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To be Green

He looked around at the warm, smiling faces. He didn't deserve this, didn't deserve their friendship and support. The Power Coin he used hadn't been earned; it had been stolen and manipulated.

It couldn't exist this way; he could feel it. When Rita had altered the Green Ranger to give him that blated shield and sword she'd warped the Coin, warped the very Green energy it used. The damage was done. The Green Power would never be the same.

Without the sword, the shield might be saved. Alone it was merely a shield. If he used it on the side of Light long enough, it might be purified.

As for the Coin... He ran a thumb across it discreetly, feeling the hairline cracks. It wouldn't last long, but it deserved the chance to fight for honor and justice. Dragonzord deserved the chance to protect. He owed them that much.

The Coin seemed to glimmer in his hand.

So as his new friends eagerly welcomed him and Zordon looked down with both pride and pity, he swore to fight for the side of Good. He'd sold his soul for Evil; now he offered it to the Morphin Grid. He knew it would eventually cost him his life.

"The Green Power is flawed."

Adam didn't look up from his homework. "I know."

"If you know, then why'd you take the morpher!"

He sighed, raising his head to meet Tommy's eyes. "For the same reasons you joined Zordon and the others. It's not the Zeo Crystal's fault that Rita warped the Green Power.It still needs Ranger 4. I'm not going to abandon my friends just because I was chosen by the weakest Crystal. I figured you of all people would understand."

"I understand." Tommy sighed, running a hand over his hair. "That doesn't mean I like it."

Adam smiled slightly, reaching across the table to grip Tommy's hand. "I don't expect you to like it. But it's good to know that someone else knows."

Tommy nodded silently as they stared at each other. He would never tell the others. This was a secret between Green Rangers, and their secret it would stay.

Of course, that didn't mean Adam couldn't expect him to keep an eye on him.

Carlos was in heaven. Skeptical, but in heaven. Of all the people in the world, out of everyone in Angel Grove, Adam had picked him to be the next Green Ranger. It wasn't his dream come true, but it was definately an honor. Still...

"Why me?"

Adam sighed. "Because it taked a different kind of person to be a Green Ranger, and I think you can handle it." He paused, seeming to gather his thoughts. "Do you remember the Evil Green Ranger?"

Carlos nodded.

"When Rita Repulsa turned him evil, she permanently damaged the Green Power. Any Green Ranger will always be the weakest member of the team. They have to fight even harder to make up the difference.

He stared. "You want me to take a Morpher that I know is weaker than the others?"

Adam sighed again. "It is weaker. But the team still needs the third Ranger. And they don't know about The Flaw." He looked up suddenly, the intense look in his eyes startling the younger boy. "They can never know. They won't understand, and they'll try to protect you."

"But when you take the weaker Morpher, you're doing it to protect them." Carlos realized.

Adam nodded as he fell silent, thinking. Could he really do this? What if there were side effects? What it...?

He looked up, meeting Adam's eyes again. "I'll do it."

He just couldn't understand it. Why him? He wasn't strong or smart. He wasn't even a very good fighter. Why on Earth had he pulled the Green Quasar Sabre?

It should have been Leo. Leo was all about sacrificing himself to protect others. He'd be perfect-no, wait. He got himself into enough trouble as the leader; lord knew how bad he'd be if he was supposed to be protecting them.

There was Kai. No, Kai wouldn't be able to handle the stress. He had enough with his job on top of being the Blue Ranger. Not Kendrix. Maya could hace, but she fit Yellow too well. Mike would have been a good choice, but he was...

But Mike had reached for Red, not Green. And something told him it wasn't just because of the way he'd fallen. The Green Sabre had called him, not anyone else.

Damien sighed, pausing in his tinkering to stare at his Morpher. It just didn't make any sense to him. He wasn't particularly brave. He wasn't the weakest physically, but he wasn't the strongest, either. The only real fighting skills he had came from the Morpher's input during battle. Why was he chosen by the hardest Power to bear?

At last he shook his head, returning to his work. It wasn't like he could very well give it back. He wouldn't abandon the other Rangers like that. And he couldn't tell them the truth about it; that would be breaking the Green Rangers' promise. He just wasn't that sort of person, and that was that.

Now where in the world had he left that wrench?

Joel flopped back on his bed, utterly exhausted. Today had not been a good day. The demon had been stronger than they'd expected, which left him trying to draw its attention away from the others. On top of that his Power levels kept fluctuating, which made him not only a target, but an easy one. Then there was the debriefing, during which Captain Mitchell had reemed him royally for his 'inattention during battle'.

He'd asked Ms. Fairweather once why they'd chosen Green instead of Black for his Morpher. She explained that Captain Mitchell had always admired the original Green Ranger for his dedication and sacrifice. He'd chosen Green in his honor.

A smirk drifted across his face. They'd made a Morpher in honor of the very person who'd warped its Power. The irony was too funny.

Not that he blamed him anymore than any other Green Ranger ever would. That went solely to Rita Repulsa. And as all Green Rangers would promise, he'd never tell the secret of the Green Power. That was their duty.

He stretched, rising to his feet at last. Enough napping. Time to go hit on Ms. Fairweather for awhile. After that, a bit of annoying the other Rangers. Of course, dinner somewhere in between.

He yawned and shrugged. Such is life.

He was never very good at keeping secrets. A Xybrian trait; they were all naturally horrible liars. He was no exception. If someone stared at him long enough, he'd cave.

Jen's stare didn't waver. He fidgeted. "I forgot!" he burst out at last. "I was working on some modifications for Circuit, and I feel asleep. I'm sorry. I forgot all about my shift."

Well, he hadn't really forgot. But he did fall asleep. The Power levels on his Morpher were at an incredible low today and his natural energy was taking a toll from trying to keep up. Even now he had to struggle not to yawn through Jen's lecture.

It was silly that he'd picked the Green Morpher, really. He could pull off the target part easily, being obviously the weakest, but he wasn't a strong enough fighter to protect himself very well. And he couldn't lie if anyone asked him directly about his Morpher. He just...couldn't. It wasn't in him to lie.

But no one knew enough to ask directly. And if it wasn't a direct question, he could always dodge the topic. The others knew he wasn't strong, and they assumed it was too sensitive a problem to bring up. And everyone knew mutants targeted the weakest link. As long as he was careful, they'd never know he deliberately made himself out to be the weakest.

He wasn't able to stop the yawn this time, blinking rapidly in a vain attempt to refocus his eyes.

"Are you feeling okay, Trip?" Katie asked worriedly, ignoring Jen's look at being interrupted.

"Just still a little tired." he answered, rubbing at an eye as he tried to give her a reassuring smile.

"Maybe you should lie down for awhile." Jen said begrudingly, though concern shone in her eyes.

He smiled brightly. "I'll be fine. I'm sorry, Jen. It won't happen again."

And he couldn't let it. There must be no suspicions. He had to make them believe he was just as strong as the rest of them.

Even when he wasn't.

His life was just filled with irony. He was bored and annoyed with the Wind Ninja Academy, the Academy was stolen and his father turned into a guinea pig. He hated being on the sidelines as the Rangers were fighting, they nearly got themselves destroyed as he went to the past to find a 'Power Source'. The next thing he knows, his first battle has him turning into a bug, and he's stuck using the 'Human Target' Morpher.

Cam scowled at his computer. And now it seemed Hunter's bi-polar comments mught not be so unfounded. The fluctuating energy levels of his Morpher had been wreaking havoc on his nervous system, which in turn affected his emotional state. It was like permanent PMS, and it bit.

One moment he was fine, the next he was completely exhausted. He was fighting strong by himself, he was drawing the attack away from the others. He was lonely and wanted to feel like part of the team, he was irritable and short-tempered and wanted nothing more than to be left alone. His life was in a constant state of contradictions.

But when he was honest with himself, he wouldn't give it up for anything. The Rangers really did need him, and it felt good to be part of a team. Even one as dysfunctional as his.

It was a great feeling to fight to protect the innocent. It was an even greater feeling to protect his team. To protect his friends. To feel like his father was finally proud of him.

Not that he'd ever admit to any of it.

"You're so weird, Bridge!"

He smiled brightly at his teammate. "Thank you."

Sydney rolled her eyes and huffed her exasperation. Typical reaction. He kept smiling as she marched over to a chair and flopped down with another huff.

He liked being 'The Weird Ranger'. Weird was fun. Making random comments to confuse people. Doing things that had them staring at him as they tried to figure out why.

Weird wasn't about why. It wasn't the defense to keep people away that Z thought it was. It wasn't to annoy them like Syd thought. Jack's secret belief that he really was brain damaged, amusing though it was, was wrong too.

Shy was suspicious that it was to stop any questions he didn't want to answer. He was right in a way, but then he was the most observant member of the team. Not to mention they'd known each other the longest. As much as it was a potential problem, he was pleased to know his friend payed that much attention to him.

He didn't want questions. It was hard enough with Kat fussing over him after every fight. Not to mention Commander Cruger drilling him harder because he thought he was really that bad in battle. He wondered sometimes is part of the Morpher's magic was to hide the readings Kat should be getting. The energy fluctuations, the emotional inbalance, the dehydration, the exhaustion, the general physical inadequacy, particularly in comparison to the other Rangers.

The Morpher didn't speak so much in words, exactly. But it had been able to share the thoughts of the other Green Rangers with him. That was how he knew the secret, and why no one would ever tell.

They were fairly certain using a Green Morpher permanently affected the wearer. Adam had been a prime example of that; after so many years of being Green, the Black Mastadon Morpher couldn't recognize his energy anymore and had nearly killed him. Cam's research and experiments had not only discovered the truth of Adam's near disaster, but also suggested that the physical toll of the energy fluctuations did indeed shorten the Rangers' lifespan.

He was weird because it was fun. He already had the weird power and the weird Morpher; why not go for broke? He could confuse and annoy his friends, which was an awesome bonus. And being random kept things interesting. If his life was going to be short, it might as well be worth it.

He was a Green Ranger after all. And Green Rangers fought the hardest, laughed the loudest, and smiled the brightest. They would always protect their friends from the truth.

It was the code of the Green Rangers, after all.