A/N- just a note (as u can tell!) so people aren't confused, the scene with Ray and Bryan with the river (which will b this chappie as well) happens before Kai and Tala. Kk?

Ray felt horrible, yet nice at the same time. Yes I know that sounds really weird, but it was true!

He was lying on the bank with Bryan, soaking wet. And as you can tell, Neko-jins don't like water. They can stand it, but prefer to stay away, especially when garbed. The sun hadn't set yet, so they were drying slowly because of its rays of light.

Ray heard Bryan give a small snarl, and suddenly the lavender haired Russian sat up, yanking off his sodden jacket. Ray's eyes then widened as he continued to remove the equally wet t-shirt underneath. He turned away, blushing at the image of Bryan's toned chest and stomach. Not rippled with muscles, but defined.

"I'm so getting you back for pulling me in that God damn river." Bryan growled as he lay back down, putting his hands behind his head.

"Well then," Ray replied, conversationally. "You shouldn't have tried to push me in there."

He sat up slowly and grabbed his ponytail from behind him, swinging it around his shoulder and beginning to unwrap it. After succeeding, he left the wrap by his shoes (the only bit of clothing he had that was dry) and ran his fingers through his black, silky hair; which wasn't that wet, thanks to the wrap. And with the bandana still in place, his hair stayed out of his face (A/N- damn rhymes)


Ray winced as he looked round to see Bryan sat up again, stretching.

"Was…that you?" He asked.

Bryan smirked smugly. "Could've been." He rubbed the back of his neck. "But damn that hurt…"

"Well, who's Mr Silly today then?"

"Who's Mr Silly all the time then?" Bryan countered.

Ray pouted. "That hurt, Bry."

"Yeah, well, so does my damn neck."

Ray bit back a snicker and scooted round the back of the Russian. Putting his hands on his shoulders, he rubbed them gently against the skin. The muscles slowly (very slowly) began to relax as Ray massaged them. Bryan gave a sigh…


"Jeez! Watch it."

"Sorry, Bryan, but you're really tense."

"Just as long as you don't replace the 't' with a 'd', I'm ok with that."

"Haha, you're a comedian."

"I try."

Ray's hands travelled over the Falcon's back, easing his muscles out of tense-ness. Something white could Ray's eye. He took his hands on Bryan's back and trailed a finger down the long scar that ran right down the Falcon's spine. Bryan gave a shudder.

"Sorry." Ray apologized taking his hand away.

"No." Bryan stopped him, turning round and grabbing the neko's wrist. "It's ok. Just an old scar."


Bryan gave a sigh and pulled Ray to his chest, embracing him in a hug.

"After the Russian tournament, after Tala had lost to Tyson, we went back to the Abbey. As you can guess, Boris was angry; angrier than we had ever seen him." He paused, holding Ray tighter. "I don't remember what happened. I blacked out. But I came to with a huge cut down my back and, of course, Tala cleaning it. The other thing I don't know is how we got to our cabin. I haven't bothered to ask Tala; he has a big enough ego already."

Ray laughed and turned his head, snuggling it into the crook of Bryan's neck.

"You're too snugly." Bryan told him, with a smirk.

"Bite me." Came the reply, muffled by his neck.

"You know I'd love to, Ray, but now isn't the time, nor the place."

Ray gave another laugh and wrapped his arms around Bryan's waist, Bryan doing the same with Ray.

And just as the sun dipped below the Earth, the little neko-jin fell into a deep sleep…still clutching his koi…


Tala: The…end?

Demi-goddess: yep.

Tala: (cries into Kai's chest)

Tyson: you made him cry. You-

Demi-goddess: if that sentence ends in 'meanie' I shall rip your innards out and feed them to an oompa-lumpa.

Bryan: but Ian isn't a cannibal.

Demi-goddess: true, but hey! Tis not over!

Kai: Sequel?

Demi-goddess: hell yeah! I told you I would eat mah self before I stopped writing Wolf Love, so look out for it.

Tala: So you won't be (Sniff) eating yourself soon?

Demi-goddess: yep.

Kai: damn…

Demi-goddess: I'd like to thank all reviewers! Since there are so many, I can't possibly answer them all now…

Kai: yes you can.

Demi-goddess: But there are soooooooooooooooo (breath) oooooooooooooooo many!

Tala: well then…


Kai: How'd you do that?

Tala: I can do plenty of things…you just don't pay attention.

Kai: Do so.

(Argument carries on in background)

Demi-goddess: well, there you go. End of the 2nd Wolf Love. Hope you enjoyed it as much as the original and please have a pleasant day/night/rest of your life.

Ray: Or she'll set an oompa-lumpa…

Demi-goddess: AKA Daichi or Ian…

Ray: On you.

Tyson: how will that make your day/night/life better.

Demi-goddess: I dunno. But they're funny and break into song every five minutes…

(everyone sweatdrops)