Author's Notes: Okay, I admit it right up front. This last installment was entirely inspired by the Andromeda episode "Star-Crossed." I'd also credit the episode "Day of Judgment, Day of Wrath" but I haven't seen it yet (can't get my hands on a copy). But come on, anyone who's seen it and likes Stargate has to have thought about this at some point or another.

The Fifth Daniel – Avatar

"Goa'uld ha'tak vessel, three kilometers starboard at z-plus fifteen degrees."

This was the assessment that greeted Daniel as the ship came out of hyperspace. "Shit," he swore. "Cloak us and change course forty degrees port."

The lights dimmed as the warship shimmered into nothingness and veered away from the Goa'uld ship. Daniel went through the motions of holding his breath. "Which Goa'uld is it?" he asked after a moment passed with no reaction.

"Ship insignia indicates this is the flagship of Bastet."

Daniel's eyes narrowed. "Bastet…cat goddess. Don't think we've met her before."

"Our database agrees. Bastet is one of five remaining System Lords we have yet to encounter."

Daniel nodded. "Well then, now that we've figured that out…come about on an intercept course and launch missiles when we're within range. Target the hyperspace engines first, then the pel'tak."


The warship thrummed with barely leashed energy as the starfield wheeled around to reveal Bastet's ha'tak, floating serenely in orbit around the barren planet below. Daniel smiled grimly, knowing the Goa'uld had no idea she was in grave danger. She'd figure it out soon enough.

The first of the missiles struck dead-on in the engines, and there was a startled squawk from the communications console. "Kree! Who dares attack Bastet?"

Daniel leaned forward and placed his hand on the comm wire. "Bastet, kree! This is the Balance of Judgment. Prepare to meet your doom." Closing his eyes, he interfaced his neural pathways with his shipself, taking control of the weapons.

The ha'tak attempted to flee, but their engines were thoroughly decimated. Shields did nothing to prevent the Judgment's missiles from slicing through the pel'tak, sparking off a huge explosion that engulfed the entire vessel.

Daniel smiled coldly as he watched the debris dissipate into the cold vacuum of space. Such was a day in the life of an android.