I've finally written a Jammy Post:Fallout Fluff peice! Ive tried to explore Jack and Vivian's relationship a little bit more, because I actually believe she's a Jammer :D

One Shot

Vivian peeled herself out of her oversized chair, hearing the doorbell resonate through her home. She pulled on the handle, allowing the morning sun to seep in. "Jack" she sighed in relief, seeing the man stand on her step. She hadn't seen him since he'd talked himself out of the hostage situation. He'd just disappeared.

"Vivian" he nodded. He hadn't shaved and barely looked like he'd slept in the 5 hours they'd been away from the scene. Vivian wasn't sure if any of them had slept in those 5 hours. Too many memories of 9/11 came flooding back, too many questions about what they would do if they were in Barry's shoes.

All of the feelings came flooding back seeing the emotionally injured man stood before her, she pulled him into a hug. She could have been wrong, but it felt like Jack sank down into the embrace, finally relaxing.

"C'min, C'min. How are you?" she said, ushering him inside.


"You heard anything about Samantha?" she offered him a cup of coffee, to which he nodded

"She's in recovery. Surgery went well. Should be back to normal soon"

Vivian nodded, recognising the sound of a Doctor's speech being recounted. "That's good" she passed him a steaming mug of coffee as he sat on the kitchen stools. Leaning on the counter with her forearms, she asked "So what happened last night? You go home?"

"Went to the hospital but Sam was still in surgery, so I just walked back to Maria's"

"Walked? That's like15 blocks"

"I needed time to think"

"You don't look as if you got much sleep" she noted, seeing the dark circles under his eyes

"I didn't. I kissed the girls and just sat in a chair 'til about 6. Then just walked for a bit more"

"Did you talk to Maria? What'd she say?"

"She was still sleeping when I left"

"Oh…Dare I ask what you were thinking about?"

Jack's gaze sank into his coffee cup again. "I was thinking whether I would have done the same if it were, say, Danny in that bookstore instead of Sam, would I have thought "Screw protocol, I need to get him out of there now"? Would I have risked my life to save his? Would I have blown Van Doren off to get to the hospital to see him?"

"What did you come up with?"

"I don't know. Did my relationship with Sam cloud my judgement , like we promised it wouldn't do?"

Vivian turned, grabbing the coffee pot "You wanna know what I think, Jack? I think you would have done the same thing whether it was Samantha or Danny, or even Martin or myself. That's just the kind of man you are. I think the fact that it was Samantha in there just made you question the actions you took… I think its really a question of Samantha or Maria and I think you know I'm right"

A silence broke out, as Jack took in her words.

"Jack, you have to accept that you love 2 people. I'm pretty sure Samantha and even Maria has too"

"So what do I do?"

"You're thinking to much about the consequences. About Kate and Hanna and the 14 years you and Maria have had. You need to forget that-"

"I cant ju-"

"You need to just think about the 2 women" Viv went on "Maria and Samantha. Not the Maria you've known since whenever and seen have your two children, but Maria, the top lawyer who enjoys opera and John Travolta movies. Can you really see another 14 years with her?" she looked at him "and the Samantha who is an FBI Agent, not one who is working for you and under you, but the one who is addicted to caffeine and drinks Margarita's when we go out. Who is it?"

Jack's eyes scanned the room. He looked everywhere, but when he finally settled onto Vivian's eyes, he knew what he wanted. Suddenly, he stood up and moved to the front door.

"Jack? Where are you going?"

"The hospital"