I Hate to Love You

Summary: A sequel to my songfic: Last Kiss. Riven meets a new girl, but is worried about tarnishing Musa's memory and reluctant to fall in love again. Aradia has a few secrets and problems of her own. But you'll have to read on to find them out. And to anyone I offend with this, sorry. But you know what, I had a flamer yell at me and say don't you dare write a sequel- so here it is!

Dedication: Uh... no there isn't one yet.

Disclaimer: Never tell me not to do something! Because I will do it.

Chapter One: It's Not the Fall, it's the Landing

Riven was in an unusual mood, he was happy because it was discharge day at the hospital. Magix Memorial Hospital was finally making Riven a free man after two weeks of hospitalization for the car accident he had been in that took the life of his girlfriend. He'd think about that later though, right now he had a butt revealing hospital gown to get out of.

A few minutes later Riven was dressed in loose fitting khaki shorts and an open blue striped button down shirt over a tight white tank top. He jumped into the elevator, signed the discharge papers at the front desk and waited for Anakin to pick him up. And waited. Then Riven waited some more. He tried to call his friend's cell phone, but all he got was a voice mail message saying that he was off camping with his friend and would get back to everyone when he could.

The line about camping really pissed Riven off because if Anakin was camping he couldn't pick Riven up from the hospital and he'd have to interrupt one of his other friends for a ride. Riven was going to do this whole thing from whose number he remembered first so he dialed Brandon's number.

"Yo?" Brandon asked in a distracted tone.

"Hey Brandon, it's Riven. I need a ride back to Red Fountain."

"Sorry buddy, I'm out with Stella. I can try to reach Anakin though."

"He's out of town." Riven spat back angrily . "He was supposed to pick me up in the first place."

"Whoa sorry man, well, I'll try anyway."

"I'm sure you will." Riven pressed the disconnect button in anger and tried Helia next. Of course Helia was probably meditating so his phone was off. So Topaz was next.


"Hey Topaz, it's Riven. I need a ride back from the hospital."

"Sorry bud, I thought Anakin was taking care of that."

"So did I."

"I thought you were getting out on the tenth."

"It is the tenth." Riven informed his friend dismally. He heard a voice in the background that sounded suspiciously like Sapphire- Topaz's girlfriend saying she'd call Aradia, 'Whoever that is,' Riven thought. "Just do whatever. I'll see ya later and don't let the teachers catch you with Sapphire in your room." He clicked off the phone and prepares to call Sky next since the blonde owed him a few favors. Fortunately for the prince of Eraklion, just as Riven was reaching for his cell phone Anakin's hoverbike pulled into the pick up loop.

Replacing his cell phone in the pocket of his shorts, Riven grabbed his duffle bag and strode out the door. "So, you were camping huh?" The red haired specialist chided not realizing that the person driving the hoverbike wasn't Anakin. Heck, the driver wasn't even a guy. "You really had me going man." Riven was so eager to leave the hospital he didn't even realize that the driver had a decent sized chest with a t-shirt bearing Fast Learner across the front.

The driver pulled off her helmet and shook her long ruby hair loose. "Uh, Anakin is in the woods dip shit." The driver informed Riven. "I'm Aradia, his sister." Her pine green eyes glared daggers into Riven's violet ones "I got roped into picking your sorry ass up because no one else was available. You are Riven, right?" Aradia peered into Riven's eyes as if trying to determine if he was who she was looking for.

"You mean no one else wanted to do it?" Riven sounded hurt that his friends couldn't make time to pick him up. Maybe they did in some ways blame him for the accident.

"So you are Riven? Why didn't you just tell me?"

"Yes, I'm Riven." And the specialist sighed audibly. "Sometimes I wish I wasn't though."

Aradia's eyes softened and she sighed. "I'm sorry, I forgot what happened. The guys all thought you were coming back he day after tomorrow and were planning a big surprise party then." The ruby haired girl smiled at Riven. "Don't tell them I told you or I'll be turned into a ham by one of their girls."

"My lips are sealed." Riven promised making a locked lip sign and causing Aradia to smirk. "So, can I get a ride?"

"I guess, just don't get too cozy back there or I'll turn you into something."

"No worries." He tossed his duffle bag onto the footboard of the hoverbike and Aradia handed him a helmet which he quickly fastened on his head.

"If you have no worries, then why are you still on the ground?" Aradia asked after she didn't feel the bike shift under Riven's weight.

"Because I'm a little nervous." He admitted sheepishly.

"Well, don't be." She pointed at the duffle bag. "Attatchous." Then she looked back at Riven. "Okay hop on."

"Can you point at me too?"

"Don't I wish? Just get on the damn bike or I'll leave you here."

Aradia sounded like she meant it so Riven hopped on and wrapped his arms around the girl's waist.

"Okay, can we go now?"

"Yes." Riven muttered into Aradia's back.

"Good," Aradia pressed her foot down on the gas causing the hoverbike to jump a few feet before starting out. Then the couple was on their merry way.

Driving back to Red Fountain

"Ow! Hey can you slow the Hell down please?" Riven cried as he bounced along behind Aradia. "Don't you now a spell or something to make this drive smoother?"

Aradia just turned back and glared at Riven then faced forward. Riven thought he heard her say something about how she wasn't a fairy. But if Aradia wasn't a fairy she was a witch and Riven wasn't about to mess with that again. So he stayed silent. Moments later they pulled into the parking lot of a Thai restaurant. Riven hated Thai food-well, actually he's never had Thai food, but he didn't want to try it right now. When Aradia parked the bike and Riven didn't make a move to get off she turned around with her eyes flashing. Obviously Aradia didn't have the most agreeable attitude or feel that patience was a virtue.

"What? I didn't say anything!" Riven held up his hands in self defense.

"No, but you were about to." Aradia's face softened. "Look I thought you were hungry and even if you're not I am."

"But, I've never had Thai food before."

"You're joking. You've never had Thai food?" She pointed over to a restaurant called Seoul Garden. "What about Korean?"


"Then you're going to have some now, even if I have to tie you down."

Riven laughed at Aradia's bad joke then they both walked into the restaurant.

Aradia suggested that Riven order Satay while she ordered bulgogi, which was actually Korean, but Aradia claimed it didn't matter since she had said they could try Korean food instead. Everything was going good until Riven went to the bathroom and Aradia got a call on her phone.

"Hello?" Aradia spoke into the receiver.

"Ari?" Asked the voice on the other line, it was Anakin one of the few people who could call Aradia by her nickname.

"I think so Anakin. Of course it could be another one of my personalities. What's up?"

"Nothing really, did you get Riven?"

"Yeah, he's a major pain in the ass too. He complained about my driving!"

"Smart guy."

"Ha, so what are you calling about?"

"I need a reason to call my wonderful sister?"

Aradia pretended to think for a moment. "No, not really. But if you think I'm about to tell him anything about me you're insane. So what's on your mind?"

"Just making sure you didn't tell him about the party." Anakin replied sounding defensive.

"My brother you wound me deeply. I have not told him about the- oh hi Riven."

Riven approached the table quietly since he saw that Aradia was on her phone, but apparently he wasn't quiet enough because she had spotted him. She turned and focused her intense green gaze on the hapless specialist momentarily stunning him.

"Hello, this realm to Riven." The cherry haired girl waved her hands in front of Riven's face trying to get his attention when he didn't answer.

"Yeah?" Riven replied half out of it.

"Hey, can I call you back bro?" Without waiting for a reply Aradia snapped the phone shut. "So, what's up?"

"What was that all about?" Riven asked slowly coming to.

"What did you hear?"

"You lying to Anakin about not telling me about the party." He smirked finding that he had caught Aradia off guard. "Don't worry, I'll keep your secret."


"About the party. Although why they want to have a party for me is beyond my comprehension. I killed her you know."

Aradia signaled to a waitress that she was ready to pay the bill. "Killed who?"

"Musa." He breathed the word painfully.

"I'll take his tab too ma'am." She told the waitress who then hurried back to the register. "You didn't kill anyone Riven. It was an accident."

Riven looked at her uncomprehending.

"You know, accident, where something unintentional happens. It's not like you went out with her looking for something to run into."

"But if I hadn't called her." He stopped

"Your check ma'am" The waitress announced kindly. "You can pay up there." She gestured to the register and left.

Aradia snatched up her bookbag and adjusted her jeans so they weren't creeping down her butt. "Look, it's fate, and you can't change fate. All you can do is remember the good times you had together and treasure those."

"You sound like my psychiatrist." was the jaded response.

"Well, maybe you'll listen to me. Because that psychiatrist sure didn't get through to you." She sighed. "Look, just try to get by day to day for right now and see how that works."

Riven got up and began to follow Aradia as she walked to the front of the restaurant. "And if it doesn't?"

"Well, then we start trying to work out the kinks."

I'm going to just end it here. I hope you enjoy it I hope that I don't get any flames, but I know that it's too much to ask. So I'll just tell all the flamers ahead of time that I'll make fun of you. Thank you.