Thanks to everyone who read my story. I meant a lot to me. Hopefully I'll write some more when I have the time and hopefully, more people will read my next story, whatever it may cover, either from television show, movie, cartoon, etc.

Now for the answers to some of your questions. I believe the Alpha that was in "Forever Red" was referred to in the shooting script was called Alpha 7. I read that somewhere. So I decided to show Alpha 5 since we really didn't know in reality if he still around. But in my story, he is.

As for Trent teleporting, I guess I thought the Dino Rangers did teleport. Oh well, no biggie.


Mesogog's Lair

Mesogog was still looking at the monitor that showed the fights between Elsa and Zeltrax verses Trent and also Renegade verses the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He couldn't believe that he had lost the fight. Victory was almost in his grasp but the rangers had won again.

Mesogog then grabbed the champagne bottle that was right next to the monitors and broke it into several pieces. The rest of the champagne fell to the ground with te pieces of the bottle. Mesogog then dropped the rest of the cracked bottle, which made the bottle crack into several more pieces.

Zeltrax and Elsa entered from a door. Mesogog put his left arm out towards Elsa and Zeltrax and a burst of energy hit the two. Both Elsa and Zeltrax fell to the ground, overcome by pain.

"You cost me another victory!" Mesogog shouted.

"My lord!" Zeltrax cried out.

"Master, please hear us out," added Elsa who was holding her hands to her head because of having a lot of pain.

"I'm tired of excuses," Mesogog yelled. "We keep on losing to the power rangers."

"But………there……was another………………that was…….even……more….powerful…..than the….Dino……ra, ra, rangers," Elsa responded trying to reply with the pain she was feeling.

Mesogog thought of Elsa's statement for several seconds and then stopped torturing the both of them.

Elsa and Zeltrax, stunned, slowly got up from the ground.

"If it wasn't for that blasted original team that should have been taken care of years ago by Rita and Zedd, we could have already taken over the Earth," Mesogog stated.

Mesogog walked over to his chair and sat in it while continuing to speak.

"But, the war is still far from over and I intend to win it," added Mesogog.

Zeltrax and Elsa looked at each other and back at their master nodding in agreement with evil smiles.

Tommy's House

It was a quarter until 9 that night. The Dino rangers along with the original Mighty Morphin rangers, Hayley, and Alpha were in the front living room congratulating each other for a job well done. Trent was kind of quiet since he had used Tommy's old white tiger morpher to stop Zeltrax and Elsa, even though he was instructed by Jason not to use it. Jason walked over to Trent who was a little further away from the rest of the company.

"Hey Trent, is it/" Jason asked looking at Trent.

Trent quickly locked eyes with Jason. "Yes that's my name."

"Look, I know I told you earlier not to use the white tiger power, but you helped us when we were busy. I admire that," Jason started.

Trent's eyes got bigger after Jason had made his comment. "Wow, it was nothing. It was just something that needed to be done," Trent replied.

"Well no hard feeling, okay?" Jason added as he extended his hand to shake Trent's.

"Agreed," Trent replied smiling and shaking Jason's hand.

By then the rest of the people in the house had been watching Jason and Trent for the last minute.

"Wow Jason, I didn't think you couldn't be cocky for a minute!" Tommy laughed. "Good job."

"Ha ha, very funny," Jason said smiling.

Suddenly the phone rang. Tommy walked over and picked up the phone.

"Ya, uh huh. Uh huh. Okay, Ya, alright thanks again," said Tommy who then hung up the phone.

"What's going on Dr. O?" Questioned Kira

"That was the superintendent. She said because of the damage at the high school, there won't be any school tomorrow," Tommy stated.

"Yes no school," Conner enthusiastically said. "I can sleep in."

"I can be on my computer all night long tonight and all day tomorrow playing computer games," Ethan commented.

"Dude, you're always on your computer," Conner pointed out.

Ethan gave Conner a sarcastic face.

"I can come up with some more lyrics on a song I'm currently working on," Kira replied.

"And I can, um……" Trent was trying to think.

"You can help me tomorrow at the café," Hayley said finishing Trent's thought.

"You wouldn't mind if I had the day off do you?" Trent asked, hoping that Hayley would agree with his request.

"Well, you did help save the city. I guess so," Hayley smiled at Trent.

Trent nodded at Hayley, thanking her and smiling at her.

Tommy looked at his old friends who helped him beat Mesogog earlier tonight.

"Guys, the Dino rangers, Hayley, and myself can't thank you enough for helping us out. It means a lot to us," Tommy said.

"Hey, we're all a team that's on a mission, trying to defend Earth from crime and from all sorts of alien scum who want to take the planet over," Jason responded.

"That's what Zordon taught us, to fight for good," Trini added.

"Zordon would have been proud of you guys for helping out the Dino Rangers," Alpha 5 said.

Alpha turned his attention to Tommy and the rest of the Dino Rangers. "I also know Zordon would have been proud that you Tommy are continuing to guide the new rangers with their mission on defending Earth," Alpha added. "And he would have been proud of you all, Conner, Trent, Kira, Ethan, and Hayley, for also continuing the fight to stop evil wherever it persists."

The Dino rangers, Tommy, and Hayley smiled at Alpha. It meant a lot to them what Alpha said.

"If you ever need our help, you can contact us, since we have our powers back," Jason commented. "We'll be able to help you with your fight against Mesogog."

"I will," responded Tommy.

"Good cause I had a heck of a good time kicking that monsters butt today and would love to do some more of it," Zach said. "That monster calling us old. We're not old!"

Everybody laughed at Zach's response.

"Well guys since I'm off tomorrow, I can take you guys around the city, and even the high school where I work, if you like," said Tommy looking at Jason and the others.

"We'd love to Tommy," Kimberly said as she walked over to him and gave him a hug.

"Oh and you guys can sleep over too," added Tommy. "And Conner, Ethan, Kira, Trent, and Hayley, you all are invited too.

"Great, all we need now is some popcorn, some scary movies, and we'll be in business," Zach said.

"It'll just be like old times," responded Billy.

Tommy thought for a moment. He had received his old friends back along with his old powers. The night was getting better and better he thought to himself. It was great to have the old gang back.