A fierce battle is taking place between the five Dino Rangers and one of Mesogog's in the city side of Reefside. The rangers are battling a lizard like creature and are trying to end the fight but the monster is still keeping up with the five rangers.

"I'm getting tired of this! Tyranno Staff!" shouted Conner, the red ranger.

He jumped in the air and hit the monster with his staff. The monster fell back a little but that still didn't budge him.

Kira, Trent, and Ethan meanwhile were busy fighting the tyrannodrones, Mesogog's henchmen. One of the tyrannodrones grabbed Kira, the yellow ranger and threw her twenty where she hit a wall. The tyrannodrone came running over to finish off Kira until Trent, the white ranger high kicked the goon out of commission. Trent then went over to help Kira.

"Kira, are you alright?" the white ranger questioned?

"I would be if these things weren't attacking us all the time," the yellow ranger said angrily.

"Then how about we finish these guys off," the white ranger replied.

Then both rangers went back into the fight to help Ethan, the blue ranger with the rest of the tyrannodrones.

"Alright that does it," the blue ranger said angrily. "Tricera shield!" yelled the blue ranger.

The blue ranger used his weapon as if he got recharged with more power and started hitting several tyrannodrones to the ground. Like wise, the yellow and white rangers were also taking down the other tyrannodrones with their weapons. Finally all of the tyrannodrones were taken care of and disappeared.

The black ranger and red ranger were busy fighting the lizard monster who was having an easy time battling the two rangers.

"You rangers are pathetic. I would have expect more from all five of you, especially you black ranger since you've been a ranger the longest," the monster said to the rangers.

All five rangers regrouped with Tommy being in the middle while Ethan and Kira being on Tommy's right side and Conner and Trent being on Tommy's left side.

"Big words coming from an overgrown lizard. Alright, you want it then you'll get it. Rangers, combine weapons!" exclaimed Tommy, the black ranger, leader, and mentor of the Dino Rangers.

Conner, Kira, and Ethan's weapons combined and became Z-Rex blaster. Conner moved into the center with the other four rangers right next to him.

"Weapon ready!" shouted Conner.

"Fire!" Tommy shouted.

And with that, the Z-Rex blaster fired and hit the monster. The blast was to powerful for the monster and the monster fell to the ground, defeated. The rangers began to celebrate when suddenly thick clouds formed and water poured to the grown reenergizing the monster and making it bigger.

Tommy grabbed his Brachio staff. "Brachio Zord!" shouted the black ranger.

The Brachio Zord came walking out. The Tyrannozord, Tricerzord, and Pterazord came out of the sides of the Brachio Zord, which acted like a carrier to the other zords. The red, blue, and yellow rangers got into their zords.

"Let's get these zords into full power," exclaimed the red ranger.

"Thundersaurus Megazord!" all three rangers shouted.

All three zords combined to form the Thundersaurus Megazord. With that, the three rangers knew that the megazord would be a match for the monster.

"That thing couldn't even open a can let alone me! You rangers are going to be in for it," said the monster.

"Can opener?" questioned the blue ranger.

"If he's looking for a can then we've got what he's looking for," said the yellow ranger.

"Dimetrozord now!' shouted all three rangers.

The Dimetrozord combined to form a saw blade with the rest of the megazord. The magazord finished the monster by using the saw blade to attack the monster and destroy him. The three rangers cheered and gave each other high fives while the black and white rangers also cheered. The rangers defeated another one of Mesogog's monsters again.