Sci-Fi friday.

Disclaimer: I'm supposed to tell you I don't own this, but I'll let you guess. If I owned the shows, would I be writing fanfiction? Hmm?

SG-1/Atlantis/BSG2003/ Crossover

Summary: All three scifi Friday shows bunched up in one conveniently placed fanfiction.

Chapter 0: In which earth is dicovered.

Creativity Warning! Do not yell at me for having a new pilots! Original characters do not Mary Sues make. There are more than just a few pilots on the frakking ship!

Sorry, I just found someone being flamed for simply implying some other pilots. Yes, sorry bout that. Anyway, also, everyone is back on the ship, and in their rightful place. And not dead.

"Galactica, this is Genesis. There is something you may want to see." Karyn Pitelco radioed in. She was on a scouting mission, trying to find more water. A recent Cylon attack had blown out there already weakened water tanks.

This was more than she expected.

"Yes..." Lieutendant Gaeta replied.

"I think we found Earth."