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Seth took the stairs two at a time, watching his feet to ensure that there would
be no accidents, what he was so accustomed to. Somehow he was dreading this; he
shook his head angrily. The teenager had been so optimistic in the car, what had
changed? Maybe it was the fact that his lack of sleep, doubled with his horified
dread of might not getting to see his brother ever again had finally caught up
to him.

He sighed heavily as a pressure on his shoulder snapped him from his
unsettling realization. Seth looked over to see his father holding his
shoulders protectively trying to expel any doubt the young boy had.

"It's going to be okay Seth, we're going to find him. I promise," Sandy
soothed, whispering the words into his ear.

Sandy watched as Seth's expression changed from a look of utter despair, to one
of a mild somberness. The feeling of failure as a parent had been laughing at
him from the shadows; the weight of the world on his shoulders was nothing
compared to the mental anguish afflicted upon him right now.

He missed his son; it was a simple factor. He remembered when Seth went to
summer camp as a child, Kirsten always made fun of him for his actions of that
day. The lawyer had cried and begged the eight-year-old to stay, he had even
tried to bribe the young boy. But to no avail, the boy put on his best 'let me
do this' face and went to become a Wigwam for the summer.

As the years went on, Sandy hoped that when Seth and Ryan did leave home it
wouldn't be so hard for him. No man could ever feel as wrong as he did right

Ryan wasn't just missing, he was gone without a trace and there was only the
slight possibility that they would find him. Officers had told him repeatedly
that the first forty-eight hours were the most crucial to locating a missing
person, and the Cohens were moving onto the fifth day.

Sandy was getting up in his years, along with his wife. Seth and Ryan were his
children, the very epitome of what he had spent his life working for. Both him
and Kirsten would testify to that. So much joy had been brought when Seth was
born, and it was only added to when Ryan came into their lives.

Kirsten watched her boys walk in the comfort of each other's company, she had
taught them well. It took every ounce of hope to keep her from falling apart
now. Only a mother who had been in this position before could ever understand

Sandy got to the door and pounded hard, making thumping sounds that echoed
through the neighborhood. While waiting for an answer, Sandy looked around
observing his surroundings. The sky was a mass of dark clouds, silently
threatening a storm in the near future. Somehow it brought on a weird sense of
satisfaction, the current atmosphere fitted his mood well. He wasn't happy, he
was worried and angry. Time was running thin and he knew it, or more or less
felt it.

Theresa opened the door, her mouth steadily dropping open at her surprise
guests. When she finally got her bearings back, a bright smile replaced her
uttered shocked expression.

"Oh no, it's the Cohens. Should I be worried?" she asked jokingly. Her
eyebrows furrowed at the sad expressions that the Cohens held strongly. She
quickly tried to backtrack, did she say something wrong? Then it dawned on her,
no Ryan.

"Where's Ryan?" the words had stung the chilled California air.

Sandy's eyebrows went together quickly, what was she talking about? She knew
Ryan was missing, Trey had told her. "What do you mean where is Ryan? He's been
missing for days, Trey said that he asked you if he's been around, then told me
that you would keep an eye out for him."

Theresa shook her head furiously, what the hell was Sandy talking about? The
last time she had spoken two words to Trey was when he came looking for Arturo,
which was almost three weeks ago. "Um... Mister Cohen? I haven't spoken to Trey
in almost three weeks, I didn't know Ryan was missing."

Seth's mouth dropped open, and the realization dawned on him. What the hell was
going on? Trey had lied, but why would he do that? Didn't he want to find Ryan,
or did he already know where Ryan was?

Sandy felt something inside him change, it wasn't really something he could
explain. It was like someone had opened a new door for him to walk through. Trey
had lied, and he had been really antsy when they had last seen each other, this
had to mean something. He had come way too far to go home with the same
hopelessness they had come with.

"Sandy what does this mean?" Kirsten asked a little fearfully. Trey must know
where Ryan is, why would he go to such lengths to lie if he hadn't? The
questions kept coming, and the outcome was becoming even more gruesome as she
thought of things his crack-head of a brother could be doing to him right now.

"I don't know, maybe there is an explanation for all of this," Sandy
defended, trying to sort out his feelings, and dominating father instincts.

Both Kirsten and Seth gave Sandy a deathly glare that brought the quote, "If
looks could kill," shooting into his head.

"Like hell there is!" Kirsten blared angrily, ripping the keys from Sandy's
hand. She darted to the car, ready to leave her husband behind. "When I get my
hands on that boy..." Kirsten mumbled as her spouse and son clambered into the
car. She peeled away from the curb, steadily going over the speed limit.

Theresa stood in the doorway with her mouth agape, making a mental note not to
make Mrs. Cohen angry ever.

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