Sometime after Season 4…

"…And you are back with Jack. Jack Jericho and here with us is a very special surprise guest. He's my good friend and he played a very special role in my life and in the lives of many, the Oracle of Cleaves Mills himself, ladies and gentleman in his first radio guest appearance, Johnny Smith! Great to see ya, man." He reached over the desk andshook Johnny's hand enthusiastically.

"Same here," Johnny replied shyly.

Johnny Smith sat in the chair across from Jack Jericho, exchanging smiles as the radio talk show host introduced him. John didn't want to be there, not really enjoying the public spotlight. When Jack first called him, John refused politely, but Jack wouldn't let up until he got him. He kept on trying to convince him that it would be great for him and finally John gave in and agreed.

Sonny Elliman was flipping the switch on the radio, trying to find anything to listen to.

He was sitting in the back seat of a limousine with Greg Stillson and Malcolm Janus.

"Sonny, just pick something will ya? You're giving me a headache," Greg Stillson said with a bit of anger in his voice.

Janus said nothing, but his icy glare was focused on Sonny Elliman. Janus never liked Elliman and vice versa. Janus found Elliman annoying and sloppy, two qualities he despised most. If Janus wanted someone off of Stillson's staff, it was Elliman. But Stillson was fond of him so he decided to drop it. But he always kept a close eye on him. He didn't want some immature mishap to ruin Stillson's political career.

Sonny was about to reply when he just happened to tune in to Jericho's radio show when Johnny's name was introduced. All three of them looked at the radio and then exchanged glances.

"I think we should listen to this," Elliman said, taking his hand off the radio and sitting back with the others, all ready to listen to Johnny Smith with open and critical ears.

Sarah was in the kitchen, preparing lunch while J.J was sitting at the table doing his homework. Johnny had told her and Walt that there would be a surprise and to keep the radio on at 4. When Johnny's name was introduced on the air, Sarah looked up in surprise, putting down the knife and stopping for a moment to keep listening. J.J. looked up from his homework when Johnny's name popped up.

"Mom, Johnny's on the radio!" J.J. explained with surprise.

Sarah, not knowing what to say, simply said, "Yeah." She didn't think that Johnny would ever be on a radio show, knowing how shy he was to public attention.

J.J. looked up at his mother, still looking up at the radio in surprise. "You okay, mom?" he asked concerned

Sarah snapped out of it and smiled at her son. "Yeah," she replied. "Just a little surprised that he's on the radio…"

At the police station, Walt was in his office the radio already on awaiting the "surprise". Roscoe was sitting in the desk across from him. Walt was giving him some paper work to handle. And Roscoe was not to happy about it.

"Come on, Walt. You got to have something better for me to do than paperwork. That's all I've been doing all week," Roscoe protested in a whining tone.

"Well what else do you suggest? Someone's got to do it," Walt replied, really not in the mood to fight with Roscoe.

"Get Garcia; he's been sitting around all day talking to his new girlfriend."

"Can't understand his handwriting. Can you just do it, already?

Roscoe gave up and stood up. Ready to leave the room. Then Johnny's name popped up on the radio. "Well what do you know? Just when I thought I've seen everything." He shook his head and walked out the door.

Walt was as surprised as Roscoe was. Johnny's on the radio. That's a twist…

Back at Jericho's radio station, Jack was ready to get started on the big interview. "Well anyway, soon we'll be giving you cats and dogs out there a chance to ask the great Johnny Smith some questions of your own. But first, a little music from Jeff Buckley."

Jack pressed a button which turned red and Jeff Buckley's New Year's Prayer began to play on the radio and in the station.

To be continued...