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Chapter V


"Dude," gawked Tucker as he finally saw the lips of Paulina's meet Danny's. 'Sam's' eyes grew slightly keener as she focused more on Danny's reaction. His arms still weakly held to his sides, eyes widened as he felt Paulina's lips touch his own. Feeling slightly weak at the knees, he felt like he would pass out, or like he would take off into flight without noticing it. Danny felt like butterflies were fluttering around in his gut, and he was having an out-of-body experience. Paulina merely giggled as she withdrew from the kiss. Now she had something to brag about, but Danny didn't mind...

For a moment Sam blinked, and finally she decided to say something. Parting her own soft, however violet painted lips, she decided to get Danny out of there before Paulina would get her 'tainted spit' all over him. "Phantom!" she cried, "There's another ghost...OUTSIDE!" Although much to Danny's dismay, he realized he'd have to at least take off, before Paulina would start the questioning and whatnot. Taking a wary, wavy step back, he was still blushing when he took off and flew through the roof of the building. Moments later, a weak-kneed Danny Phantom emerged through the Mall's front doors, his destination: the Food court.

"Thanks a lot, loser!" growled Paulina, "You're just jealous because the cute ghost boy likes me!" "Oh, in your dreams!" Sam snapped back with a low growl and clenched teeth. What was this? The ghost within her decided to sit back and watch, intrigued by Sam's reaction. However she quickly took back controll just as Paulina stammered off with a 'You'll regret that you geek!'. 'So this girl cares about Danny in more then one way,' the halfa thought deviously to herself, 'interesting'. For a split seconds her eyes turned the crimson, a sign of re-posession...yet they quickly shifted back to their normal deep violet. "Jeeze Sam," Tucker nudged her, "I thought you'd start a cat-fight or something..."

Expecting a thwack to the head like the normal Sam would give, he cowered and shielded the side of his face with a hand. Yet blinking as he looked over to Sam, who merely shot him a plain, chilling glance, he raised a slight brow of question. But soon Danny was right behind the two and Tucker was the first to greet him. "Woah, nice one man," he nudged him with an elbow, "You just got a kiss from the hottest girl in school." Danny blushed some more, "Well, it's about time somebody repayed my services." Both of the boys stopped as they looked over to Sam, who they expected to flip out for one reason or another.

"...Yeah, nice one," she answered dully. The two boys looked to one another then back to Sam. "Are you...uh...feeling alright, Sam?" he asked. 'Sam' forced a twisted smile over her gentle features. "Of course," she said dully as she shoved the Fenton Thermos into his arms. He snatched it before it fell. The two boys raised a brow, but shrugged it off. So far Danny's ghost sence had not detected the new intruder, maybe it was because she was hidden beneath Sam's exterior, and not a full-fledged ghost. However, if Sam continued to act this weird, her two companions would have no choice but to investigate.

Vlad Masters sat in his living room, leaning back in a rather comfortable recliner, he awaited news of his current plot. Finally, the beast floated through the front wall, and became visible in clear sights. An aura of crimson-flamed energies, the three headed hell-hound stood tall and proud, each head of it's own attitude and personality, yet stood as if they were soldiers readying themselves for a strict inspection and a salute. "Ah, there you are," he said plainly, a slight grin forming in his facial features. Cool eyes looked the canine over, and he noticed the dog had not undergone any damage during the fight with the Fenton child. "Since she's not here with you, I suspect that she called off the attack...?" he asked.

The heads quickly lowered, not wanting to bring bad news to the slightly moody Plasmius. Yet the center one gave a weak nod. "But you fought the ghost child anyways?" he asked, sitting up in his chair, leaning foward in slight interest. This time the one on the right nodded, although the other two nodded shortly afterwards. "Interesting...so he's as weak as they say?" The one on the left was the first to nod this time. "Excellent. But still...I'm just suprised that she would be so easily able to defy me...I am, after all, the one who made her what she is today," he said coldly, his grim smirk fading into a rather irritated frown. Vlad, still in human form, gave a simple nod to the dog, dismissing the three heads to go do as they pleased until he could come up with further ideas, and further command.

"She's just a teenager after all, I suppose I need to be slightly more patient," he grumbled to himself, getting out of his chair and running a hand through his ivron hair. "I can't expect an apprentice to be as loyal as I'd hope on the first mission, can I?" Maybe if she were just a ghost, yes...but she had a human side too, and obvious teenage curiousities. Vlad decided to let her do as she wished, until he could come up with a better scheme to get the Fenton child. He told her to obliderate him, but didn't think the dog was even powerful enough to do so. And then he was slightly grateful that she had called off the attack. "A slight miscalculation in strengths," he said with a grin, it was obvious by then that he did have the upper hand, "...It won't happen again."

By then the three teens were walking home. And Danny's parents still didn't know that he had missed school that day...or at least, from the last time Tucker and Sam had met them, they stil didn't know. Danny sighed to himself. Although they still had quite a few more hours to enjoy the daylight, Danny was already yawning. That fight with the cerberus, although it wasn't as intense as it seemed, drained what little energy he had out of him. Of course, he got his advantages from fighting ghosts. He had quite the desirable body, with a slender form, yet bearing fuller muscles and quite the attractive rear. But, he was getting left behind when it came to the life that actually mattered, the life that actually effected his future...his normal, average person's life.

'Sam' looked down at herself as she walked, studying her own form and figure, finding that her healthy, yet nicely built feminine curves were quite similar to the halfa's own body. She was jsut about to look over her shoulder at her 'hind-quarters' as Danny put a hand on her shoulder. "Uh...thanks for today, Sam," he said, giving a small, yet breathtaking smile. The real Sam made an effort to emerge from her dormant state inside the physical body, but the ghost-ess kept herself in controll. "...What else are friends for?" she said, although not smiling, not showing any expression at all. Her voice was just as hollow as her eyes right now, and that got to Danny...

Usually Sam's eyes were full of life, and an eerie happiness that only he seemed to notice. Now that he thought about it, he loved pretty much every feature of Sam...Her gentle yet powerful feminine build, whos soft curves hypnotized him as much as Paulina's did whenever the three were alone and hanging out just as friends. Her individuality brought her out from the crowd, yet in a good way, since she didn't care what type of attention she drew to herself. She stood up for what she believed him, and at that very moment, with Danny's silent pondering, he realized something...he definately had feelings for Sam.

Tucker decided to take a different route home. These two needed an 'alone' moment, as proven by the small blush spreading over Danny's cheeks. "I'm takin' a shortcut, see you two tomorrow!" So the two continued to walk home. And as mentioned before, the ghost hidden beneath Sam's exterior wasn't a master at faking a personality. She did what she'd do in Sam's situation, and grasp Danny's hand as softly as her slender fingers could muster. Danny immediately blushed, but 'Sam' seemed unnaffected. "Uh..." Danny opened his mouth to say something, but closed his parted lips as he quickly reconsidered.

"So, here we are," Danny said cheerfully as the two arrived at Sam's house. Sam finally looked to him, and took his other hand in hers. Only a second went by before her hands withdrew, and slowly crawled up his sides, reaching around his neck, pulling her figure closer. 'There's something wrong,' Danny thought to himself, Sam would never act this way, even if she did have feelings for him. He knew she wouldn't, he knew something was wrong, he knew he had to-...

Their lips met, Sam's gentle hand had guided his face to her own, while her other hand trailed the back of his neck with a gentle touch of the black-painted fingernail. Danny dropped all trail of thought, and slowly wrapped his arms around 'Sam', pulling her closer and deepening such a venemous kiss. This kiss, it wasn't innocent or sweet as Danny had imagined it...it was Dark, yet strangely and eerily desirable, as if he were kissing a lustful voodoo-doll. Yet as she withdrew, he mentally requested more.

But as she left him speechless, and entered the home without a word. He ran his tongue over his lips. And a tiny tinge of blue, so small that he wouldn't notice, emit from his partedjaws as he heaved a love-struck sigh.

So now he was being pulled between the two females whom he had had an eye on for years. Paulina, who would do anything for him in his ghost form. And Sam...who, although he felt strongly towards her, just kissed him out of nowhere. Although he knew something was wrong, he needed time to think of what, and right now his thoughts were clouded by mere daydreams.

'I'll start by getting together with him, and breaking his heart,' 'Sam' thought meekly to herself with a rather twisted grin, '...And then I'll 'fall madly in love with Tucker'...or Maybe 'Dash'?' She recognized the Jock from Sam's memories. So she was disobeying her 'master', so what? He could wait to get Fenton until later...and for now she enjoyed the thought of breaking him down, piece by piece, until his heart was nothing.

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