exist for selfish reasons such as these? NO! I won't give him any credit. His words MEAN NOTHING!

Anzu noticed her grip on Yami had somewhat tightened. Untangling her arms from him, Anzu's hard eyes softened at the look Yami bestowed on her.

She could never mistake that tender gaze to be anything but care. He cared for her. And that was enough. He didn't have to tell her. She knew…


He snapped out of his trance and quietly stepped away. She frowned because of his missing warmth. Closing her eyes to blink away her tears. Anzu didn't see Yami leave, but she could feel his presence was gone. Her eyes opened to Yugi.

Her best friend stared at her weirdly. Big, innocent, light purple eyes watched as she put on a strained smile. Frowning to himself, he wondered why the spirit took control and blocked him off when he had rushed to catch Anzu.

Scratching his head, Yugi looked up to his best friend. Her cerulean blue eyes didn't sparkle with her usual happiness. It saddened him that she never confided in him with what was wrong. These past couple of days seemed to drain Anzu of her energy. He worried for her; if only he could help her…

Anzu watched as different emotions flickered on his face. From confused to sad, to understanding then to worry. Next shone determination. After everything they've been through, she still couldn't believe how Yugi remained so innocent. It made her feel jaded compared to him.

"Anzu. Are you alright?"

His concern was really appreciated, but it made her feel foolish to allow her friend to worry for nothing. She didn't want to burden him with any of her silly feelings. Shaking her head yes, Anzu gave him a fake, bright smile.

"I'm good Yugi. What about you? I didn't see you or any of the others earlier today." And she knew why. She avoided them, ever since that prick insulted her. I wonder if people really think those stuff though. It was doubtful because Serenity hung out with them too. It's not like people would think she was whoring herself with her guy friends when they're was another girl around. If they do then they got some sick, perverted, twisted mind. Than again… it was Kaiba who implied it… hmm…

Right now all she was confused about was why she tensed at the thought of Kaiba really thinking that. Why would she care what he of all people thought about her?

Anzu could hear Joey yelling at Duke and Tristan to leave his sister alone. She grinned as she saw the girl blush as red as her hair. Serenity seemed to ignore all the guys and rushed towards Anzu. When Anzu turned into a junior, and Serenity a freshman, they were fast friends. That was about two years ago, now they were as close as sisters.

Anzu looped her arms through Serenity's as she lead them down the steps and a little away from the guys. I guess it's just girl talk then.

"So… Are you still pissed off about what Kaiba said?"

Anzu blinked a couple of times before remembering Serenity had a part in the argument too. After a couple of moments, she also remembered it was Serenity who bitched him out for her. Flashing a HUGE smile, Anzu hugged the younger girl. "Thanks, I was too mad to think of any comebacks. Dang Siren, I forgot. What did you call him again?"

"HA! You forgot? I yelled so loud that the whole school probably heard! I called him a stupid, arrogant, egotistical, self-centered bastard! And that he should stop fantasizing about you with other guys because he knew he could never get you! Oh! And that he was just jealous that you hung out with his rival instead of him!"

Serenity seemed to ponder a little more and shrugged. "Yeah something along those lines."

"O…kay…Why does that sound like you said he wanted me?…" Anzu glared at the redhead when she saw Serenity give her the 'I-don't-know-what-your-talking-about-look.'

Thank god the awkward silence was broken by tires squealing in the distance. A second later, Mai skidded to a halting stop in her red convertible. The beautiful blonde took off her sun glasses and lifted an eyebrow at the two girls. "Okay I know one of you called me 'cuz you wanted to go shopping."

Anzu just stood clueless, but Serenity beamed. "Yeah I forgot, it's Friday! I wanted to go shopping for the Senior Prom! It's like only a couple of weeks away." Nudging Anzu she continued. "You didn't forget about Prom did you Anzu?"

The older girl just stood there thinking about what she was talking about, and then it hit her. SENIOR YEAR! LAST MOST IMPORTANT PROM! GRADUATION IN LESS THAN A MONTH. "OH MY GOD!" How could I forget? What is wrong with me lately!

The guys came down in time to see Anzu freaking out. "PROM? OH SHIT! IT WENT BY THHHATTTT FAST!" Seeing the guys staring at her strangely, Anzu went to them and bopped their heads. "HOW COME YOU DIDN'T REMIND ME! WE'RE ABOUT TO GRADUATE! OH MY GOD!" Has it really been that fast?

Yugi stared at Anzu uneasily. She forgot we were seniors? Okay now I know there is something wrong when a girl forgets about prom. Rubbing his abused head, Yugi looked around and saw his mind chamber. Yami took over again. This is happening a lot lately.

-Hey Yami?

No answer.

Great he blocked me off again…

Yami grabbed Anzu by the waist before she began to chase after the running, and now long gone guys. "Anzu… Calm down." The visual was very intimate because it was basically him holding her tightly against himself, with his head breathing near her ear.

Anzu shivered as she felt his breath on her neck. She automatically stilled when he had touched her, but he had maneuvered her into his strong embrace. Her back was flush against his chest. She felt his strong torso and his very hard… Oh

Serenity had taken refuge in Mai's passenger seat while Anzu had started hitting the guys. Now she and Mai were grinning like maniacs as they watched the couple get comfortable with each other. Their grins turned 100 times brighter as they noticed Anzu blushing and actually leaning most of her weight onto Yami. "You go girl…"

The only reason they knew it wasn't Yugi was because every time the spirit took over, he was taller, Just a little above Anzu's height. Not to mention Yugi would never in his life be as bold as Yami was.

Their contact felt so good that they didn't even notice Yami's pants or Anzu's skirt. She bit her lip and she grinded onto him lightly. He took this as encouragement as he started nibbling on her earlobe. His hands played with her skirt line before going under her shirt and stroking her stomach. Both lost to each other and unaware that they had an audience.

Mai's eyes widened as she noticed their small movements. The grown woman blushed tomato shade as she cleared her throat. Serenity too was blushing, darker than her hair. But she averted her eyes while Mai just gawked. They wondered why this place seemed deserted all of a sudden. Her cough didn't seem to be enough so she tried again. "Uh…AH HEM."

All she got for a response was Yami moving his lips down Anzu's neck and sucking hard. His hands had moved farther up her shirt and… Oh god did she just hear Anzu moan?

Mai: #O.O#

Serenity: #X.X#

Anzu felt like she was on cloud nine. She didn't even have her first lip kiss yet… That thought in mind she quickly spun around, causing him to part from her a little. Amethysts met sapphires, both were in a daze and staring at each other in wonder. They moved ever so slowly… their lips were just a feather-touch apart…

"How disgusting."

Kaiba's voice just froze her. Anzu's eyes widened and she realized what she was doing… with… her best friend's body. She finally figured out why… why they couldn't be together.

Author's corner: Hmm…… What to do now?