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I'll Win Your Love Again

I watch you with these eyes of mine,
With the hope that you will do the same.
Never have I seen a woman so fine,
I know - I must sound really lame.

But if only you would gaze at me,
The way I do every day.
Just once I wish you would,
Just please - look my way.

Those eyes dark brown,
The hair chestnut,
The way you smile through the frown.

The hair that curls around your face,
The wings that you seem to possess.
The clumsiness that hides your grace,
I love you in every way, I must confess.

But if only the memories of the past
You could recall.
If only our love had last
Through the returning of us all.

For once you had loved me,
The way I love you today.
Our love was everlasting,
Nothing could get in our way.

But war came - it had to be fought,
A battle so fierce,
Though we would not be hurt - or so I had thought.

Side by side,
The two of us stood.
Hand in hand,
Get between us nothing would.

Then the sword it plunged,
We the victims of fate.
If only we had seen it
Before it was too late.

But, ah, it was not so,
And there we were.
Together at the moment,
But not forever we were sure.

So you, my angel of light,
Took the risk.
You gave us both again the chances of life,
Not sure if our love would survive the mist.

Oh, when I awoke,
Breathing the free air,
I was so glad,
I had not a care.

But then I saw you.
Remembered your face.
The passions within me swelled and grew,
As I recalled our lives of late.

You seemed not to know me,
When we saw each other that night.
You did not seem to see
That I was the dark for your light.

In this time you hate me,
And you adore another.
Don't you remember
That I am your lover?

But that's okay.
Though it might cause me pain,
I know deep in my heart,
I'll win your love again.

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