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If thou hath a brother, he is badass. If thou hath a sister, she is a tramp.

Thine hair color must be the same, if not, at least similar, to thine sibling's. Why? Two words. Incest fanfiction.

Thou must flee from overly creepy bad guys who appear to thee in the beginning of the game, for without thine brother's help, thou art no match for Michael Jackson and his mutated dragon.

If thou art a redhead, thou must be the overprotective brother that everyone hates because thou like to bash thy sword over everyone's heads for talking to thine sister.

If thou art a redhead, thou must always be prepared for an episode of Grand Theft Panties: Magvel.

If thou art the bloodthirsty brother of a woman who will marry an idiot, don't cut up the idiot. The laws of FE physics restrict thee from attacking thine teammates. Unless thou has told the redhead's sister to berserk thee on purpose.

If thou art said bloodthirsty brother, thine l33t Wo Dao slashing skills will skyrocket overtime, but thine stabbing skills shall become extinct. For thou cannot stab with WoDaos.

The only "sibling rivalry" is which brother/sister can get more women/men in the shortest amount of time at camp in between battles.

In a sibling quarrel, thou shalt always lose to thine brother because he always threatens to go "BOOM! HEADSHOT!" on thine Pegasus.

In almost EVERY dimension, there shalt always be Pegasus knight sisters. Just watch out for the underleveled, trampy, or useless-because-she-is-married-to-Zealot ones.

All's fair in love and war, so make sure to get the good and gentleman-like cavalier (though he is a total hardass) instead of the perverted one before one of thine sisters do.