Title: Uncontrol

Summary: Ryou can't justify a fantasy of love, but Bakura is willing to make a fantasy into the truth. BxR, shortie, oneshot, shounen-ai.

Disclaimer: I own Yuugiou. -wakes up- Damn...

Pairings: BakuraxRyou

Rating: PG-13 for brief mention of non-graphic sex.

Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Notes: I wanted to write something for Nami Amuro's "Want Me" ever since I heard it. And I happen to be obsessed with BxR, so here ya go, enjoy.

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-anything . you . want-


He wants me. I know what he's thinking, when he stares at me like there's nothing else in the universe. It's not love at all; it's lust, plain and simple, because he's undressing me in his mind.

He wants me. I know that he wishes I'd give in to him, but how can I justify a fantasy of love? I don't love him at all, nor do I even lust after him.

He wants me. I have never wanted him. He is nothing but a presence in my mind, in my heart, in my bed.

He wants me. It's why he watches me all night, extracting himself from the depths of my soul to assume a blurry form on the sheets next to me. I know that he wonders how far I'd let him go before I screamed for him to stop.

He wants me, and I have never wanted him. He doesn't touch me, never kisses me, won't try to win me for himself, because he knows there's not a chance his advances would work on me.

-i . can . do . you-


If I were granted three wishes, I would wish for the sun, the moon, and a single rose that would live forever, because I know that those are all that would convince Ryou to let me into his heart.

If I could have Ryou, I'd push him against a wall and kiss him so long that he would cry for air, and then I'd gather him into my arms and touch him everywhere he'd let me, because I have never touched him and I can only imagine how his skin would feel, as he writhed underneath me.

-you . can . do . me-


What would happen if I let him touch me? I have no feelings for him-- it's just that anyone would wonder. Everything he does carries an undertone of sex. The thoughts of what if are inescapable.

What would happen if I let him kiss me? I have no desire to kiss him back-- it's just that anyone would wonder. To have that harsh mouth pressed against mine would be an experience like no other. When he's out of my soul room and watching me closely, when he speaks-- it's all I can do to keep my eyes off his lips.

What would happen if I let him have me? I have no wish to be trapped under himwhile he takes me in all imaginable ways-- it's just that anyone would wonder. He's not a sex god; he's a demon if he's anything, and I don't want him inside me.

Anyone would wonder why I can't keep my mind and my eyes and very nearly my hands off him.

-want . me . uncontrollably-


So maybe I'm getting somewhere, because he watches me now like I watch him. Sometimes our eyes meet across the room, across the bed. And he watches me while he lets me touch him and kiss him and take him.

So maybe I'm getting somewhere, because I heard him whisper his love to me when we finished last night, while I pretended to be asleep. Ryou says strange things when he doesn't think I'm listening.

So maybe I'm making progress.