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Doing this because I am VERY bored.


Thou shalt only use thy Jeigans as meatshields and target softeners.

Thou shalt draw 'excellent' pictures of all skimpily and not so skimpily dressed females, unless they are old or kids.

Thou shalt never give redheads the Durandal for it only shows the world what wussies they are.

Thou shalt not stab people with thy Wo Dao.

Thou mayest only slash them to bite sized pieces with said weapon.

Thou shalt not have incestuous relationships unless thine sibling is thine twin, and unless thine sibling have the same colored hair as thee.

Thou shalt not wield weapons that are too 1337 for thee to use, for they shalt burn a whole in thine inventory screen.

Thou shalt respect thine elders. Except Marcus. And Merlinus. And Athos. And Bartre. And Niime. And Yodel. And etc...etc...

Thou shalt smite the sinners that do not believe in the might of thine tactician, by means of stabbing, slicing, burning, more stabbing, beheading, lightning-striking, flux-ing, blessing, and even more stabbing. With toothpicks.

Thou shalt not have a relationship with more than one person. Unless thy name is Roy.
Note: 'excellent' may also translate to: naked, revealing, and artistic