Second Impressions Can Go Long Ways


Sesshomaru was furious, that being an understatement. How could he be so stupid as to let a mere human woman get to him so easily? Stopping in front of a large tree, he stared for a few moments until he brought up his fist and slammed it into the tree, the strength from the blow shattering mostly where he punched. The sound was deafening to his sensitive ears. Flexing his stiff fingers, he looked back to where he came from, knowing he was far enough from the castle to not cause any alarm. He brought up his unused hand and lightly brushed the splinters of wood from his fingers, plucking out the ones with his sharp claws that stuck into his skin. Never before had he acted this way about something so idiotic!

He spent a few minutes walking soundlessly through the forest, stopping momentarily when he caught the vile scent of Naraku blowing in the soft breeze. He scrunched up his nose, and sniffed the air till he found where the source came from. Alarmed, he immediately starting running back towards his castle. He could smell Sango's faint scent mixed with the disgusting stench of the half demon and he concentrated on her smell the most. It carried a tinge of distress, mixed with a faint alcoholic odor. His nostrils burned, his stomach involuntarily churned. If anything happened to Sango while she was in his care, he knew full well that he wouldn't forgive himself, much less his brother forgive him.

Then the smell of blood attacked his senses, and he heard faint yells from his castle.

"Damn bastard." His words were calm, but the fury was evident in his eyes. The western lord could see the castle, and sped up. Once he got to the front doors, he stopped. The spot wreaked of Naraku's scent and Sango's distress. Sniffing around again, he ignored how his servants came up to him and started rambling in panicked voices, concentrating on finding the path he took.

"Stop," Sesshomaru snapped the words to his servants, who immediately shut their mouths. He didn't have time for their complaints and stories. He had more important things to do then to worry about the deceased. "Clean up the bodies, and bury them nearby the castle."

Nodding quickly, they darted off to do their job.

Sesshomaru turned his attention back to their path, and started running, intent on finding the demon.

"Sesshomaru, you bastard!"

A fist rammed into Sesshomaru's gut, knocking the wind out of him. He growled. Why hadn't he noticed him before!

Inuyasha stood over the bent Sesshomaru, his golden eyes holding a very pissed off look. "I smelled Naraku close by, and I ran. Now tell me, why is Sango's scent with his and why were you not there to stop him? Damn it, how could you let him take her?"

Sesshomaru grabbed Inuyasha's ankle, pulling on it, making the half breed fall on his backside. "Shut up! If you hadn't interfered, I would have been half way there!" He sprung up so he was at full height. "Next time you butt in, I will kill you. Make no mistake about it."

Then he was gone.

Inuyasha looked surprised; looking after the path Sesshomaru had taken. Shaking his head, he got up and brushed his butt off. That was completely shocking.

"Inuyasha, what happened?" Kagome's voice broke through his thoughts. He turned back to see the group, Kirara carrying the priestess, alone with Miroku and Shippo. He shook his head again.

"Uh, nothing. C'mon, we have to hurry and find Sango. Who knows what Naraku will do to her." Ignoring Miroku's angry grunt, he started running after Sesshomaru.

What happened to you, brother?


Sango awoke from her dreamless sleep, her eyes dazed and disoriented. Rubbing her eyes a bit, she sat up. Looking around, she noticed she was in a small, dark room. Still a bit dazed, she felt around for her weapons immediately, knowing full well what happened.

"Not a chance, slayer," Kagura's voice was heard from outside the small room. Sango involuntarily jumped. The wind sorceress laughed a taunting laugh. "You really expect that you'd be able to escape? I think not."

"Kagura," Sango growled. She knew she didn't have her Hiraikotsu, sword, and daggers, but she did have something else. A plan was quickly forming in her mind.

Walking slowly towards the door, she concentrated on where Kagura's laugh was coming from. Smirking, she punched the wooden door, making Kagura's laugh stop to a halt. Sango heard light tapping on the wood.

"You better watch it. Make me too mad, and I'll hurt you. Naraku has given me permission to do as a please."


"Of course, Naraku always has to give you permission. You're nothing but a dog, some servant that's going to die when he does. And you can't do anything about it." Sango scoffed, her voice holding a slight edge of mischief, along with hope and fear. Her plan better work.

Hearing a growl, Sango took a step back. Just as she thought. Something slammed onto the door from outside. "Watch your tongue, slayer! Or I will end your life as miserably as Naraku ended Kohaku's."

Backfire. Sango stopped her silent charades, and froze in terror. No, it couldn't be.


The voice sounded triumphant. "But of course, I begged Naraku to let you're little brother die painlessly." She sighed. Sango felt sick. "But, knowing Naraku, he didn't listen to me. I feel sorry for your brother, even as he is in the after life. Poor child. He had no-"

"Shut up!" Sango held onto her forehead, her other hand grabbing at her throat. The terror in her eyes was unmistakable. After all the times of hoping, being determined to bring her brother back. . .

She failed. And now her brother was dead.

Through the pain, she heard a dark chuckling and recognized it as Naraku's voice. "Now Kagura, that's no way to treat our guest."

Angered beyond comparison, Sango ignored the sick feeling and ran towards the door and punched it with all her might. Pain shot through her arm to her whole left side, leaving a numbing sensation in its wake. She didn't notice it; her hand dented the wood, tiny splinters falling to the floor. With her other fist, she repeated the action. "Damn you!"

Laughter filled his voice. "Slayer, your brother is alive. You should not take what Kagura speaks so literally." Then his tone turned a bit more serious. "Sesshomaru is coming for you, along with the half breed and your friends." He chuckled, but his voice held an edge of anger.

Sango's eyes widened at his words, her movements stilled again. What kind of sick mind would do that? White hot fury exploded in her veins. She was even angrier then before.

"Fucking prick," she seethed. "How low can you get?"

Then doors suddenly caved in, toppling over her in broken pieces. "If you know what's good for you, slayer, you will not speak to me that way!"

Sango grunted in pain, lifting the wood off of her. She laughed, almost hysterically. Then scoffed. "I'll speak to you in whatever way I damn well please."

Naraku seethed. "You bitch!" Just when he was about to strike at her, he felt the presence of Sesshomaru. Smirking, he looked over his shoulder.

Sango stared at the figure coming out from the shadows. His eyes were red, his form shaking with plain fury. He glanced at Sango, and his eyes calmed a bit, but his shaking got worse. Then he glared a hateful look towards Naraku.

"Naraku," his voice was clipped. "Tonight, you will die by my hand."

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