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Chapter I

A few Years Later…

He paused, head jerking about, lime green eyes squinting as they struggled to detect the nearby threat in the darkness around him. It was quite the unlucky night for him. So far the weather shown a slight disadvantage, the rain was coming down at a quicker, less merciful pace, and the winds did nothing but stinge his eyes. White hair lashed about, nipping at his forehead and brows. Yet, such conditions were in a day's work, when dealing with those who have defied the laws of nature…for ghosts were meant to stay away from the mortal realm, not walk it freely and cause equally troubling havoc.

Some called him 'The Phantom', for given the nickname due to having powers similar to any other ghost. But maybe that's all the common people thought of him, a ghost, although his reputation of past heroic actions would call him a hero more then an imposter. But, ghost hunters insisted on considering him quite the challenge, and although at the current time he didn't have a bounty on his head, they remained as ruthless as a tiger seeking an unfulfilling rabbit as prey. Pointless, yes, but capturing such a legend would give the highly desired bragging rights…although as of now 'The Phantom' had other things to worry about. And annoying ghost hunters weren't currently the problem…

He felt the blow from behind, a swing to the back of the head sent the young male flying forward, being pushed from his stance atop the building and flying straight towards the cold paved sidewalk stories below. Finally the light of the flickering streetlights revealed his full figure. Wearing the usual 'black' outfit, with white attached gloves and boots, 'The Phantom' lived a totally different lifestyle during the day, and was currently a junior leveled student at the 'Casper High' high school. It was three years ago that young Danny Fenton's genetic build was tarnished, yet 'blessed' with these gifts that would change his life forever.

Yet the history lesson would wait until a later time…since there were more important things on hand. Hand placed upon the back of his skull, he felt the warmth squirm through his fingers. Blood, human blood…no longer was he wearing the black attire, yet wore more 'average' teenaged clothing. A white shirt and dark blue jeans, with usual red and white sneakers. Hair was back to its ravishing midnight black, and eyes were a rather hypnotizing crystalline. Still hurling towards the sidewalk below, he used what energy he had left to activate his ghostly powers for but another second, falling through the sidewalk, now in the underground sewer system of the city of which he life. Back to a rather dirty wall, standing only feet from the actual sewer line, he never removed his hand from that wound.

He was hit hard, and had other bruises to prove that his physical form had taken quite the beating. What excuse would he use this time? Did he fall down the steps again? Did he sleepwalk and walk into something? He was running out of good excuses, and the ghosts were getting more difficult to defeat with each passing day. Somebody was up to something, he just didn't know what. Finally removing his now bare hand from the back of his head, he blankly stared…apparently bleeding more then he thought he would. It was too early for this, and even at the rather grand age of sixteen, he had a habit of losing track of time. Guessing it to be around three in the morning, he realized school would start in a few hours, and it would be wise to forget the ghost until later on.

Yeah, it could be quite difficult living such a second life. And with each passing month, it was becoming harder and harder to keep things secret. Grades were slipping, and at the rate things were going, he wouldn't be graduating school on time. Yawning, he figured that since the most recent ghostly opponent hit him until he would stand down, it wouldn't waste it's time following him, since Danny had proven to be the quicker one of the two. Yet somehow, the other used the darkness to its advantage. Yes, the current ghost looked to be some sort of animal. Most likely a pawn for the latest plot to take over the mortal realm, but he couldn't deal with it now, he had to get sleep, or at least get over to his front lawn before falling asleep down here where the stench was pretty unbearable.

Using ghostlike ability, he managed to get up onto ground level. And to reserve what energy he had left, he would walk until he made it to his house, and float up to his window…lock the door…and get up an hour before anybody else to get a shower and conceal the wounds so nobody in his household got too suspicious. But at the rate he was out and back, he wouldn't be surprised if tonight was that special night, that one of his parents, or his older sister, would catch him sneaking back home.

But lucky for him, this wasn't such a night, and nobody needed to question him. Stripping down in his room silently, he tossed the rain drenched clothes to the corner of his floor, put on a pair of clean dry boxers, and fell face first onto his bed. And in seconds he was breathing softly, the young man was sleeping as if not having a care in the world. Sleeping a dreamless sleep, in but an hour his alarm clock would buzz only loud enough for him to hear it. And thus, the daily routine would begin. A shower, some bandaging, some clothes, breakfast, and school. At least he knew that in school things would be slightly easier to deal with, since he had friends there, or at least two really good ones.

As predicted the alarm buzzed angrily at him. Tapping the snooze button a few times before actually getting up, it was obvious he was still exhausted. Still having blood on the back of his head and neck, as well as a large bruise on his shoulder, and a few scrapes down his chest, he had to be quick to choose an outfit that would hide most of these, and get a shower before anybody else would wake up. 4:30 a.m. Who would like getting up that early anyways?

Stepping into the shower, the water felt a lot better then the rain he felt last night. The stench of polluted rainwater as well as the dried blood slid from his normally appealing flesh with ease. Of course, Danny by this time had quite the nice build. Slightly muscular, yet keeping his skinny and slanky figure, the only reason he wasn't 'popular', was the fact that he still valued self respect and morality, as well as keeping the same two friends through nearly his entire school career.

Squinting as he ran his fingers over the wound over the back of his head and neck, he was slightly grateful for one thing. Where the wound was placed, his hair would cover most of it. For what was shown of the back of his neck, he could just say he slipped or something. The bruise on his shoulder and slashes on his chest were easy to conceal with a slight change of his style. Wearing a plain black t-shirt, with a white long sleeved one under it, he looked pretty nice actually. He always wore long legged blue jeans, so he didn't have to worry about any possible scuffs on his knees and whatnot. Nor did he have to change shoes, (obviously).

By 5:00 he was sitting at the kitchen table, eating a quick bowl of cereal. Rushing got him an hour early schedule-wise, but he didn't seem to mind it too much. Still half asleep he yawned between cereal bites, hesitating to keep his eyes open. Pushing the cereal out of reach, he folded his arms on the table, and buried his face in them. He would snooze until disturbed later that morning, an hour or so later his parents would push him out the door to walk to school with Sam and Tucker…They were, of course, the two friends mentioned earlier.

And so the time came. His mom nudged him, although his father took more drastic measures. "Danny! Time for school!" he would raise his voice, shoving Danny's head over to force it from the comfort of his sleeved arms. "You can't be late today!" he would always say, "Your grades are slipping as it is!" And thus, he was sitting on the steps of the porch, and this time it were Sam and Tucker running late. Being the great friend he was, he'd sit and wait. Well, it wasn't only that, he could sit and rest his head in his folded arms, and get what little more rest he could before he would go to school, and get yelled at for falling asleep there.

"He seriously has to get more sleep," said Tucker, extending his hand out to Danny's head to give it a 'wake up' poke. Sam just sighed, observing Danny for a moment before blocking Tucker's poke, and gently shaking Danny's shoulders. "Danny," she whispered briskly, in a slight rush since she couldn't afford to be late to school either. Not because of her grades, of course, she'd just get a detention of she was late again. And to sit after school an extra two and a half hours with their principal Mr. Lancer didn't seem like the appealing after-school activity.

Sam's appearance hadn't changed all that much. She just took on a more woman-like figure over the few years, and quite a lovely one at that. Hair, natural black, ruffled freely over her shoulders, and soft violet eyes continued to look her close friend over. She wore her now usual attire, a pair of black and violet baggy, chained pants from 'Hot Topic', as well as a black t-shirt whom hug tightly to her slim form. Tucker hadn't changed much either. He still wore tan cargos, and the random t-shirt. He just gave up on any hat-like device, and stuck with keeping his hair short and tidy. And obviously, Tucker was the first one to know anything new about computers, whether it was valuable information or not.

Danny turned his head up just enough to peer up at his two companions. Sam was obviously getting a little impatient, while Tucker was already staring down at his watch. "Go on without me," Danny mumbled, finally fully withdrawing his head from his arms with a yawn. "Danny, you can't afford to miss any school with your grades the way they are," Sam intervened, now seeming a little more worried then impatient. "Yeah Danny, we all have to graduate the same year." True, the three made that pact in middle school. "Aren't you guys forgetting something?" Danny replied with but another yawn, "I'll fall asleep in class anyways, so I won't be learning anything…"

"At least you won't be skipping," Sam finally grasped a forearm, and gave an impatient tug. "Bell rings in five minutes, we can make it if we run," Tucker finally said, although panic was obvious in his voice. He, being the nerd, had the perfect attendance and on-time record. Thus, he began the run towards school, "See you guys later!" "Nerd," Sam mumbled as she watched Tucker race off with a raised brow. "You should start running too, you don't want that detention, do you?" Danny said as he finally stood up. "Who cares, at least you'll be there to keep me company," she said with the usual smirk.

And so, the two were off to school, although Danny seemed to be taking his time, he didn't even feel like putting any extra effort into even jogging his way there. Sam seemed fine with it, since although she'd get detention, she knew Danny would be in school and be in there with her. It was obvious at times that the two had something for each other, but constant shyness about it all kept the two apart. Danny was always the first to say 'she's not my girlfriend', while Sam on the other hand wouldn't care if the entire world thought they were dating. She figured it was because of 'Paulina', the biggest prep in school. Why did he like her so much? Was it her untarnished appearance and perfect popularity? Sam wondered how somebody could have a crush on a piece of hollow plastic, one that would even insult Danny, but so far there was no luck.

It was still a good three-minute walk, and it was obvious that although Danny was walking, he was having a hard time staying awake while doing so. Sam thought that maybe a small conversation would make it easier for him. "So, Danny…I know why you're not getting any sleep," she said. Maybe this wasn't the best conversation to have right now, but it was the first thing that came to her mind. Danny just looked over at her, he hadn't told them since he didn't want anybody worried about him. But it was quite obvious, since he wouldn't have any other reason for getting so little sleep, right? "I knew that you'd figure it out," he said lowly, slightly ashamed of himself, but for what reasons…? "Danny, your actual life is more important then your second life, despite all of the nifty powers and junk. Look, what's going to matter more in your adult life? There will always be ghosts to fight, but according to modern society, your ghost form is useless unless people know it's you. And you know why we can't go around telling people that."

Danny understood perfectly what Sam meant. In his ghost life, he had no future, except being a hero to the people whom he had saved. But where was his actual life headed? "Sam…I'd rather flush my social life and future down the toilet then let the really dangerous ghosts hurt innocent people," he finally said. Now that he thought about it, he shouldn't have left that animalistic ghost from the night before run rampant, but seeming as everything appeared as normal as it usually did, it must've left the citizens alone. Sam sighed, she cared a lot more about Danny then the preps at her school. And, ironically, half the time those people were the ones he saved from dangerous ghosts. "…I'd rather you have a future then play hero all of the time.," she mumbled. Danny raised a slight brow, curious about why she did care. But then it hit him, they were friends. Danny would probably act the same way in her position.

Down to one minute of a school's walk, they heard the bell ring from afar. Who cared at this point? Actually…Danny stopped. "I can't afford to go to school today," he said with a yawn. "What!" Sam was by now getting really impatient with him. "Look, every time I fall asleep in class, they call my parents…I'd rather them think I'm skipping school instead of getting suspicious about me sneaking out almost every night." Sam crossed her arms, silent as she thought about how she should react to such a reason. "Then I'm skipping with you." "But-" "No buts about it, Danny. I'm not serving that detention alone." Danny smirked, "Well, now what? I mean…I can't just go home, my parents work at home, remember?" "My parents are almost never home, come over to my house and you can crash on the couch," Sam offered with a slight smile. Danny smiled, it was obvious that he was still exhausted, but due to the conversing it was slightly easier to keep his eyes open.

Holding arms open, Danny offered, "I can fly us, it'd be quicker." Sam hid her smile, and moved closer to him. He wrapped his left arm around her slim figure, and Sam did the same with him. Soon, seeing that nobody was around, since mostly everybody was at work or school, his hair returned to it's snow white, and his outfit changed into the usual ghost uniform. Skin-tone became slightly more tan, and eyes shifted to their green. Finally, he lifted them from the ground, pulling Sam closer, holding her tightly yet not too tightly so he wouldn't ever drop her. Sam enjoyed the feeling of flight, it felt like she could go anywhere, and do almost anything. She also enjoyed seeing Danny from such a view. He was obviously attractive, and seeing him closer to the clouds and the light only added more enchantment to him. And although she would never admit it, she loved being this close to him. It made her feel, more…complete. Danny felt similar feelings for Sam, but being male, he didn't obey the urge to even look at her, and if he did then his cheeks would go red.

She smiled as they were above the city, it would only be a mere minute flight compared to the ten-minute walk. Danny could go faster, but he didn't want to get Sam sick or anything. Sam's violet eyes continued to graze the city below. And finally she smirked as they passed Paulina's house. She would be so jealous if she could see 'The Phantom' carrying her. It was obvious that Paulina had something for 'The Phantom', but as long as it wasn't feelings for 'Danny', then it really didn't matter. She looked up to him, and he looked simply amazing. The sun shone lightly against his attractive face, and the wind blew his hair around, giving him the perfect hero look.

Sam blushed, since she was obviously attracted to him. Luckily, Danny didn't feel her gaze creep over him. Finally, she noticed it, the wound on the back of his neck. She would bet mentally that the wound went up to the back of his head, and would wait to examine it more once they had made it to her house. And as if on cue, he lowered them on her front porch. Danny quickly changed back, and gave a short yawn shortly afterwards. Of course, he blushed lightly as he finally pulled his hand from Sam's side. Sam did the same as she withdrew her hand as well.

Pulling a key from her pocket, she unlocked the door and pushed it open, leading the way. Danny shut the door behind him. He looked around. Of course, he's been in Sam's house before, for a Friday night movie and pizza night here and there, but it was still new to him. It still took him a little thought to comprehend the fact that she was filthy rich. Good thing her attitude and personality didn't portray it, or else she'd be just like any other rich person, a snob. And so far he handled the secret well. "Recliners and TV downstairs," she said, "Unless you'd like to just crash on the couch up here." The living room was big enough, with walls painted a rather cheerful white, with assorted furniture and a big TV between the racks of videos and movies. Of course, the TV up here wasn't near as big as the TV downstairs.

By then Danny already had his face in a pillow, his arms at his sides and now shoe-less legs sprawled out over the arm of the other end of the couch. "Or…up here is fine," Sam said, rolling her eyes. "What happened to your head anyways?" she asked, now standing next to the couch, but shortly afterwards being the usual Sam, having that sort of personality and taking a seat on his back. She was light enough, so it wouldn't bother Danny. "Hmhm," he mumbled, "I fell." Sam knew that he was lying, since Danny wasn't much of a good liar. "You got hit last night, didn't you…?" she said in protest, yet awaited his answer. "…yeah."

If it was anything else that Danny would've lied about, Sam would be pretty peeved. But, she understood that the only reason he would even think about lying to his friend about his wounds would have to be he doesn't want anybody worrying about him. She ran over the wound with a gentle finger, at least it was healing well and didn't look like it was going to be infected. He was sleeping by then, snoozing softly. She could hear his gentle breathing pattern and feel her figure rise and fall since she was still sitting on his back. She ran her fingers through his hair, and blushed lightly to herself as she did so. His hair was so soft, and to see him so peaceful relaxed her a bit. Finally sliding from his back, she took a seat in the recliner next to the couch, and turned on the TV. She was sure to keep the volume down so she didn't wake him.

At school, Tucker seemed annoyed enough. He paid attention in class nonetheless, although lunch was slightly lonelier then normal. But hey, he couldn't complain. It was he who ditched them in the first place, but still…oh well, he'd get over it by the time the bell rang, but until then he would hold his temporary grudge against both of his friends. "Where are the other two losers?" came the familiar voice from behind. Tucker was currently exchanging a few bocks and writing utensils in his locker, like he'd normally do between classes. Dash gave him a shove. "I don't know," he replied, finally slamming his locker shut and storming off to his next class. Dash shrugged it off, there would be time to shove Tucker into his locker later, as well as find Danny after school. Danny was, after all, his favorite 'loser'. But if Dash knew who Danny was, then it would be highly unlikely that he would mess with him.

It's been hours since Danny first fell asleep, and obviously he was feeling a lot better. Peeping an eye open to see the TV on, he stared at the screen blankly. The news was currently on, and there were obviously multiple ghost sightings around the area being reported. He wouldn't be surprised if it was that ghost from last night. Pulling himself up with his arms and resting in a sitting position, he sighed, running a hand over his face with a grumble. He wasn't in the mood to fight ghosts. Sam was watching the TV contently, before looking over to see Danny was awake.

"Don't even think about it," she warned, "Even I can see you're in no condition for an actual fight. And plus, so far it hasn't been hurting anybody." Danny just looked over at her. "What are you, my mom?" "No, your friend, but that has to account for something…" Danny just sighed, giving in to her reasoning. Of course, he would wait for the right time to go and take care of this new opponent, but until then, as long as it wasn't hurting anybody…it wouldn't kill him to wait. "What time is it anyways?" he asked with a yawn, crossing his arms behind his head and leaning back. "You've been out for a few hours, school's out in about a half-hour or so. Tuck is definitely going to be pissed," she replied, smirking lightly as she recalled Tuck in a rush. "He's the one who ditched us anyways," Danny said, now eyes lazily glancing around the room, "…Thanks for letting me stay here anyways. I just hope that by the time I get home Lancer didn't call my 'rents yet." "Yeah, well, I can just say I was sick," she said with a smirk, "I am, after all, not the one who somebody would suspect to skip school."

The two were silent for a few moments, unsure of what to say next. Danny finally broke the rather uncomfortable silence, "What do you want to do now?" "I say we get out of here before Tucker gets out. He'd probably storm through the door and start yelling at us." Danny chuckled at the thought, "Yeah, you're probably right. But if we can't go to my place since my parents would flip…" "The mall?" "Sounds great."