A/N: Although the story is complete, there is one or two loose end that needed to be taken care of. Here it is, brief but necessary. Edited to include a little bit of conversation about "why" that I accidentally missed off first time around.

Epilogue: The Closing of the Circle.

McGonagall, Remus, Tonks, Luna and Neville were waiting outside. They wanted to give Ginny and her family a chance to greet each other in private. A chance to catch up. It was hell waiting though, Remus thought. Absolute hell.

The kitchen door opened. Neville and Luna rushed forward. "I've missed you two, so much. I can't tell you." Ginny said as they hugged her closely.

"You too, you too."

"Professor McGonagall?" Ginny moved forward. "Thank you, thank you so much – for everything." And she embraced the startled woman.

There was a suspicious hint of moisture behind the Headmistresses glasses as she said. "Silly girl, no need to thank me. You did fine."

Ginny turned to the remaining two. "Tonks." She said.

"Wotcha Ginny. Glad you're OK. Been a bit worried."

"Remus?" Ginny was tentative. Remus still hadn't looked up from his close observation of the ground. "Remus are you …"

"He looked up, there were tears in his eyes.

"Oh Remus I'm so sorry." She said impulsively rushing to him. "I wanted it to change, wanted it to be different. I tried to make it right, tried to change things but I couldn't. I couldn't I'm so sorry."

"Tried to … Oh Ginny don't you know?" He asked, holding her tightly. "Don't you know what a difference you made? To me, to Sirius, to everyone? I can't begin to tell you what you did. Can't even begin." Both of them were crying now, two old friends re-united. "You were the reason Ginny, you were the reason." And he started to tell her, tell her everything that happened after she left. How much she had inspired them. How she was the reason that first James, and then the rest of them joined the order. The reason why he didn't tell anyone about Sirius, the reason he trusted Sirius again so quickly that night in the Shrieking Shack. What Sirius had said about Azkaban, about the techniques she had taught him.

That night in Grimmauld Place. That night when they'd realised and reason that he and Sirius had got so disgustingly drunk. And about James and Lily. About that night when Lily confessed to him that she had been ready to leave James, had been going to look elsewhere until Ginny had made her realise that heroes weren't heroic all the time and she had looked into James' heart and seen the truth. How if it hadn't been for her, Harry might never even have been born – probably wouldn't have because Lily hadn't been a random target that first day. How they'd found out later that the killing of the Mudblood head girl had been planned, planned to bring more students into the Death Eater fold. And that she had stopped that.

And he confessed to her, that horrible day in November. How he was feeling, how close he came to just ending it all. How what she had said to him had been the reason he hadn't.

Ginny listened astounded, how could she have had so much influence? How could the silly little girl who had let Voldemort possess her in her first year, have had so much influence in just six weeks? She shook her in disbelief.

"Do you know how it happened? How I went back in time?" Ginny turned to Professor McGonagall.

"We aren't completely sure, there's a theory but …" the Headmistress trailed off.

"We think it might have been because you had to." Said Remus. "I know it seems strange but Harry is the only person with a chance to defeat Voldemort, and if you hadn't gone back in time, Harry might not even have existed."

Ginny looked confused. "But..." she started.

"We think someone or something pulled you back in time so you could make the world we live in come out this way." Said Professor McGonagall. "What or who that was, we don't know at the moment."

"We're still working on that." Remus finished. "Just know that you did what you had to do. What only you could do. You are a very remarkable young woman Jenny Weston." He said with a smile. "And Ginny Weasley is even more remarkable. Mind you," he continued, "I'm still waiting for that cool girlfriend you promised me to appear! Ouch!" He said as Tonks hit him firmly round the head. Giggling Ginny accompanied them back inside. It was going to be all right. Everything was going to be all right, she knew it.