A/N: These are stories about Peter and MJ's first days together after SM2, and the reactions of the people around them to their new relationship. They have been kicking around my head for a while now, so I thought it would help ease my mind to write them down. I've read most of the romance fics about Spider-Man on FFN, so I hope I haven't been too repetitious.

Rated M for sexual situations.


Chapter 1: The Wait is Over

Peter landed back in his apartment. It had been a robbery, easy to stop. He webbed up the criminals and left them for the police, who arrived just after. He didn't even stop to answer questions. Mary Jane was waiting for him.

When he entered, he found a note on his bed that said. "Tiger, Needed to change. Meet me at my apartment. Love, MJ." Grabbing a T-shirt and sweatpants from the closet, then tying them in a bundle with a web, he sprang out of the window toward Mary Jane's place.

Peter tapped at the window, still in his Spider-Man costume. MJ came over as he stepped in, peeling away his mask. She held out her arms to take Peter into her embrace. Giving him another deep kiss similar to the one they'd shared in his apartment earlier, she took a breath to say, "Everything go all right?"

"Sure, it was nothing your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man couldn't handle..." Peter stopped in mid-sentence, with an amazed expression, "It feels so good to be able to talk about it with you."

Suddenly, Peter noticed that Mary Jane was wearing a bathrobe, even though it was only late afternoon. He blushed, looking away.

Mary Jane caught his chin between her fingers and turned his gaze back to hers. "Peter, we're together now. You can stop the shy, uncomfortable act."

He fidgeted in her arms. "MJ, when I'm around you, it's not an act. I can't believe a woman like you could really be with a guy like me. Spider-Man - that's more 'the act' than the Peter you know so well." He smiled shyly down at her.

She loved this about him - his humble, unassuming manner. But he would learn that he had no need to worry about her feelings for him anymore. "I had a whole suitcase of things packed for my honeymoon that will just go to waste." The corners of her mouth turned up in a sly grin. She let the shoulders of her robe slip down to her elbows, revealing a silky nightgown with slender shoulder straps.

Peter's eyes half-closed in desire and longing. He swept her into an even deeper kiss than before, crushing their lips together. When Mary Jane was almost out of breath, she broke the kiss and murmured next to his cheek, "What? Are you the only one who gets to have the fun? Let's see what I've been missing under all those layers of ill-fitting clothes and spandex."

Peter stopped short and looked at her, half-amused, half-surprised. Without a word, she started to remove the top half of his costume, then tossed it to the side.

Mary Jane took in the expanse of his muscled chest and abdomen, the strong, sinewy arms and hands. How had she really not noticed all this? Nevermind, she thought distractedly, and began to place light kisses across his shoulders and chest.

Peter moaned softly, and moved his hands to caress her back. She shrugged the rest of the robe onto the floor, and pressed her body against his, still kissing and stroking his upper body. She gradually became aware of the light breeze coming in through the still-open window and looked into Peter's eyes. "Maybe we should move away from the window, Tiger." Leading him by the hand, she moved toward the bedroom door.

Before they even entered the doorway, Peter hesitated. He gave Mary Jane a long, concerned look. "Are you sure you want this, MJ? This was going to be your wedding night with John...I'm not sure this is the right thing to do..." He trailed off, clearly conflicted.

Mary Jane stepped closer, and trailed a fingertip along his pectorals. Her fingers seemed to burn a trail of passion as they moved around to his back, then up to the nape of his neck. "I've been waiting two years for this. I've never been more sure of anything." She buried her fingers in his hair, pulling his head down for a scorching kiss.

His qualms forgotten for now, he met her kiss with a ferocity that matched hers. Easily sweeping her into his arms, he carried her through the doorway and onto the bed. They began to more fully explore each other with hands and mouths, both of them experiencing a need more urgent than they had ever felt before. Mary Jane whispered huskily, "Take off my nightgown. I want to feel you close to me."

He gently removed the gown over her head, then took his turn to admire the sight. She was now only wearing some silky lace panties. It was too much for Peter to take - his red-haired angel was sharing herself with him. He pressed her against him, feeling the softness of her skin, smelling the floral scent of her hair.

"Peter," Mary Jane whispered. "Have you ever, I mean, is this..?" She couldn't bring herself to finish the question, even though she suspected the answer.

Peter lifted his head to gaze at her. She could see the love in his brilliant blue eyes. "You know there has never been anyone but you, Mary Jane Watson."

She smiled, and said quietly, "I haven't either."

Peter's eyes widened. Not with Flash? Or Harry? Or...or even John? he thought.

"I was saving myself for the right time, the right person. Until a few days ago, I thought that was going to be John. But now I know that it was, has always been, you." She ran a hand down his chest, stopping at his waistline. She looked again into those deep blue eyes. They closed, and Peter gave a small nod of encouragement.

She slowly peeled back the red and blue tights, rolling them gradually over his hips, and legs. She removed his boots, and let it all fall to the floor. He was wearing a tight pair of navy-blue briefs underneath. Her hands trailed their way up his calves, across his thighs and to his hips, but stopped short of anything more intimate.

He sensed her nervousness, and sat up. "It's okay, MJ. If you want to stop..."

She kissed him lightly. "Oh, Peter. You are such a wonderful guy. I'm not hesitating because I'm scared. I want you so much. I was just thinking that after tonight, things will never be the same." She laughed throatily. "And that's a good thing."

Mary Jane pulled him on top of her, rocking her hips rhythmically under his. She started to breathe heavily. "I don't want to wait any longer, Tiger," she got out between gasps.

Using his enhanced strength, it was a quick step to remove both of their undergarments. Their bodies intertwined in long-awaited surrender.


Afterward, Mary Jane stared lovingly at the man resting beside her. Wow, she thought. I don't have anything to compare it with, but, that was amazing. She knew it would only become more wonderful with time.

"What are you thinking about, MJ?" Peter asked. He was just as amazed as she was about it all. His head was swimming with possibilities about their new life together.

"I'm just so happy we can share this, Peter. No one should have to wait as long as we have to act on love." Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It was tentative at first, then grew stronger. Someone was adamant about talking to her.

"Stay here, I'll go see who it is," she said, pulling her robe off the floor and tying it at the waist. "I'll try to send them away as soon as possible."

Mary Jane looked through the peephole. Oh no, she thought, it's John! She considered pretending that no one was home, but then decided against it. He deserves an explanation in person. He was so good to me. She unlatched the locks and opened the door.

"Mary Jane!" He had changed out of his tuxedo, but looked like the last few hours had been hell. "I just can't let you walk out of my life with only a note! What is going on?"

"John...I am so sorry. It was a terrible thing to do to you. But it would also be wrong to marry you, when I knew it just wouldn't work."

"What do you mean?" He pushed past her, and took a seat on her armchair. "I never felt this from you before. The last few days you have been distracted, but I just thought it was nervousness." He scrabbled a hand through his hair, sticky with gel from earlier that day.

Mary Jane quietly closed the door and took a seat on the couch. "After the incident with that madman, I realized I have been lying to myself. I think you are a wonderful man, John, but I don't love you the way a wife should love her husband. We might have been happy, but there would always be something missing." She turned her eyes away from his hurt expression.

"We can work it out! I will give you all the time you need to develop those feelings for me. I know we had a short courtship. Maybe it just needs time to grow," he pleaded with her.

"No, John, I will never be able to give you more than a friend's affection," she stated sadly. How it hurt to tell him these things. "I realize now that I agreed to marry you for the wrong reasons. I was trying to forget something and move on with my life."

"But Mary Jane, can we please give it another try?" He moved next to her on the couch and grabbed her hands.

"No, please..." She tried to pull her hands away.

John held them tighter. "Why? Why can't you at least try to give it another chance?" His hands were starting to grip hers so tightly that they hurt.

Another voice broke the silence. "Because she is in love with someone else." John's head whipped around to see Peter standing in the doorway of the bedroom. John took in Peter's shirtless chest and sweatpants. He suddenly realized that MJ was only wearing a robe...

He released her hands with nerveless fingers. "No..." he whispered, disbelievingly. He turned back to Mary Jane. "With Parker?" He closed his eyes and winced. "With the 'big dumb jerk?'"

At those words, Peter tilted his head questioningly at Mary Jane. She waved a hand dismissively, and said, "Yes. I'm sorry, John. It was Peter I was trying to forget. But I couldn't. He has finally stopped running from me."

John's expression turned quickly from hurt to anger. He stood up and purposefully strode over to where Peter was standing. "You deceitful, stealing son of a ..." John brought his arm back to throw a punch but found it trapped tightly in Peter's grip. Peter's fingers were around his wrist, and he couldn't move his arm an inch.

"She's made her choice," Peter said quietly. "Respect her decision, and leave." Peter looked straight into John's eyes with a steely expression. He then released John's arm and stepped over next to MJ, placing an arm around her shoulders.

John's shoulders slumped. He rubbed his wrist where Peter had been holding it. "Fine, I hope you'll be happy, Mary Jane. That's all I have ever wanted for you." He came close to give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Just go," she whispered. He nodded, still hurting. Gathering his pride, he opened the door and stepped into the hallway. He took one last look at the two of them together, then shut the door.

Mary Jane had just barely been keeping herself together. She collapsed into Peter's arms, sobbing. "It's so unfair that I had to hurt him like that. I hope he finds someone wonderful who will appreciate him."

"He will, MJ." Peter stroked the top of her head. "He's a strong and good man. The right woman will see that."

She nodded into his chest, then looked up at him. "I don't know who he'll tell about this. Your job at the Bugle is probably history."

"'I'll get something else. With you by my side, I'm all the more confident. And who knows? JJ is so desperate for pictures of Spider-Man that he may buy them anyway." He smiled down at her.

She brought her lips to his for a kiss. "I love you. Thanks for being there just now."

"I'll always be there for you, even when I'm doing my best for the city." He pulled her closer.

"I know someone who needs saving close by. Or at least cheering up," she offered.

With that, he picked her up easily, and carried her back to bed.