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At the age of twenty-six, Yugi Mutou had only ever kissed one person, only ever been with one person, and only ever loved one person. He supposed that it should bother him that his lover was five years younger than him and far more experienced, but it really didn't. Yugi never even had the urge to experiment with anyone else – he was more than happy with what he and Mokuba did and was sure he wasn't missing anything anyway, other than the chance of contracting some nasty disease. It didn't bother him, either, that Mokuba's older brother was Seto Kaiba, an extremely rich and often ruthless CEO with no other family than his adored and doted on younger brother, a man who would most likely murder him if he broke Mokuba's heart.

None of these things mattered to Yugi. What had bothered him, however, was that until today Yugi's boyfriend had been living on the other side of the world.

But now… now Mokuba was coming home, college behind him and international cellphone calls and naughty emails a thing of the past – seriously, it had gotten to the point where Yugi couldn't open his email in public for fear of seeing some indecent picture of his boyfriend – and in less than an hour Yugi was going to pick him up from the airport, where they could begin their lives together as a normal couple who actually lived in the same country as each other.

Was it wrong of him to feel a little nervous about this?

Surely everything would be fine; Mokuba wasn't about to dump him now, after they'd been dating nearly a year and been faithful, even though they were apart. Well… at least Yugi had. Maybe it was different for Mokuba, after all, since Yugi'd never dated – or even wanted to date anyone – before him, but the younger Kaiba, on the other hand, was mature and experienced beyond his years, not to mention breathtakingly gorgeous. He probably had people falling all over him constantly, so how could Yugi expect him to stay happy with a short little gay man with crazy hair? It seemed too much to ask… but Yugi still hoped.

The sound of a car horn blowing outside jerked the spiky-haired male from his depressing thoughts and Yugi glanced out the window to see Kaiba's limousine parked by the curb. Yugi checked his appearance one last time in the mirror – hopefully Mokuba would like this outfit, a plain black t-shirt with a lightweight denim jacket and jeans, though both the t-shirt and jeans were almost obscenely tight and offered a very good view of his rear – before calling goodbye to Jii-chan and running out to the limo where Seto and Yami awaited him.

The chauffer opened the door for him and Yugi nodded his thanks as he slid into the vehicle and into the seat across from the others. "Good morning, aibou!" Yami greeted him cheerfully. "How are you doing?" Yugi's slightly taller look-alike leaned faintly against his lover, who had an arm casually draped across the back of the seat behind Yami's shoulders.

"I'm fine, thanks for picking me up," Yugi replied, his gaze sliding over to Seto, who had a slightly annoyed look on his face and kept tapping his foot against the floorboard.

"It's no problem," Yami responded, and, noticing the direction of Yugi's gaze, added with a roll of his eyes, "Don't mind Seto. He's just impatient to see his brother."

"Oh… Yeah, me too," Yugi said in a small voice, and turned to look out the window.

The first time Yugi had been with Mokuba, at Seto and Yami's anniversary party, had been completely unexpected but wonderful. The two had ended up missing the entire party, falling asleep instead in Mokuba's bed and not waking up until late the next morning. Yugi had panicked at first, literally falling out of bed in his haste and scrambling to get dressed and out the door before Yami or Jii-chan could catch him or Mokuba could wake up and regret what had happened.

Of course, Yugi's frantic scrambling had been quite noisy and Mokuba sat up sleepily just as Yugi yanked open the bedroom door. "Yu…gi? Where're you goin'?" Mokuba's gray eyes blinked at him blearily and he yawned, brushing the mussed raven hair from his face.

"I… uh…" Yugi stood frozen in the doorway, his shirt askew and his pants unbuttoned, one boot untied on his left foot and the other still in his hand. "I… that is…"

Mokuba frowned. "Are you leaving?" He pushed the sheets aside and crawled out of bed, not caring that he was naked as he stalked over to Yugi, who backed up a few steps into the hallway at the fierce expression on the other's face.


"Why are you leaving? I thought you said you didn't want this to be a one-night thing." He grabbed Yugi's shoulders, gently at first, then pulling the other close against him and wrapping his arms around Yugi's back.

Yugi rested his cheek in the crook of Mokuba's shoulder and sighed. "I didn't… I don't. But… uh… I never… Um, before yesterday I… uh…"

"You were a virgin?" Mokuba asked, pulling back slightly in surprise and smiling when Yugi reddened and nodded. "Were you afraid I'd changed my mind?" Yugi nodded again and Mokuba smiled. "Yugi, of course I didn't."

He then proceeded to kiss Yugi very thoroughly, lasting several minutes throughout which the smaller male was acutely aware that Mokuba was naked, though he was enjoying the kiss far too much to point out this fact. This scene might have played out for quite some time, if they hadn't been interrupted by a gasp and a cry of "Mokuba! Why are you naked?"

Yugi and Mokuba broke apart and turned to see Seto and Yami staring at them, surprise etched across their faces – though Seto's expression verged more on amusement – and Yami stammered out, "Yugi? Did you sleep with Mokuba?"

Seto suddenly burst out laughing, clutching his stomach and laughing even harder when Yami whirled on him and demanded, "What's so funny? Shouldn't you want to protect your younger brother?"

"From Yugi?" Seto laughed even harder, if that was possible.

"Really, Yami, you don't have to make such a big deal about it," Yugi mumbled, his face a flaming red.

"Aibou, I want you to be safe! You can't let someone take advantage of you like that!"

"I used a condom," Mokuba supplied helpfully. Yugi slapped his forehead.

"But you're only here for three days! What happens when you leave? I don't want Yugi to get his heart broken…"

"I'll be fine, Yami," Yugi responded through gritted teeth.


Seto interrupted. "If my brother hurts Yugi you can Mind Crush him and if Yugi hurts Mokuba I'll break his legs. Now come on, let's get breakfast. I'm hungry. And for god's sake Mokuba, put some clothes on."

Yugi smiled at the memory, though when he saw the airport come into view of the window the happy expression faded and he bit his lip anxiously. He almost couldn't believe Mokuba was really coming home. Despite the constant ache to see the other, their long-distance relationship had been easier, in a way, than having Mokuba with him. Because they rarely saw each other they almost never fought, Mokuba's trips home consisting mostly of excitement and a lot of great sex, other than a few heated arguments that were over almost before they started and ended in even more sex.

So, for the most part Yugi and Mokuba had simply gone on with their daily lives with little change, and both of them knew that when Mokuba came home they would have a lot of adjusting to do. Yugi knew that he was ready for it, was even excited about it, and he thought that Mokuba was, too… but there was still that lingering, niggling doubt that constantly ate at Yugi and made him wonder how much his boyfriend was willing to put up with.

He supposed he had low self esteem.

"We're here, Mr. Kaiba," the limo driver suddenly said, interrupting Yugi's musings. "Your private jet is due to land in fifteen minutes; would you like me to drop you off inside the terminal?"

"No, thank you, if you can find a parking space we'll wait out here," Seto responded. He grabbed Yami's hand and pulled him out to stand by the car as soon as the limo had parked, and Yugi had to smile at Seto's obvious eagerness to see his little brother. Yugi'd always thought it was sweet how close Mokuba and Seto were; no matter how callous the CEO was to everyone besides his brother and Yami, when it came to the people he loved Seto was beyond loyal, even if he liked to tease sometimes.

"Now, I don't really have any baby pictures of Mokuba, but I do have quite a few stories if you'd like to hear them, Yugi," Seto had said over the breakfast table, once Yugi and Mokuba had appeared, fully clothed and more or less unruffled – Yugi had yet to notice that his shirt was half-buttoned and Mokuba's pants were still unzipped.

Yugi had eagerly nodded, grinning widely and ignoring the frustrated cry of "Nii-sama!" from Mokuba's seat at his right.

Seto took a leisurely sip of his coffee and leaned back in his chair. "Well, when Mokuba was younger he was quite the artist, you know. He'd color on the walls, the furniture, anything he could reach, as soon as he was old enough to hold a crayon. But before that, when he was a baby…"

"Seto, shut up!" Mokuba begged, burying his face in his hands, but his brother merely smirked and continued.

"When he was a baby, he'd always try to get his shitty diapers off himself, instead of crying to be changed. Once or twice he actually succeeded, so he'd cover his hands in the stuff and draw all over the carpet."

Mokuba groaned loudly, but apparently Seto's story was over since he took another sip of his coffee and went back to his breakfast. Yugi merely hid a smile behind his hand and said, "If you're still an artist I'd like to see some of your work. But of course I'd prefer it if you'd use different materials."

The KC jet landed without a hitch fifteen minutes later and Yugi fought the urge to go running after it and greet Mokuba at the door. Instead, he actually took a couple of steps back, behind Yami and Seto, and closed his eyes, counting to ten. When he opened them he could see the familiar dark head climbing down the steps and walking toward them, and his breath caught in his throat.

It seemed to Yugi that his younger lover only got more beautiful each time he saw him. Mokuba had cut his hair, and now the shiny raven locks were layered to frame his face, the longest bits in the back barely touching his shoulders. He wore jeans, as seemed to be his style especially since spending so much time in America, and a blue-and-white striped button-up shirt untucked and rolled up on his forearms. Mokuba saw them and waved, his smile visible even from this distance, but as he jogged briskly toward them a bout of shyness overcame Yugi and he moved to the side to hide even more behind Yami.

"Nii-sama, Yami!" Yugi peeked out from behind Yami's shoulder at the sound of Mokuba's voice and watched as the brothers embraced, Seto still trying to hide just how pleased he was as he hugged his slightly shorter younger brother.

"How was your flight?" Seto asked, scanning Mokuba's face when they pulled apart.

"Oh fine, fine." Mokuba brushed off the question with a wave of his hand. "I wouldn't care if I had to fly over here in the cargo hold; I'm just glad to be home." He turned his attention to Yami, quirking his eyebrow at the wide violet eyes peering over Yami's shoulder, though he grinned and pretended not to notice when Yugi squeaked and hid even further behind the ex-spirit's back.

"It's great to see you, Mokuba," Yami greeted, smiling, and reached behind his back to pry Yugi's fingers free of his shirt before stepping forward to give the younger Kaiba a hug. He then moved to stand on Seto's other side, leaving Yugi to stand all by himself and fiddle with his fingers while looking at anything but Mokuba.

"Um, hi. Hey, Mokuba," Yugi muttered softly.

"Is that any way to greet your long-lost lover?"

When Yugi glanced up at the question Mokuba was smiling, and that was all the warning he got before he was swept off the ground and into a crushing hug, Mokuba's lips seeking out nearly every bit of exposed skin on Yugi's face for almost a full minute before he was lowered to the ground and kissed thoroughly and properly.

Yugi sighed and rested his cheek against the other's chest. "I missed you," he whispered.

Yugi remembered the first time Mokuba had come home – after the rather unconventional beginning of their relationship, that is – for Christmas break, when he would be in town for three whole weeks. Yugi hadn't been able to meet him at the airport that day, since he just couldn't get away from the game shop. Jii-chan was in the process of retiring and merely settling a few things – most likely government and tax issues, as Yugi was sure there wasn't anything left he couldn't handle for his grandfather, by this point – before he officially turned the store over to Yugi.

At any rate, Jii-chan wasn't able to work that day, and of course they had just gotten in a new shipment and Yugi couldn't afford to close the store, since he had a steady stream of customers all day, though he was sure he'd go crazy or make some huge mistake by closing time since the only thing he could focus on was getting to see Mokuba. He'd checked the clock every two or three minutes, wondering what the other was doing and counting down the seconds until he could leave.

It was during a particularly busy rush that Mokuba slipped in. Yugi didn't even notice, he was so occupied with manning the register and talking with the customers, until the last one left, waving goodbye, which Yugi returned with a smile before visibly sagging and letting out a long sigh of relief. Then, just behind him, someone cleared his throat.


Yugi shrieked and nearly fell off his stool but the person laughed and caught him, wrapping warm arms around his chest and burying his face in Yugi's spiky hair. And of course it was Mokuba, it was Mokuba and Yugi nearly thought he would die of happiness at that moment, from the warmth and sweet smell and softness and cool breath on his ear.

"Happy to see me?"

"Always," Yugi whispered. "Always."

"It seems I'm always coming home," Mokuba murmured later, as he and Yugi lay nude and sated on his bed, having come straight there after leaving the airport. "It's hard to imagine that I won't be leaving again."

"Not unless you take me with you," Yugi mumbled in response. He and Mokuba didn't tend to cuddle after sex, really; it was enough to lay beside each other, sometimes talking and sometimes merely drifting into exhausted sleep. Today Yugi was favoring the exhausted sleep option, and lay sprawled on his back with his limbs everywhere and hair wild and matted against the dark blue sheets. He cracked one eye open enough to glance at Mokuba before closing it again and yawning, oblivious to the intense gaze the other now directed at him.

"Do you really mean that?"

"'Course." Yugi yawned again and attempted to roll over, only to be stopped by Mokuba's hand on his shoulder. "Mmm?"


The strange tone in the other's voice made Yugi wake up a little and he opened his eyes before rolling onto his side to look at Mokuba. "What is it?"

"Do you love me?"

"Of course I do, you know that," Yugi answered, smiling, and leaned in to kiss him but Mokuba stopped him once again.

"Would you want to move in with me?"

Yugi's eyes widened. "Oh… Oh Mokuba, I'd love to live with you. But, um, it's just…"

Mokuba's face fell visibly and his shoulders slumped. "It's too soon, isn't it? I'm sorry… Just forget it, I… Just forget it." He rolled over with his back to Yugi and pretended to be trying to sleep.

Yugi sighed and tugged on his shoulder but the other wouldn't budge, so he crawled over Mokuba and straddled his hips, using all his body weight to force Mokuba onto his back. "Don't be like that, just listen to me, okay?"

The raven-haired male studiously looked away, but he nodded. "It's not too soon. I love you and I'd love living with you, but it'd be too weird to stay here with Yami and Seto. Plus it's too far away from the game shop, and I want to be near to help take care of Jii-chan. So it's not you, okay? I'm sorry, Mokuba…"

He sighed again and lay down on top of Mokuba, resting his cheek on the other's chest. Yugi had figured something like this would happen, that something would go wrong as soon as Mokuba was home to stay. It had seemed too good to be true, to be in a stable, normal relationship – well, a homosexual relationship, but still normal for the most part – so Yugi had enjoyed it while he could, made the best of every moment before he got hurt.

But then long fingers threaded through his hair and Mokuba's chest rumbled under Yugi as the taller male chuckled. "I don't want to live with my brother and his boyfriend, either, you little idiot."

Yugi sat up. "Did you just call me an idiot?"

Mokuba wisely didn't answer. "I didn't – I wouldn't want you to live with me here. I've been looking for apartments anyway, and I thought… well, I hoped you'd want to, you know…"

"Oh… Oh, Mokuba…" Yugi'd never heard his boyfriend stumble over his words like that; he'd never heard that tone in his voice, either, or seen that expression in his eyes – he had never seen Mokuba nervous like that before, and Yugi realized that it was because of him. He was important to Mokuba; his answer really meant something to the other male. A warm feeling settled in the pit of Yugi's stomach.

"We're back to that, are we?" Mokuba questioned wryly. "I found a place… Seto bought it for me last month… it's just an apartment, but it's paid for, and it's in the right neighborhood. Well, I mean it's pretty close to your store… though since you live at the store now it's not nearly as close, of course… I just thought that maybe, we could, you know…"

Yugi smiled. "Yeah."

"Yeah? Really?"

When he nodded Mokuba smiled, and Yugi thought he'd never seen such raw relief and happiness in any person's face. At least, until Mokuba rolled Yugi onto his back and proceeded to show him just how happy he was, at which point Yugi promptly forgot that he'd ever been able to think about anything at all, as well as any vocabulary other than his lover's name, which lingered constantly at his lips to be released in a whisper or a scream, whichever was most appropriate at the time.