Warning: This chapter contains strong sexual content. It's also the last one.

Note: Now I know I'm getting raunchier. I had to make a lot of wording changes this time. That Adult rating over at mediaminer sure is liberating.

Chapter 8: Confession

Maiko's leadership club had spent the whole year planning the graduation ceremony and party. But once graduation day arrived, it would be pretty much out of her hands and Maiko would have nothing to do but chew her nails and pray nothing went wrong. Of course, there were last minute problems. The class valedictorian, a shy girl with thick glasses, was supposed to make the graduation speech, but two days before graduation, she caught Maiko between classes and begged to be let out of the honor.

"I couldn't speak in front of so many people!" Emiko Kintai exclaimed nervously. "Can't someone else do it?"

"Well, the valedictorian is supposed to speak," Maiko replied.

Emiko flushed. "I just don't think I can do it."

"What if you had a written speech? Could you just read that? You wouldn't even have to look up."

Emiko bit her lip. "I might be able to do that."

"All right. I'll have someone write a speech for you, ok?"

"Thanks, Maiko-san!" Emiko bowed quickly and hurried away.

Maiko sighed. Who was she going to get to write a speech for Emiko on such short notice? The best choice was probably Eiri Yuki, but Maiko was not sure she was ready to talk to him. It had only been three weeks since they broke up. But of course, she didn't need to ask him herself. She could have their counselor, Mr. Konoto, ask him.

Mr. Shintai, the journalism counselor, brought her the speech the next day. "Eiri Yuki hopes this speech is what you were looking for. He appreciates that you asked him to do it."

"He was the best choice. I'm glad he had the time." Maiko glanced at the paper and her eyes widened as she read. "Wow. This is really good."

"I think he stayed up all night working on it," Mr. Shintai said.

Maiko nodded absently as she continued to read. "He writes so well," she said when she finished. "Please thank Yuki-san for me and tell him how grateful I am."

"I will."

Maiko folded the speech carefully and put it away in the leadership folder in her backpack. I can give a copy to Emiko this afternoon so she can practice with it tonight. Eiri really put a lot of effort into this. She sighed. Despite what happened, she still liked him. If his affair had been with anyone else but Shuichi, she might have been able to stay friends with him. But Shuichi's heartbreak precluded that. Maiko sighed again.


At graduation, Eiri Yuki's speech was well received, despite Emiko's nervous delivery. It was the highlight of the graduation ceremony and everyone talked about it at the party afterward. Maiko was quick to give credit where it was due, which surprised her friends.

"You asked Eiri Yuki to write the graduation speech?" Hitomi exclaimed in surprise.

"I wasn't about to write it!" Maiko laughed. "I'm not good with words and Yuki-san is. Emiko was trying to weasel out on me so I needed a good speech she could just read."

"But I'm surprised you asked him."

"I didn't ask him myself. I haven't spoken to him since we broke up. But he was the best person to do it and I wanted the graduation ceremony to be perfect."

"It was perfect," Aiko said earnestly. "I cried."

"I noticed."

"There's Yuki." Naniko nodded in his direction.

"Surrounded by girls as usual," Hitomi noted. "They've been all over him like flies on honey since you broke up."

"He doesn't look happy, though," Aiko said. "It doesn't look like he's talking to them."

"With looks like that, he doesn't have to talk," Naniko said. "It's not fair that he can still be that good-looking after the way he treated you, Maiko."

"He didn't treat me that badly. We had a lot of fun together."

Naniko studied her face. "You're taking it pretty well."

Maiko shrugged. "Graduation is a time of transition, isn't it? We probably would have moved on from each other anyway. We're going to different universities."

"Very philosophical," Hitomi said approvingly. "And you'll meet a bunch of new guys at college. Better to show up unattached, I say, and take your pick there. As pretty as you are, Maiko, I bet they'll be queued up waiting to ask you out."

"You think so?" Maiko chuckled. "I suppose that's something to look forward to, but I think I'll focus on my studies first." She glanced at her watch. "I have to get home. My mother is planning a special graduation dinner for me."

"You're not going out?"

"No, so come by later. I have a present for you."

"Ok. I have one for you too. I'll bring it over."

"Great! See you later."

Mrs. Shindou's special dinner included all of Maiko's most favorite dishes. After dinner, Shuichi played a new song that he said he'd written especially for her, before retreating to his room. It felt like their family was finally getting back to normal, although Shuichi's withdrawn manner reminded Maiko how sad he still was.

When the doorbell rang later, Maiko jumped up to answer it. "That's for me!" Hitomi was the first of her friends to stop by, but others showed up as the evening progressed. Maiko had gifts to exchange with all of them. Whichever gifts she still had at the end of the evening, she planned to deliver the next day. She still had quite a few left when the doorbell rang for the seventh time that evening.

Maiko was so stunned to find Eiri Yuki standing outside that she just stared at him without speaking.

"Maiko, may I speak with you?"

"Uh… of course." She opened the door so he could come in.

He stepped into the entryway and slipped out of his shoes. "I would like to apologize to you and to your parents. It seemed fair to do it in person so you could slap my face if you wanted to." He smiled slightly.

Maiko almost laughed. "I'm not going to hit you, Eiri-san. But I would like an explanation." She fixed her eyes on his face. "Did you ask me out just so you could have a relationship with Shuichi?"

"No." He met her gaze evenly.

"Then why did you start seeing him?"

"I fell in love with him."

Maiko stared. "But… if you care about him, why have you been ignoring him? He's absolutely heartbroken."

"Your mother called me that night and asked me to leave him alone so he could get over me. But I don't want him to get over me. I want him back." He glanced toward the living room. "I came to ask your parents permission to date him. Openly."


"What I did was wrong, Maiko. I should have told you as soon as I started seeing him. I didn't mean to hurt you and I never wanted to hurt him. Shuichi is the most important person in the world to me."

"Wow." To her surprise, Maiko was relieved rather than angry. "I am upset that you deceived me, but I'm glad that you weren't deceiving Shuichi. He really loves you."

"Will you ask your parents if they'll see me?"

"Sure. Come in." Maiko led the way into the living room.

Mrs. Shindou looked up and frowned angrily. "I thought I said you were no longer welcome here, Yuki-san."

Yuki immediately knelt down in front of Mr. and Mrs. Shindou and bowed all the way to the floor with his hands in front of him. "I have come to offer my profoundest apologies for my behavior. I will make no excuses. I kept my feelings for Shuichi a secret out of a sense of personal pride." He straightened up. "Mrs. Shindou, I have respected your request that I leave Shuichi alone. But now I am asking for your permission to begin seeing him again. Shuichi is very important to me. I want to be with him."

"Shuichi is too young for the kind of relationship you got him involved in," Mrs. Shindou said. Mr. Shindou nodded his agreement with an angry glare.

"I won't have sex with him again while he's still in high school."

"You'll understand if I'm not prepared to just take your word for that," Mrs. Shindou replied archly.

Yuki inclined his head slightly. "It's probably just as well. I doubt I would keep my word. I love Shuichi very much."

"You expect us to say yes after making a statement like that?" Mr. Shindou snapped.

"Mom," Maiko interrupted. "I think we should let Shuichi decide. It's his life."


"And he's not that young," Maiko added with a smile. "I'll go get him." She immediately left the room.


Shuichi sat in front of his keyboard but he wasn't playing. He was thinking about Yuki as usual and suffering from a fairly advanced state of arousal.

"Why can't I stop thinking about him?" he muttered darkly. "He used me! I should hate him! Dammit!" But it was impossible to hate Eiri Yuki. Every time Shuichi tried, the memories of all the fun things they'd done together, besides sex, kept coming back to him and made him miss Yuki's company even more. Thinking about the sex just put him in the state he was in now: so achingly aroused he had to sit on his hands to keep from touching himself.

And he absolutely refused to jerk off while thinking about Yuki. That seemed too pathetic even for him.

"Shuichi!" Maiko called from downstairs. "Can you come to the living room, please? We need to talk to you."

Shuichi sighed. His parents had done nothing but talk to him for the past few weeks. His mother seemed to think he was still a little boy who should not know anything about sex. With resignation, he trudged to the top of the stairs. "What is it?"

"Come to the living room."

Shuichi sighed again and thumped down the stairs. "What's it about?" he began, but stopped dead when he entered the living room. Eiri Yuki knelt in front of his parents, looking as beautiful as only Eiri Yuki could. "Yuki…" he breathed. Desire nearly swamped him and it took every ounce of willpower he possessed not to fling himself into Yuki's arms.

Maiko put her arm across his shoulder. "Shuichi, Yuki has come over to apologize and ask for permission to date you. What do you think? Should we let him?"

Shuichi swallowed. "Date me?" He was completely confused. "I don't understand."

Yuki stood up and faced him. "I love you, Shuichi. Please forgive me for hurting you. I want to start seeing you again."

"Love… me…?" Shuichi blinked at him. None of this made any sense at all. His parents were staring at him and he wondered if they could tell how aroused he was.

Yuki smiled. "Yes." He stepped to Shuichi and cupped his face in his hands. "I think I fell in love with you the first time I saw you standing there in that apron with the tomato spatters all over it. I want you back. I want to spend all my free time with you again. I want to hold you in my arms and tell you every day how much you mean to me." He looked into Shuichi's eyes. "If you want me."

Shuichi just stared. "Want you?" He licked his lips. "Have I ever wanted anything else? I love you more than anything in the world."

They might as well have been alone in the room. Shuichi was no longer aware of his sister, his parents or even the room around him. All he could see were Yuki's beautiful hazel eyes. And then Yuki kissed him, right there in front of everyone. Shuichi very nearly came on the spot.

"I think that answers the question," Maiko said calmly.

"But…" Mrs. Shindou began.

"Give up, Mom," Maiko said. "Shuichi belongs with Yuki. We may as well accept it." She clasped Yuki and Shuichi each on the shoulder. "You two better be good to each other. I have a lot invested in this relationship." She grinned at Shuichi. "Now why don't you take Yuki upstairs? Mom and Dad and I need to talk. They already like Yuki, so what does it matter which one of us he's dating? They'll come around."

"Now see here…!" Mr. Shindou began.

"I don't think…" Mrs. Shindou began at the same time. They both began issuing objections in stern voices.

Shuichi looked away from them and bit his lip. "Maiko," he whispered, "you know what will happen if I'm alone with Yuki."

"Try not to make too much noise," she whispered back. She winked at him. "Go on. I was the president of the leadership club. If I can't make a compelling argument in your favor, no one can."

Shuichi didn't wait another second. He caught Yuki by the hand and fled the room. He could hear his parents arguing with Maiko as he pulled Yuki up the stairs and into his bedroom. He locked the door and put his back against it with a giggle. "I don't believe it! She practically told us to go to bed! And right in front of our parents!" He giggled again.

Yuki regarded him steadily. "I am truly sorry for hurting you, Shuichi. I should have told you that I loved you."

A shiver of happiness ran down Shuichi's spine. "Just keep saying it. I'll never get tired of hearing those words from your lips."

Yuki took Shuichi in his arms and kissed him deeply. Shuichi kissed back, his erection throbbing against Yuki's pelvis.

"I have the lubricant," Yuki whispered in his ear.

"Bless you!" Shuichi whispered back. He fumbled at the zipper of his trousers. He couldn't yank them down fast enough. He nearly tripped trying to hop to the bed and take his feet out of the pant legs at the same time. He scrambled onto the bed on his knees while yanking off his shirt and then bent over so Yuki could lubricate him. He gasped as Yuki began working the cream into him.

"I missed you," Yuki said softly. "I missed your cheerfulness and your goofy laugh; I missed the way you turn everything into a song. I missed kissing you; I missed touching you; I missed tasting you; I missed listening to you moan with pleasure when I took you." He squirted more lubricant onto his fingers and continued applying it. "But most of all, I missed hearing your voice when we talked after making love." He bent over and kissed the small of Shuichi's back. Then he caught Shuichi's hips and jammed himself in with a hard thrust of his hips.

Shuichi gasped. Yuki put his arms around him and pulled him upright, holding Shuichi's body against his. He leaned back, spreading Shuichi's legs and driving himself in farther, stabbing up into Shuichi with hard, deep thrusts. Shuichi cried out and Yuki put a hand over his mouth, muffling the cries of joy that Shuichi couldn't hold in. Shuichi came, the orgasm slamming into his body in waves, crashing up and down in him until it crested in a climax that stunned him into silence. Yuki muffled his own cries against Shuichi's shoulder and Shuichi could feel Yuki coming inside him.

They sank down against the bed as the pleasure faded and Shuichi felt tears running down his cheeks.

"I love you, Shuichi," Yuki whispered into his ear.

"Oh Yuki!" Shuichi exclaimed softly. "I am so happy!"

"I'm glad. I never want to make you sad again."

"I'll never be sad as long as you love me."

Yuki rolled Shuichi onto his back and pushed his legs apart. He lay down on top of him and slipped his arms under Shuichi's shoulders.

Shuichi wrapped his arms and legs around Yuki and kissed him deeply. "I like being with you like this."

"Me too." Yuki kissed him on the nose. "Sing something for me."

"I can't sing with you lying on my chest. I can't get any air."

"I want to hear your voice." Yuki shifted down so he could rest his head on Shuichi's chest. "Sing."

"If you insist." Shuichi didn't try to put much force into his voice. After all, the sound only had to carry a few inches to Yuki's ear. He sang a love song, but a happy one, because that was how he felt.

Yuki sighed when he finished. "That was pretty." He kissed the middle of Shuichi's chest. "I didn't keep my promise to your mother for very long."

"What promise?"

"That I wouldn't have sex with you while you were still in high school."

"You promised her that?"

"I figured she would want to hear something like that. I did deflower her little boy, after all."

"I'm glad you didn't keep that promise."

Yuki put his head back down on Shuichi's chest.



"Why did you come back?"

Yuki lifted his head and smiled at him. "Your best friend, Hiroshi Nakano, came to see me and he made me realize what a fool I was being. You should thank him when you see him."

"What did he say?"

Yuki shook his head. "It's not important. The result is what matters."

Shuichi was silent for a moment.



"Say it again."

Yuki chuckled. "I love you, Shuichi."

Shuichi sighed happily. "Will you say it to me every day?"


"Will you make love to me again?"

"Yes." Yuki shifted forward and rubbed his erection against Shuichi's bottom. "I was wondering when you were going to ask."

Shuichi kissed him. "Don't hurry, ok? I want to enjoy it."

"That's just what I was planning."

The End

Now that it's over, I admit that Yuki is somewhat out of character, but I was feeling a little frustrated at the end of the manga that Yuki never said the words, even if he admitted that he wanted to be with Shuichi. So part of my motivation for writing this story was just to make Yuki say "I love you, Shuichi." Ah, the beauty of fan-fiction, where you can re-shape the world to suit yourself and other like-minded people.

I realize I've also left a lot of unresolved details. Do Shuichi's parents accept his relationship with Yuki? Will Tohma start to interfere? How does Hiro feel about the resumption of their relationship? Does Maiko get involved with someone else? What happens when Yuki leaves for college? Well… if I wrapped up every detail, I wouldn't have material for a sequel, now would I? Of course, that doesn't mean I'll write one, I just like to keep my options open. (I'm such a tease…)