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Chapter 1: Blue Boy.

Twelve year old Lyude opened his eyes slowly. The first day of his Imperial training was at hand. He sat up and stretched, looking around the small barracks he had been assigned. He found his uniform folded neatly in a small closet and dressed quickly, having slight difficulty with the complicated design.

He finally managed to get himself presentable and examined himself in the Mirror. His uniform was quite unique from the typical soldiers that patrolled the fortress. Gilded boots came up to his knees. He wore a black imperial coat and a vest over a pristine white shirt. His tie and pants were as red as his crimson hair. He read his particular title: Maestro Specialist. He supposed that explained the appearance of his uniform. Satisfied with his appearance, he stepped outside his room. His brother and sister were down the hall talking to one of their commanding officers. Lyude adjusted his tie nervously. He wanted so much to make them proud.

He began to turn toward the mess hall when a flash of blue passed across his eyes and bowled him over. Lyude's head collided with the floor painfully and he tilted his chin up to see a young boy about his age flat on his face and beginning to sit up. "Out of my way, Red! BREAKFAST!" shouted the odd boy. Lyude picked himself up, rubbing the bump on his head as the blue boy picked himself up and ran from the room.

"Blue? What in……? I must have hit my head harder than I thought." said Lyude brushing himself off. He sighed. Vallye and Skeed were looking his way shaking their heads. He had been in the Imperial fortress for one night and his older brother and sister were already being embarrassed by him. It wasn't his fault, all he'd done was walk out of his room.

He strolled down the corridor and found his way to the mess hall where he seated himself quietly. He winced as he noticed the blue boy, who had already received his tray. He was making an absolute mess and just as much of his food was being wasted on the floor as it was being devoured. Lyude did his best not to stare. Others, however were watching him with either amusement, or disgust.

Lyude had decided by now that he hadn't been seeing things when he'd noticed the color of the boy's skin.

"Folon! Eat like a human!" said a pink haired officer who was probably around nineteen.

"Aw, shut up, Ayme. Don't think you can be bossing me around. You're not my commanding officer."

"The heck I'm not." Said Ayme. She smirked then and looked at the rules posted on the wall. "I do believe you're wasting food, Folon." She seized him by the ear and escorted him from the mess hall to receive his punishment.
"Ow! Ayme, cut it out! You're no fun at all."

Lyude had busied himself with adjusting one of his gloves to avoid the scene as several soldiers busted out laughing. He waited his turn for breakfast and took his tray back to his table. He ate quietly, not wishing to attract too much attention. He had been home schooled and had rarely interacted with other children his age. Now he was surrounded by the new recruits, like himself, beginning their primary training as well as a few of the older soldiers who had early duty.

Everyone knew his family name and he was nervous of what was expected of him as a result. He had already shown much promise and there had not been a Maestro specialist for many decades, so the pressure to please was intense.

Lyude finished his breakfast and reported in to receive his first assignment. He was horrified to see the blue boy standing in the group. He had been placed in a specialist unit, what specialty did this boy have? He seemed to have no discipline whatsoever. Indeed, the boy was not standing at attention like the rest of them, but slumped and looking rather scandalized. Lyude just managed to notice a pink braid as the soldier that had come into the mess hall after him vanished from the room. Lyude could have sworn that the girl's hair was smoking.

The boy called Folon snickered after her and started playing with the whips in his sleeves, accidentally striking on of the boys beside him in the foot.

Lyude sighed. This was going to be a long morning.