The Art of Subtlety

by: Feral Panda Chick,
A Voyage Into Uncharted Waters

She'd finally worked up the courage. She was gonna do it. She was gonna do it this time, for real, for always and forever.

Scheris was going to confront Mimori.

The blue-haired teen saw her across the foyer, eating her lunch delicately. Wasn't that everything about her? Delicate face, delicate body, delicate attitude... everything she couldn't be. Martial arts enthusiast, perky and blatant, gung-ho HOLY member... but nothing delicate about it. She suddenly looked down at her hands, feeling irrationally ashamed of herself.

The course of her thoughts had led her to the table where Mimori currently resided. The woman looked up at her, curious but inviting.

"Hello, Scheris-san. Would you care to have a seat?" She'd almost forgotten something. Delicate voice.

"...Yes, that would be nice." For a while, she only thought as Mimori quietly ate a gyoza, then proceeded to munch on her spinach gomaae. Still, the delicate trend.

"Kiryu-san," she blurted out suddenly. "I just wanted to tell you...I'm not giving up on Ryuhou."

She paused halfway through her gomaae.

"I know that you know each other from a long time ago. I also know that you're more ladylike than I could ever hope to be... raised the way you were, and I mean no offense." Scheris finished, exhaling a long breath that felt like it had been waiting to be released for years instead of just a few short moments.


"Wait, please."

Mimori accommodated her.

"Ryuhou is a great person... a great man... and I have no intention of letting him go without a fight, despite the fact that you have several years on me... in both age and knowing him. And, I suppose, knowing how to be a woman."

"Now, if you'll oblige me a few words, Scheris-san..."

"Of course."

"Tell if I'm wrong, but I do believe you have a silly notion of what a real woman is supposed to be." said Mimori with a smile.

The girl stared. "W-what?"

"A lady is not knowing what to say, or knowing how to tell fifteen different eating utensils from each other, or having lots of money, or being a silent porcelain doll. A true woman is someone who is dependable and honest, respected and loved and cared for! Not some meek, delicate thing that can't say a word in her own defense."

Scheris simply gaped.

"Now, Ryuhou may not love you as you'd like him too, but he certainly cares for you as a good friend. So don't take that for granted, alright? And please, call me Mimori-san."

Gathering up her lunch stuffs, Mimori proceeded to the garbage, then to the elevator. When she was done being in shock, Scheris smiled a big grin.

No, delicate was not the right word. Subtle was the correct definition. Subtle actions... She got the job done – 'Just like me,' thought the girl with a touch of contentedness – just in a less obtrusive manner. On opposite ends of the scale, but still on the same scale.

A true woman.

gyozo: Somewhat hard to explain. Similar to potstickers or dumplings.

gomaae: A common Japanese side dish.

So whadja think? Yeah, I'm totally stalling for time (-cough-WAGESOFSIN-end cough-), but...tell me everything! Grammar... spelling...characterization...Ryuhou jackassery - wait, he wasn't in this, was he? -snicker snicker-