Entering a New Era

(I know, the title is stupid, but I thought it was kind of funny, personally. Heh heh.)

- - - - -

Well, I know you're not supposed to write author's notes as chapters, but I need to say something, and I don't really have time to write up a quick chapter right now. Nor do I intend to rush myself when writing…

(A momentary interjection here: I'll insert a part of a poem that I wrote for New Year's so this chapter won't be completely against the rules. Though technically it still is since the poem isn't technically DNAngel related…. Anyway, if you like it, please read the rest on my fictionpress account! You can click on the link on my account page. The part of the poem I'm inserting is slightly related to this storyline I guess.)

Turning back to the matter at hand: I reread volume 8 the other day (I almost cried +.+;;), and I realized that my story didn't include any of the heists that were in the original manga. So that meant that I didn't have much material to work with. And also, I thought that some of the ideas in the Second Hand of Time "arc" (as people call it) could be used in my story and would, hopefully, fit into it and help it along.

Therefore, I'm thinking of rewriting this series. I won't change everything. I'll try to keep as many things as possible, as long as all of the events I keep fit together with my new material. Also, I'll try to make Dark less OOC. Yeah, it is kinda ehmm cute to see him that way, but when I thought about it, I decided that if he was too OOC, then he wasn't really Dark Mousy. (I know, aren't I a party pooper?) So I'll try to fix that too.

If there are any objections, feel free to tell me so in a review. If there any good arguments or if too many of you don't want the change, I guess I won't rewrite the series. I really want to though. ;;; Please tell me if you approve/support me or not, or if you'll just go along for the ride to see how things turn out. (Just wondering, you know?)

Now, without further to do, here's a preview of my poem that can be found on fictionpress(dot)com:

New Year's Resolutions

We remember past thoughts
Past actions and past words
We remember complaints
And the things that we've heard

Make a promise for more caution
For a much less sharp tongue
To not make the same mistakes
That cannot be undone

Cough… Wow, what a long author's note….

Dead to memories of loves of past,
The Maidens fair will remember not...