Disclaimer- Butch Hartman, who I am not, owns Danny Phantom. Insert standard boilerplate here. This short is rated PG by the Motion Picture Association, and TVY7 for fantasy violence. Okay, this is a weird one, folks. But... well, it bit me, and when they bite you, it's either write 'em up, or lose an ankle... If you like this, there may well be more in this vein...

The Other Side

"AHHHH!" The scream was almost drowned out by the crunching of masonry, as a blast of green energy catapulted a white-haired-figure through what remained of a brick wall. His opponent strode forward, blaster at the ready, skull-face twisted into a triumphant smirk.

"Do you surrender, prey?" the armor-clad assailant asked. "You've assured yourself a place of honor in my collection. The only question now is, will it be in my menagerie? Or on my wall?"

The other pushed himself up painfully, green eyes flaring. "I'm gonna go with option c- None of the above!" Without rising from his knees, the man fired a blast of ectoplasm from white-gloved hands... one that went right past his target.

The ghost blinked. "You MISSED? At this range?"

"Wait for it," his prey puffed, a wide grin crossing his face. The sounds of tortured metal split the air, and the hunter turned just in time to be hit with a few hundred pounds of falling fire escape.

"That's not gonna stop him for long," the white-haired man yelled. "You guys ready?"

"ALWAYS!" his best friend replied, aiming a weapon at the pile of metal. Even as his gun began to power up, the heap began to glow, then flew apart in all directions.


"Not be seeing the outside of the Ghost Zone again for some time," the weapon-holder interrupted. He fired.

The results were impressive, to say the least. Green energy surrounded Skulker, shocking him repeatedly, as his form lost cohesion. Seeing her opportunity, the third member of the trio twisted open the metal cylinder she held, allowing the internal vacuum to suck the ghost inside. Quickly, she slammed the cap back home, and all was still.

"WOOOHOO!" the white-haired man yelled, pumping a fist in the air. "Yet another ghost captured, thanks to the Ghost-Hunting Trio!" He pretended to buff his nails on the breast of his blue jumpsuit. "Are we good or what?"

"Well, we wouldn't have gotten far without that disruptor," his smaller friend replied, smirking. "Though you did, as usual, contain the problem in... inimitable style, Jack."

His friend grinned. "Hey, all part of the job, V-Man! But yeah, that disruptor really saved our bacon, Maddie."

Madeline Feynman blushed. "Yes, well... somebody has to take care of you two."

"And you do it SO well," Vlad Masters replied. "But perhaps we should leave, before the police get too curious about the destruction Skulker caused..."

"Right," Jack nodded. "You two get back to the apartment... I'll meet you there." And in a brilliant flash, Jack Phantom took to the sky.