"But there was another prophecy, saying I should find the Star Memory for a face of Resha, a planet's sword and a blacksmiths silver, at first it made no sense to me at all….but I've just figured out…." Aura turned to them and smiled weakly. "Those people they wanted me to meet, the people they wanted me to fight with was you guys so I'm not going to say anything mushy and don't expect me to be sweet, but I need to join your journey, it's my destiny."

Everyone smiled at her. She had proven her self clever, powerful, determined and persistent and now she was going to be on their team.

The reason why the engine had shut down was because Mother Energy was so strong on the island it overwhelmed the ship and caused the engines to shut down, and when Aura had received the power from the waterfall the overwhelming of the energy was back under control.

After Aura gave Elie her tonfa blasters back, they were all on the ship, Aura took long thoughtful looks at the island, mostly at the waterfall.

"Something on your mind?" Musica asked.

"Somethings always on my mind…."

"I know." Musica leaned on the railing next to her as the ship started to lift off the ground. "You're a 12-year-old always-thinking genius, but nonetheless, I want to know your thoughts about this one."

"It's just, I know it sounds really weird but because all my Mother's power was in here...I've always felt like her spirit was here, with me in that waterfall, now her power and spirit will always be with me…but...well, I've never been good with changes…."

Musica smiled.

Aura looked awakwardly at him. "Why are you always looking at me like that?"

"Dunno. You're weird but you're normal, your energetic but you're gloomy and mellow, you're happy but sad inside…I really don't know…you're just different…and, well, I guess I like it…."

Aura didn't even turn to him to see his face, she just sighed. They could almost not see the island at all.

"Nothin' to worry about kid. We're a team now, consisting of a planets sword, a blacksmiths silver, a face of Resha and an angel…."