This is my take on what would have happened . . . on the season finale if Marissa, Seth, and Summer didn't know that Ryan was going to confront Trey. (Just to let you know I changed things around, to work towards what I wanted in the story!)

Disclaimer: I Don't OwnAny Of These Characters!

The O.C.

Trey's hands gripped Ryan's throat tightly. "I hate you Ryan!" Trey screamed, as tears rolled down his cheeks. Ryan felt the threads of his consciousness slipping away; he wasn't getting enough oxygen.

Trey was blinded by fury, angry that Ryan got everything and he was stuck without anything. He slowly began to gain control of his emotions as Ryan's eyes rolled into the back of his head. The older brother finally let go as Ryan fell limply onto the rough carpet.

Trey's little brother had no fight left in him, his face was an unnatural shade of purple contrasting against his azure lips. The bruises on Ryan's face steadily got darker. But none of that mattered now, Ryan wasn't even breathing anymore.