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"Well Amy, I'm sorry. We can't get a hold of Dr. Brown, so we'll have to perform the surgery now." The nurse said as she walked in Amy's room.

"Oh god . . ." Amy and Sonic said in unison.

"Amy please get onto this stretcher." The nurse told Amy.

Amy had just noticed that the nurse had brought a stretcher with her when she walked in. So with difficulty and reluctance, the pink hedgehog climbed onto the bed-on-wheels. The nurse pushed her down a series of halls as Sonic trailed behind, looking at the floor.

'What's gonna happen to Ames . . .' He kept repeating to himself.

The nurse finally reached the necessary room and pushed the stretcher to the center of the room. It was a very small room that looked like it never really got any use.

"Okay, you two wait here while I get our specialist surgeon." The nurse told the hedgehogs as she left.

"Amy, you'll be okay. I know for sure." Sonic tried to comfort her, but it didn't seem to work.

"Oh come on! You heard the nurse! This surgery is gonna kill me!" She yelled out of anger and frustration.

"You don't know for sure. This could help you out a lot." Sonic said. He had to find some way to comfort her, and himself.

"Okay, I'm your surgeon, Doctor Jones." The new lady said as she walked in with he same nurse.

"Let's start straight away before it's too late." She said as she started to prepare a shot.

Amy could start to feel her nervousness reach a level that it never had reached before. She gulped.

"This injection will only sting for a bit and then you'll fall asleep." Said the surgeon, trying to sound reassuring.

'Yeah right!' Amy said to herself in her thoughts.

Next thing she felt was a stinging prick in her arm and she grabbed the sheets as hard as she could to try to release some of the pain. She felt her body go limp without her control and her world went black.


Shadow ran through the entrance doors as fast as he could and went straight to the front desk.

"Please . . . What room is . . . Amy Rose staying . . .in?" He gasped for air.

"Oh I'm sorry. That patient can not see any visitors due to an operation." The lady said.

"Just tell me what room!" Shadow yelled at her.

She obviously got scared and told him.

"Room 59A" She said, her voice uncontrollably quivering.

He dashed off so fast that the lady later on claimed that he disappeared in thin air. He sped through many halls and dodged many people. He found the room and quickly opened the door to find a nurse, a surgeon, and a blue hedgehog all staring directly at him. The black and red Hedgehog also saw a pink hedgehog, unconscious, lying on a stretcher.

"Shadow!" Sonic screamed out of pure rage and ran toward him.

"Wait! Sonic, stop!" Shadow yelled at him while dodging his blows. "I brought Amy's medicine!"

Sonic froze. "You what?" The cobalt hedgehog said, clearly calming down.

"I brought the medicine Amy needs!" He repeated. He unclenched his gloved fist to reveal the orange container. Sonic grabbed it away from Shadow and looked at it. He rushed it over to the surgeon.

"This is it! How'd you get it?" Dr. Jones asked.

"It's a long story, just give it to her!"

She prepared another shot and pricked Amy with it, but nothing happened.

"Uh oh. The injection that's supposed to wake her up isn't working. That means . . ."

"What does it mean!" Sonic yelled. He could feel himself starting to panic.

"It means that we either have to wait for her to wake up-" The specialist was interrupted by a loud beep that was beeping rapidly. "We're losing her!"

Shadow and Sonic rushed to Amy's bedside and the doctor pulled out devices that apparently were supposed to save her. She pulled out the ones that give you a shock of electricity (what are they called?) and placed the two square tools on Amy's chest.

"Clear!" The surgeon shouted.

A loud buzz was heard and Amy arched her back up as the electricity shot throughout her body. The rapid beeping continued.

"Clear!" She shouted again. This time the process worked and Amy shot up into a sitting position, now wide awake. That took most of her energy away from her and she collapsed back down on her back.

"Amy, please take this." Dr. Jones gave Amy a pill that was awkward looking, but she took it nevertheless. She gulped it down and fell asleep. Sonic made a motion to try to wake Amy up, but the nurse stopped him.

"Let her sleep; she's been through a lot." Dr. Jones said peacefully. She and the nurse left and Shadow followed. Sonic didn't want to stop him, but he just said something.

"Why'd you bring the medicine I thought you hated Amy." He stated, looking at Amy and caressing her hand.

"I don't hate her. I have feelings for her." With that, he walked out the door, and that was the last Sonic ever saw of him.

A couple hours later Amy woke up.

"W-what happened?" Amy asked while sitting up.

"It's a long story, I'll tell you when we get to your house." Sonic whispered.

He picked her up marriage style and brought her to her house. Amy asked the same question again, and Sonic told her, not leaving out a single detail. She was shocked.

Sonic stayed with her for a week, but soon had to leave to go beat Eggman once again. By now, Amy was completely healed. Amy insisted on coming, but Sonic wouldn't let her.

"It won't take long, and I'll be back as soon as I can." Was all he would say. He kissed Amy softly and went on his journey. She waved after him until he was out of sight then went inside and closed the door. She looked out the window at the peaceful view outside her house. She could've have sworn she saw Shadow whiz by, but she brushed it off as a hallucination.

Shadow ran by Amy's place and saw her looking out the window. He felt himself blush lightly as he continued to who knows where.

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