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Aaron doesn't know when it began. Sometime between having faith and Jaye talking to a cow creamer. He doesn't know if the cow creamer was the beginning or the end. He doesn't even know if losing his faith was because of her or despite her.

Sometimes Aaron thinks he's crazy. It usually happens when he is alone in her trailer, and finds himself holding the cow creamer, staring into it's ceramic eyes. He wants to talk to it, talk to it like she thinks she can. He sometimes speaks aloud, and sometimes in his head. He says he knows this whole thing happening has something (if not everything) to do with him, he says he knows it's wrong but he can't be bothered with right and wrongs now, he says he thinks he loves her. Aaron usually lets out a chuckle then, and puts the cow down, thinking what a sight this must be. This is when he decides he is crazy. Crazy like her. He knows Jaye is crazy, she has to be crazy. She really believes that inanimate objects talk to her. Just like a person does. Except, somewhere deep inside, he knows they do. He knows because he sees the look on her face when they do. That's when he thinks maybe she is sane.

Aaron can sit for hours at a time (and sometimes does) in Jaye's empty trailer, pondering the sanity of the pair, or whether cow creamers do talk, or whether god exists. He can spend the day while he waits wondering if this is right. Everything around him says it isn't; all signs say it's wrong. But he wonders what makes something wrong. Everything he has read condemns these feelings, but he doesn't know if that's enough to end this. Because even though all the evidence says it's wrong, everything feels right when she opens the door, enters the trailer and his lips meet hers. Everything in his brain melts away after that, and all that's left is them. It doesn't matter if cow creamers talk or god exists, because he has Jaye, and that's all that matters.