Hey everyone how's it going? This is just something that popped into my head while I was babysitting my two sisters. (screams in the background then abrupt silence) they must have killed each other (shrugs) All well not my problem. Anyway it's an oneshot about BB and Raven so enjoy!

Raven sighed and rolled over one more time trying to fall asleep. But she couldn't no matter what. Cyborg, Starfire and Robin were all gone. They had decided to visit the Titans East while Beast Boy and she stayed behind to watch the city. She knew they were picked mainly because 1) Starfire wanted to get to know Bumble Bee better 2) Robin didn't want to be separated from Starfire 3) she didn't want to go in the first place and 4) he wanted her and Beast Boy to 'bond'

"Ya like that will ever happen." she growled to herself. After a few more minutes she got up and padded across her floor. Maybe some tea would help her sleep. She was dressed in her black silk pajamas. A black spaghetti strap top that was purposely cut a little above her pants. Her pants flared out covering all over her feet and they hung at her hips gracefully.

Raven smiled breathing in the sweet sent of the herbal tea. It always calmed her down and made her feel relaxed. Suddenly the doors hissed open and she screamed slightly

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" she yelled throwing the figure against the wall harshly there was a loud grunt then a familiar voice yelled

"Raven put me down! I'm not a burglar for heaven's sake!" Raven blushed heavily as she set Beast Boy down on the sofa next to her

"Sorry." she said quickly then glared at him angrily "You scared me to death!" the changeling chuckled slightly

"Score one for BB. I got you apologize and admit you were scared all in once sentence."

"It was two you nitwit." Raven snapped. Her tea pot whistled shrilly and she got up to pour some tea for herself

"So what brings you down here at two in the morning?" Beast Boy asked after she sat back down

"I should ask you the same question." Raven replied blowing the steam off her drink

"I couldn't sleep and I figured some food would help."

"Is that your answer to everything? Food?" Beast Boy snorted and Raven's face twitched as a ghost of a smile played over her lips

"No it's not. So you couldn't sleep either?" Raven shrugged and finished off her tea. Normally it made her drowsy at night but it only seemed to wake her up now

"Well I don't think I'm going to sleep anytime soon. I hate it when this happens." she grumbled pulling her legs underneath herself and rising into the air

"Aw Rae, do you have to meditate? We've got the whole Tower to ourselves and that's all you want to do?" Raven bit her lip slightly. She had meditated almost all day so there really was no need for it but still…

"Alright can you think of something better to do?" Beast Boy's face turned slightly distant while Raven got up and poured some chips and pretzels into a bowl for them to snack on. She carried it back out and Beast Boy saw her outfit. His mouth dropped slightly

"Take a picture. It'll last longer." Raven said sharply as she sat down on the sofa. He shook his head slightly

"I thought you wore your leotard to bed." Raven frowned and looked him over. He was wearing a forest green muscle shirt that matched his hair and black flannel pants like hers

"And I thought you wore spandex to bed. Guess we both thought wrong." she replied picking out a pretzels and eating it. Beast Boy pulled one out and ate parts off then perched it on his nose like a pair of spectacles then started imitating Mad Mod

"Ello my duckies. Shall we begin class? You really shouldn't mess with such dangerous spells Raven dear you could hurt yourself." Raven almost smiled then it disappeared rapidly as he finished his sentence and she looked down. Beast Boy sensed he had done something

"What's wrong Rae?"

"Nothing." she replied a little too quickly. He touched her arm gently and she looked up at him

"Please tell me?" Raven looked down once more before answering

"You just reminded me of how… Malchior talked to me. Always complimenting me or telling me how well I was learning." tears sprang into her eyes and she stopped talking

"Forget about him Rae. He was a jerk. If you ask me he deserves to be cursed and stuck in that stupid book." Raven smiled slightly.

Soon after the two were eating and talking about anything that came to mind and it became almost like a game. Someone would ask a question then the other would answer and so on and so on

"Okay so do you think that Cy could like Jinx?" Beast Boy questioned. Raven frowned slightly then gave the question some thought

"I suppose so. I never really thought about it. But every time we fight them he steers away from Jinx." she shrugged "So do you think she could be a good guy if she wanted to?"

"She'd be an awesome fighter I know that. And I gotta admit she is pretty hot." he flushed as Raven cocked an eyebrow "Hey I'm a guy I'm allowed to think that." he said defensively

"I never said you weren't." Raven replied eating a chip

"Okay I'm getting bored let's play Truth or Dare." Raven looked skeptical and he turned into a kitten with large eyes and gave her 'The Face'. For some reason the others could ignore him but Raven was unable to

"Fine but I don't see how it'll be very much fun with only two people."

"Who cares? Truth or Dare?"

"Truth." Raven replied looking bored. Beast Boy tapped his chin then snapped his fingers as an idea came to him

"Do you think Robin will ever ask Star out?" Raven shrugged

"I don't know but if they don't soon I'm going to scream. They flirt non stop and it drives me insane." the changeling chuckled "Truth or Dare?"


"Okay. I dare you to…" she tapped her lip trying to think of something. Nothing came to mind "Can't you pick truth?"

"Fine. Just ask something." Raven smiled slightly

"Have you ever kissed anyone besides your family?" Beast Boy cocked his head slightly and shook his head after a moment

"No I haven't. I guess everyone wonders what it's like though. I do. My mom said that me thinking it was gross was silly. She told me that it's to show a special girl how much I really care for her. I didn't really understand then but now I do."

"Wow, that's pretty deep… for you." Beast Boy chucked a pillow at her halfheartedly then smirked

"Ya I guess you're right. So Truth or Dare?"


"Have you ever kissed anyone?" Raven shook her head

"No. Partly because no one tried and partly because I'm a little afraid of what might happen. Even with Trigorn gone my emotions are still dangerous."

"What do you mean no one ever tried?" Raven shrugged

"I never tried either. I'm just not that kind of person although I guess I've wondered about it too. Most guys don't want a Goth for a girlfriend unless they're Goth too."

"You're not Goth. You just dress in dark clothes." Raven shrugged again then looked at the empty chip bowl. She picked it up and carried it into the kitchen for a refill and Beast Boy followed



"Can I ask you a question?" Raven set the bowl of snacks down and turned to look up at Beast Boy 'Since when is he taller than me?' she wondered

"It's not your turn." she replied. The changeling rolled his eyes then grabbed a soda and a bottle of water as Raven took the snacks into the living room

"Okay so go so I can ask."

"But I might pick Dare." Raven pointed out unscrewing her bottled water. Beast Boy made a face then plopped down on the sofa

"Truth or Dare." Raven asked. She was starting to enjoy the game. The green teenager tapped his lip

"Truth I guess."

"What's your real name?" Beast Boy flushed brightly and he looked at his feet trying to hide his face

"Come on Rae. It's embarrassing." she grinned evilly and he sighed in defeat "It's Garfield Mark Logan. My parents always called me Gar."

"Rachel Angela Roth." Raven whispered


"That's my real name. My mother's name on Earth was Angela before she ran away and got caught up with Trigorn." she spat the name out hatefully "In Azarath they called her 'Arella' which means messenger angel."

"I think Rachel's a pretty name. My mom said if they ever had a girl they'd want to name her that. But they never did get to."

"What do you mean?" Beast Boy rarely talked about anything before his time with the Titans. None of them did and that was alright with everyone

"My parents died in a boating accident. I was nine." Raven touched his shoulder gently

"That must've been hard."

"Ya, it was. Who wanted to adopt a green nine year old anyway?" Raven could hear the bitterness in his voice. Then he smiled. It was a small thoughtful smile instead of his normal goofy one

"But I guess I kinda was adopted by you guys. Rob and Cy are like brothers we argue so much." Raven chuckled behind her hand "Star's like a older teenage sister ya know?" he shook his head and sipped some soda

"What about me?" Beast Boy almost gagged on the soda. He set it down quickly and looked at her

"Um… well you're like my best girl friend Rae. I mean I can really talk to you without worrying about you teasing me. And I really enjoy hanging out with ya."

"Oh." was all the half demon said. Beast Boy felt as if she was disappointed about something. He racked his brain for a moment. He turned into a cat and curled up in her lap. She stroked his back absently causing him to purr in satisfaction

"It's your turn." she said setting him down on the floor. He turned back to normal

"Truth or Dare?" Raven pondered for a moment

"Dare." much to her surprise Beast Boy looked nervous and antsy. He sat back down on the sofa a little closer than normal. He didn't say anything and neither did she. Rain had started falling gently against the windows

"Rae, if I told you something and you didn't like it would we still be friends?"

"Of course." Raven said curious at what he getting at. Beast Boy suddenly leaned in and planted a gentle sweet kiss on her lips. Instead of pulling away he stayed there waiting for her reaction.

Raven closed her eyes savoring the feeling. Everything fell away. How could she have not seen this? His glances and attempts to make her happy. He was constantly retrieving her from the darkness and bringing her back to the light. After a long moment her mind woke up and she put her arms around his neck. She could feel surprise radiating off him but ignored it. He smelled strange and wonderful all at once. Almost like the earth. There was an under sent of mint and tofu as well. After a longer time they both pulled away and stared at each other

"Come here Rae." his voice wasn't demanding but she obeyed anyway. She scooted closer to him to the sofa and looked up into his large green eyes

"What?" his hand brushed over her face gently making her blush

"Did you really mean that or was it just a spur of the moment thing?" Raven smiled

"I really meant it." he grinned in relief and gave a small noise of surprise when the girl pressed her lips to his once more. He relaxed after a moment and wound his arms around her waist. He had dreamed about this for so long.

Raven sighed as she pulled away. Beast Boy looked down at her and smiled. She returned it

"So, are we going out?" Raven rolled her eyes

"What do you think genius?" Beast Boy grinned and tucked her head under his chin. Raven nestled herself into his chest and felt her eyelids droop. Ya, Robin was definitely right. They would bond.