First, you all may be wondering why I added another chapter to this supposed one-shot but it's not really a chapter. It's actually a vote. I saw that a lot of people liked this a lot and I want to see if you wanted me to do another one like this. But you can also suggest who and what you want. It could also be Yami getting his revenge...

That's all I have to say except for reviewer responses. So vote please!

Reviewer Responses (In order from first to last)

Kyogue-And now you can see, I am actually planning to do more!

Chibichib-Thanks, I thought it was pretty cute too!

Yugikid-Just got to love April Fools, huh?

Feebeefi-Yes, poor Yami. But it had to be him for his reaction is priceless!

Sammygirl09-Same with you, poor Yami indeed. It's not like I enjoy making fun of him but every once in a while is okay.

Silverwolf407-Yep, I'm evil. And I agree, not too many of those Yugi tricking Yami stories so I had to make one!

golili-I'm glad you liked it. And sorry that I had to trick Yami like that but at least you still like it!

YamiYugiMot0-Glad that you could get on and, as you see, I'm planning on making another one! Your puppydog eyes are strong...

-Cookie- 1 Tohma 911 1-I agree with you a little bit about the GX thing and...Yami is better in my opinion but at times I like the others.

Just Pet The Bug-I am so sorry for being mean to Yami like that! It's the 4th time that I've said sorry so I'm sorry! And your not too thick...J/K!

Calligirl13-No problem, I'm happy to do it. And...sighs I am evil for making Yami torture so...Sorry!

Marisa-Wow, I'm guessing you found this pretty funny. So did I...except the fact that I made Yami be tortured so...And thanks, I've never had such a good compliment like that before! And, when/if I make another one, I hope you can like that one too. Vote also!

I speak for a lot of people when I say I'm sorry for making Yami get April Fooled so badly. I don't do that too often but he just had to be the bait for this trick. But I can make another one, character of your choice or Yami and Yugi again! It's totally up to you!