I Hate to Love You

Summary: A sequel to my songfic: Last Kiss. Riven meets a new girl, but is worried about tarnishing Musa's memory and reluctant to fall in love again. Aradia has a few secrets and problems of her own. But you'll have to read on to find them out. And to anyone I offend with this, sorry. But you know what, I had a flamer yell at me and say don't you dare write a sequel- so here it is!

Note: I wrote this chapter before the second season revealed that Musa wasn't a princess here in the states. Besides, wouldn't it stand to reason that if Musa's father was denied the crown it would have passed on to someone else?

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Chapter Three: Within a Mile of Home

Aradia arrived back at Cloud Tower on her brother's bike with a few spells to try out. She was greeted by the sight Thorn and Lilith who were in the middle of a spirited discussion about plant spells versus fire spells.

"But are you sure that the plants will hold?" Lilith asked cautiously

"Yes quite. So, Dia how did it go picking up Mr. Optimism?" Thorn looked up at Aradia when she asked the question.

The girl in question shook her blood red hair from her face. "Well, he survived that Thai restaurant on Saffron and Colfax. And can't you be a bit nicer to him Thorn?"

"Aradia? Are you sick?" That voice belonged to Starla of Splendora. She was quite possibly the most snarky girl in all of Cloud Tower. If not only the entire freshmen class. "Because you just defended someone."

"Has is ever occurred to you that I… Oh never mind. Where's Emer I have a spell that requires some technical assistance."

Thorn and Lilith got up from where they were sitting and came over to give Aradia a group hug.

"Panda's still in your room if you want to talk with her before you find Emer." Lilith told Aradia tucking a strand of silvery blond hair behind her ear.

Pandora had only just found out that she and Musa were cousins (I will get to the whole thing really soon I promise) two weeks before the accident. The auburn haired girl was slowly coming to terms with the fact that the family member she had only just begun to know, aside from her aunt, was suddenly out of her life again. Not only that but she was now crown princess of Melody undisputed. Which for a girl raised in a democratic country was quite overwhelming to say the least.

"He's convinced that everyone hates him." Aradia whispered. "I hope this party we've concocted will work."

"Of course it will." Starla chirped breaking free of her friends. "I'm planning it so why shouldn't it work eh?"

"I think I'll go call Sapphire and the others to remind them to bring food." Thorn said suddenly. "Why don't you go cheer your friend up before you go to the crisis center?"

"Sure... but uh back to Emer… I need her assistance with a spell." Aradia tried again.

"We'll find Emer." Starla replied

"What kind of spell do you have in mind though?" Thorn sounded intrigued

"Time reversal on inanimate objects I can't remember the precise words for the one she taught me." The red haired witch sounded sheepish.

Lilith giggled. "Oh don't worry we'll have Emer over here and have Anakin's bike back to normal before he can say 'Dude where's my bike.'"

"Thanks girls. You're the best."
"And don't you forget it!" Starla called as Aradia ran up to find Pandora.

Aradia found Pandora throwing darts at a picture of a middle aged man with black hair and regal features. The earth witch was willing to bet her custom designed leva bike that the man in the picture was Panda's father and that the brunette wasn't very happy with him. The floor of the room Aradia shared with Pandora was littered with clothing- including three red one strap tank tops and a hip length blue plaid strapless sweater, books, pillows and papers.

"Riven's room looks better." Aradia muttered, realizing too late that she had mentioned the name of her roommate's least favorite person.

In response to her roommate's comment Pandora threw one of the darts right between her roommate's deep green eyes. "Sespondere" (1) Aradia whispered quickly causing the dart to become suspended just centimeters from her face, she plucked the dart from the air and glared at the violet eyed girl who had thrown it.

"Would you please take care not to mention that name in my hearing?" Pandora snapped hastily wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Would you please take care not to throw sharp objects at my face?" Aradia shot back, then she added softly, "Panda it wasn't his fault. It was the weather. I doubt that anyone could control something like that."

"You really need to stop working at that damn inter school crisis center."

"I gave him a card for it."

Pandora smiled condescendingly, a trait she had picked up since the funeral. "Do you really think he'd want to talk to you if he knew that you were a Cloud Tower freshman?"

The cold look on her roommate's face couldn't mask the pain in her eyes for Aradia. But, Aradia being who she was soon guessed the real reason of Pandora's bratty behavior. "Your father is trying to force you to transfer to Alfea isn't he?"

"Tell the girl what she's won." Pandora grumbled

"Hopefully not another object thrown at my face." Aradia gave her friend a meaningful look then went over and gave her a hug. "It'll be okay. We'll convince your dad that the people of Melody will accept a witch as their next queen. And if that doesn't work we'll turn him into a squirrel."

The thought of the stern king of Melody becoming a cute fuzzy woodland creature caused Pandora to break a smile. "Aren't you gonna be late? Fairies with emotional roller coaster relationships don't just fix themselves you know."

"Yeah I know. And all those girls thinking that they aren't thin enough… guys too." Aradia sighed, "I don't have to be there until five."

"Oh so I guess we could go…" Pandora was interrupted by the song Shoes coming from her cell phone. "Hey, Dia. Your jeans are ringing."

"Oh thanks." The red head dug her phone from the pocket of her jeans and flipped it open. "Yeah?

"Aradia where the Hell is my levabike !" Anakin shouted into the other end of the phone.

He was so loud that Aradia had to hold the phone away from her ear. "Anakin? Wha?" She yelled back causing her friends to cover their ears. "I didn't think you'd be back until late."

"Topaz called." Anakin explained at the exact same time Sapphire burst into the dorm room.

"Anakin…just…" The blue haired girl was nearly out of breath and trying to deliver her message. "Back… at Red…fountain and he's pissed."

"He's on the phone too." Pandora added.

"Oops. Sorry I tried to talk Topaz out of calling but he just wouldn't listen." Sapphire sounded apologetic as she sank onto Aradia's bed.

"Where's my bike?" Anakin repeated his question.

"It's right here." Aradia replied sheepishly.

"Where's here?"

"Here would be Cloud Tower school for witches."

Anakin groaned. "Why?"

"Because I had to go pick up Riven, Sapphire called me and asked me to do it since everyone seemed to have abandoned him." Aradia scolded.

"Everyone should have abandoned him." Pandora commented loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Panda!" Sapphire was shocked.

"I don't see why you and Lil had to be all Good Samaritan that night." The auburn haired girl was making reference to when Aradia and Lilith had stopped to save two crash victims who they later discovered were Riven and Musa. "You could have just left him to die from blood loss."

"That wouldn't have been bad karma." Lilith pointed out as she entered her friends' room. She had been listening cautiously to the entire conversation and decided to put her two cents in.

"Dear lady how many times do I have to explain this to you and Riven, what happened that night was an accident. It was caused by slick roads and faulty breaks!" Aradia added not bothering to turn from the window. "Mon Dieu!"

"What about my bike?" Anakin repeated. He would not be ignored.

"Relax and remember to breath dear brother of mine. Why don't you just have one of the guys drop you off at the crisis center and you can pick it up then?"

"The crisis center?"

"Yes, my extra credit for Participation in the Community knows no bounds." Aradia told her brother.

"Maybe she's expecting Riven to call?" Lilith suggested and Sapphire wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at the comment.

Aradia sighed loudly. "Just meet me there." She told her brother then quickly hung up.

"He didn't take that too bad." Sapphire commented to the other girls as Aradia left for the crisis center.

"Wait until Aradia gets back here." Lilith replied grinning. "If she still has her head on her shoulders then Anakin didn't take it too bad.


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